Friday, May 8, 2020

It's Snowing. Fa la la la la.? As the Frigid Spring Continues On.

Documenting May 08/20. And it's snowing.  It's pretty to look at, but, it's May for goodness sake!  Global warming? LOL. Carbon causing heat? ROFLMAO!
 It's freezing. We had all our garden plants in the house last night.  In pots big and small.

May 05/20: 'Polar vortex' about to hit Ontario will bring arctic air to province

On the heels of a colder-than-normal April, early May might not be shaping up the way Ontarians had hoped it would.
On Tuesday morning, Toronto started the day with a low temperature of -0.4 C at Pearson International Airport – not a record-setting low, but the first time in 15 years that the city had dipped below the freezing mark in the month of May. 
It’s expected to happen again this week, with lows forecast below 0 C on Friday and Saturday mornings.
In a pattern like Ontario has this week, cold air sinks south from Canada's arctic down into the province. 
Apparently the Arctic isn't all warm and melty?
This week’s pattern could end up leading to record-breaking cold temperatures as we head into the weekend – just in time for Mother’s Day. 
Not only will it be colder than normal, but snow will be possible in some areas this week, too.
 We're about 12 - 15 degrees C below normal.

From earlier today:

Canada's Leads the 14 Nation Pack in Long Term Care Elder Deaths- 82% of Covid Deaths in Long Term Care System


  1. Apparently the Arctic isn't all warm and melty? LOL!!

    We're getting some of the effects of your weather here, too. The overnight low tonight is expected to be 29F with a chance for snow showers overnight into tomorrow morning. My husband's birthday is tomorrow and last night I said, "this is the first time your birthday will have snow!"

  2. Hey Gwen:

    Hope your hubby has a happy bday.
    My hubby has his bday in March towards the end and when he was born his mom said it was like summer (early 60's)
    Ya know before AGW
    The last decade or so hubby's birthday is either snowing or chilly. Not summer like at all- not for a very long time

    Bill Gates and Richard Branson are going to profit even more from this crisis

    "Documentary ‘Meat the Future’ shows us the possible future of meat"

    This will make humanity sicker and sicker in the long run- particularly in tandem with all the vaccines Bill Gates and friends have planned.

    Deranged psychotic leadership, disregard for the entirety of the web of life on the planet, and a disproportionate sense of greed, entitlement along with an obsession for excessive profiteering. This can't go on

    As my husband says- "to sum it all up- scumbags"

  3. Went out walking this aft, Penny: 8C, cold wind, and light flurries; not sticking, though. Very cloudy right now, so maybe more coming.

    1. Yaya; it's warmer there then here!
      With heavy flurries and poor visibility
      It started to stick, but then the sun came out
      We've been no higher today then 3 or 4 C
      It's been largely about 1C- and freezing.

  4. Woke this A.M. to see white everywhere. Not on the roads or sidewalks, but on the rooftops and the outdoor furniture at the Old Folks Home, and the lawns leading down to the river. The sun is slowly melting it now.

    It's -1C, supposed to go up to 5C.

    Maybe you've already seen this Lord Monkton video, but I watched it last evening and thought he dealt with the myth of warming extremely well:

    Lord Monckton on Climate Change •May 6, 2014