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Pt.2: Ontario & Quebec Killed Their Seniors in Long Term Care in a Manner Suspiciously Similar To Many Other Places

 Keeping in mind, throughout this entire report,  that "kill " means to deprive of life: to cause the death of.  Though we're starting with Ontario and Quebec, they were not the only locales that killed persons in long term care or retirement homes when it seems obvious, no hindsight necessary, they should have really known what would be the outcome of their actions.
Why am I saying they should have known the outcome of their actions would have been mass killing? Because it's been long and well known that the environment (the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operatesin LTC/ Retirement homes allow for viral or bacterial infection spreads through them like wildfire.

Years back in Niagara we had a C Difficile outbreak that occurred in hospitals and LTC, most of it's victim were elderly. The environment of hospitals and LTC homes is ideal for the spread of virus and bacteria that have very little effect on the community at large. KEEP THIS IN MIND as you continue to read through the extensive, researched, with lots of documentation report.

Briefly,  when  Part 1: Ontario & Quebec Killed Their Seniors In Long Term Care In a Manner Suspiciously Similar to Other Places  came to an end, it was reported that with in the first week of April 2020 the Quebec government realized that their hospitals, emergency rooms and intensive care units were not overwhelmed with Covid patients...

A few days after April 02/20 "the Quebec government realized that, with fewer than 700 COVID-19 patients in hospital, the dire forecasts of overwhelmed emergencies and intensive-care units weren’t materializing." 

Let's say by April 5th or 6th the government of Quebec realized the hospitals were not over run. Yet, the transferring of patients out of hospitals and into LTC homes went on until April 10/20. Why? The Quebec government was already well aware that deaths were increasing, accelerating at a faster pace in the LTC homes then  was occurring anywhere else. Why didn't they stop the transfers AND instead move the infected persons out of LTC and back into the empty hospitals?  The hospitals that were set up for and anticipating Covid patients. The hospitals where the ill could have received more appropriate treatment? Why wasn't this done?
 These are questions that have to be asked. And most importantly they need to be answered!

At the same time, the increase in deaths among elder-care-home patients was accelerating at a faster pace. By April 10, more than a month after the first COVID-19 case was identified in the province, the Quebec government ordered an end to transfers from hospitals to elder-care homes.

Ontario’s Ministry of Health followed suit on April 15, asking hospitals to temporarily halt transfers to long-term care in a memo that said only 64.1 per cent of acute-care beds in the province were in use.
Ontario followed suit on April 15/20. Knowing at that time there were very nearly 36 % of acute care hospital beds not in use. That's right. NOT IN USE.
It’s difficult to say how many residents of seniors’ facilities actually died inside the homes. Nobody is tracking that figure at a national level.
Nobody is tracking this figure at a national level? We would be referencing the failure on the part of the Trudeau led government in this regard. Be assured we will get to the why of no one tracking this figure. Let's say the federal government, might have had motivation to not keep track. A profit motivation.
"But the scant hospitalization data that are available, combined with media reports on the worst outbreaks, suggest most died at the facilities.

Toronto Public Health, which reported on coronavirus outbreaks at individual nursing and retirement homes over two weeks in April, found that of as of April 17, only 22 of 899 residents with confirmed cases of COVID-19 were being treated in hospital. By May 1, when there were 1,691 cases in Toronto seniors’ facilities, 95 residents, or 5.6 per cent, were in hospital."
As of April 17/20 there were 877 confirmed Covid patients remaining in LTC homes in Toronto, Ontario. Just in Toronto. Not the rest of Ontario. Not Quebec.

By May 01/20: There were 1691 confirmed Covid patients in LTC homes in Toronto. With just 95 of them being hospitalized. The numbers of Covid infected patients nearly doubled in less then a month. While acute hospital beds sat empty

A reminder to all readers what Doug Ford stated on March 30/20. At this time the LTC Homes were in "LOCK DOWN" and their imprisoned populace were sitting ducks.

