Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"Masks for All" The Covid Catalyst to Convert/Subvert/Bastardize Humanity

You think that's too grandiose (excessively ambitious) an agenda to consider? 
Think again."Masks for All" doesn't see it that way. That is, in fact, the idea. The agenda. The goal. It is the reason for their being. And it's not hidden. The devil is always in the details

Necessary definitions:

Catalyst:  an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Converting/ Subvert/ Bastardize; to change in character or condition: to bring over from one belief, view, or party to another:  to appropriate without right : to pervert or corrupt and to reduce from a higher to a lower state or condition

Masking our face; Masking our selves

Masks are worn to hide identities. Masks can be perceived of as being “protective” in multiple ways. Psychologically in particular.  Physically to a limited degree. We hide ourselves behind a facade when wearing a mask.  Fun or otherwise. Masks are often used in rituals. Masking is a process through which an individual changes or "masks" their natural personality to conform to social pressures. Masks can be transformative.

Other points to consider:

1: Wearing masks provides a false sense of security  : a feeling and/or believing that one is safer than one really is 

2: WHO  States Masks Should Not Be Compulsory
    “Dr Margaret Harris said that masks were not the chief protection against the virus and the WHO had not said that they should be compulsory.”

"Masks for All:  Yet Another No Good Organization

 I’ve been clear on the fact that NGO’s are not to be held in high esteem. They are nearly, always tentacles of the state/intelligence/military monstrosity. I’ve yet to come across one that isn’t. Sooooo when I stumble across an NGO calling itself “Masks for All” it grabs my attention. When it’s also clearly stated that this NGO is being promoted by the Washington Post, Mockingbird, Kingpin. Then my curiousity knows no bounds.
"March 31st Update: Our video and Washington Post article both went extremely viral within days of launching and the story has almost instantly been picked up by almost every major media outlet in the world."
The CIA’s mouthpiece pushing “Masks for All”? That sure tells me something else is at play. Something that is being obfuscated or dressed up in order to hide the truth. Something that is being masked to hide reality.

Who is behind Masks for All? I checked their site out, of course. It’s a motley crew of questionable consorts. There are hints at what the real goal of this group in in their members and partners section that suggest AI (Artificial Intelligence), Venture Capitalists. Door Dash (logistics). Singularity.  Transhumanism. Technocracy 

 Masks for All gives 3 reasons why we need masks despite though they acknowledge and provide evidence that masks failed in 1918. In an article entitled " Flu Masks Failed In 1918, But We Need Them Now" Of course you should read the article entirely but I've included some limited excerpts from their promotional articla
“Did masks prevent the spread of influenza? Experts reviewing evidence from 1918 concluded that flu masks failed to control infection.”
“In 1919, Wilfred Kellogg’s study for the California State Board of Health concluded that mask ordinances “applied forcibly to entire communities” did not decrease cases and deaths, as confirmed by comparisons of cities with widely divergent policies on masking.”
“In a comprehensive study published in 1921, Warren T. Vaughn declared “the efficacy of face masks is still open to question.”
 “The effect of mask wearing throughout the general community is not easy to determine.”
“Yet even though this scientific consensus rejected masks as effective in 1918, we can learn from history how to respond to COVID-19 and future outbreaks of infectious diseases.”
 Masks were rejected due to their ineffectiveness-  Yet “masks for all” is still promoting their use.? We can ascertain it's not to for disease prevention, since they acknowledge masks fail in this regard. So we have to ask why they persist in advancing the cause? It seems to me the real reason is provided in their  point number 3
"Third, wearing masks is a collective declaration that a serious disease requires that the behavior of the entire population must change."
The new normal with a visual prop. A theatrical prop.
"Third, wearing masks is a collective declaration that a serious disease requires that the behavior of the entire population must change."
Aha! Wearing masks will be a collective mass declaration that the behaviour of the entire population must change. It's going to be part of a mass global psychological operation courtesy of Covid-1984. A virus. We humans have lived with viruses as long as we've walked the planet.  
There has never been a need for collectively altering the behaviour of entire populations because of  their presence. 

 There are more viruses than stars in the universe. Why do only some infect us?
  More than a quadrillion quadrillion individual viruses exist on Earth, but most are not poised to hop into humans.
Yet, most of the time, our species manages to live in this virus-filled world relatively free of illness.
 Actually it's only the tiniest few that make us sick. And we've lived with them quite cooperatively for millennia. They are necessary for our very survival. They are necessary for life on this planet to survive.  I don't know that the idea of using a mask as a collective declaration of planetary population change should even be thought of as appropriate?
Unless, there is an anti human/dehumanizing element at play in this push?  Same kind of anti human stance the AGW cult has always had. There has always been an anti human aspect to that concept as well. Which is why we see so much blurring of the two subjects.
 My take away from the "masks for all" NGO is that they have another goal they are hoping to attain. *The fact they themselves point out masks do not prevent disease. *The fact that their agenda is pushed by the CIA press. *The fact this group concedes the masks should be used as a collective declaration of change is suggestive of ulterior motivation.

Of course, I'm not going to tell anyone how to live. What I will suggest is to make sure your cognizant, mindful and rational when you make you're choice.


  1. As some in the alternative media have pointed out, wearing a mask is an indication/show of compliance.

    1. "wearing a mask is an indication/show of compliance"

      For someone who is not immunocompromised- that's how I see it!

  2. There are many good reasons for the healthy NOT to wear masks:

  3. "It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness"

    I don't doubt that at all!
    Hubby has had to wear that at work and he says when it's hot and they get saturated you start to feel like your choking- probably close to how water boarding feels

    I've worn them when we've done home renos and they are necessary, (demolition dust/plaster etc) but, something you don't want to wear any longer then you have to.

    "People with cancer, especially if the cancer has spread, will be at a further risk from prolonged hypoxia as the cancer grows best in a microenvironment that is low in oxygen. Low oxygen also promotes inflammation which can promote the growth, invasion and spread of cancers"

    that's no good

    "When a person is infected with a respiratory virus, they will expel some of the virus with each breath. If they are wearing a mask, especially an N95 mask or other tightly fitting mask, they will be constantly rebreathing the viruses,"

    also bad

    1. Guess we'll have to call them VRE (Virus Rebreather Equipment). I wore a hideous respirator getup when insulating the attic. Now and then I could feel moisture on the insulation I'd just put down. I thought the roof was leaking and searched for the source, only to finally realize it was me who was dripping -- condensation of my own breath. Masks or respirators should never be worn for extended periods -- only when absolutely needed. -- M. Rocknest

    2. Virus Rebreather Equipment- Oh I do like that!

      "Masks or respirators should never be worn for extended periods -- only when absolutely needed."


  4. Our orthodontist, dentist and my hair salon and our credit union are all set to re-open with new procedures. In all of them you must have a mask on when you enter (I believe at the salon it has to be worn unless the service you're getting makes that difficult). At all of them they will be taking your temperature. At the dentist's office we'll need to use hand sanitizer upon entering also.

    My temper is doing a slow simmer as I contemplate this new BS. If no one would participate in this nonsense then we would not be having this nonsense. However, I know that if I go "rogue", I'll be the only one. I don't have a problem being the only one, but my dilemma is, "what's the point?" I won't be changing anyone's mind. There might be some who would agree with me, but they're not likely to join me in going "rogue" by not wearing a mask and telling the employee wielding the thermometer, "do not touch me."

    If any of you are/will be faced with this, what do you plan to do?

    1. Gwen

      I've no intention of wearing a mask- haven't so far, why would I now?

      These businesses probably have to be compliant in order to open- extra expense and hassle that is unnecessary

      We still can't get hair done or go to dentist here

      A mask won't work at the dentist anyway..

      I'm intending to be as free as possible (but won't jeopordize anyone else's livelihood) which could happen easily with our new culture of rats and tattles-

      And will print up our charter of rights to carry around with me... to make my point- so far that's my plan.

      Additionally my hope is time will heal this insanity.

    2. Good on ya. I am doing something similar. Only where I have to wear it I do.

      It's the first time in my life I have ever had to wear a mask. It's terribly annoying and uncomfortable. Seeing everyone with a mask on around me is eerie. You cannot observe facial expressions, you can't really talk. It's like a gagging order. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

    3. It's weird isn't it? Being unable to observe facial expressions? It's as if the ability to communicate is being impeded, intentionally.

      Yup, the twilight zone- another dimension- one filled with insanity and fear

  5. I don't think anyone here needs their resolve boosted but if ever a tiny bit of hesitancy creeps in I highly recommend this video featuring Dr. Dolores Cahill (degrees in molecular genetics and immunology).
    And if that video doesn't do it there's always this one with Dr. Vernon Coleman.
    -- M. Rocknest