In her statement, Ms. Navarro said that Lakeridge Health has continued to admit patients from long-term care during the pandemic, including 26 Orchard Villa residents who were treated at Ajax Pickering Hospital as part of the hospital’s leadership role in stemming the outbreak.

The local medical officer of health asked Lakeridege Health to step in after the coronavirus outbreak at Orchard Villa spun out of control. The military is helping out at Orchard Villa, too.

Now that the coronavirus’s toll on ill-prepared nursing homes is clear, some are sending dozens of residents to the hospitals that were shielded at the start of the crisis.
After the horses got out Ontario tried to shut the barn doors. Too late.
Humber Valley Terrace, a home in Toronto’s Etobicoke neighbourhood where 21 have died, has moved 23 residents to two nearby hospitals for the same reasons.

“The idea was if we could take some of those residents out of those spaces, make those rooms smaller – two beds or one bed – then we could [separate] our positive residents and our negative residents more easily,” said Rhonda Collins, chief medical officer for Revera, owner of both homes.
 Revera. This gets interesting. Revera takes us right to the door of the Trudeau government and most probably the "Royals" in the UK. Revera homes are "privately operated" but owned by a "crown corporation" 
What's a crown corporation? "Canadian Crown corporations are state-owned enterprises owned by the Sovereign of Canada" ie: the crown. To my knowledge and understanding the "Sovereign of Canada" is Queen Elizabeth. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but, that does look to be the case.
So we have multiple for profit homes, owned by a crown corporation, which has PSP investments having 100 percent stake in Revera, making profits for federal employees, RCMP,  and the Canadian Armed Forces. Perhaps the CAF has a vested interest in cleaning up the mess in the LTC homes?

 Feds Say They’re Powerless To Improve Care Homes Owned By Pension Board
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the federal government must intervene with a national chain of long-term care homes — that are privately operated but owned by a crown corporation — that has been accused of negligence. 

“I don’t accept ... the response that they can’t do anything about it,” Singh told reporters in Ottawa Wednesday. “I reject that.”
He said there’s “no way” that it “makes any sense” for the government to say it can’t interfere with the operations of a crown corporation. 
PSP Investments, the federal agency that manages pensions for federal employees, the RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces, owns a 100 per cent stake in Revera Inc, which has been accused of being “systemically negligent” in its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
 Revera owns hundreds of long-term care homes in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. At least 164 people have died with the novel coronavirus in Revera’s Canadian homes, HuffPost Canada first reported May 14. 
I do wonder how many have died in their UK homes?
Or their American homes?  I wonder if this very large, privately operated crown corporation, having operations in 3 nations, may have had influence on governmental decisions?
Trudeau is claiming the Feds are powerless to act? Why?
The federal government should audit conditions at Revera’s homes, Singh said, and bring long-term care under the jurisdiction of the Canada Health Act, the legislation that covers universally provided health-care services.
“There’s absolutely ways for the government to ensure that there is the proper standards being met,” he said.
But President of the Treasury Board Jean-Yves Duclos disagrees. He said Wednesday that PSP Investments operates at arms length from the government.
“PSP, as we call it, is an independent organization,” the government minister told reporters.
Revera staff and family members have said the company failed to prevent COVID-19 from spreading through its homes. Residents and their relatives are suing the company in a class action lawsuit that is now seeking $100 million in damages.
In Part 3 were going to cross the Atlantic and head towards the UK. England. Britain. Whatever you wish to call that location on our planet- That's our next destination.  

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  1. An interesting thing to know would be the amount of money " saved " by helping the elderly " on their way ". Somehow, I don't think it was that much. If that's the case, then the intentional murder of the elderly has to serve another purpose. Ritualistic murder / sacrifice ? Or an easy way to raise the " casualty " rates ?

    1. It appears that certainly the Quebec government paid to have patients moved into LTC homes. And paid well. I suspect that payment was the motivation to load the elderly into their LTC homes. One wonders if the homes were over capacity, but, took the extra persons him to make more money... for their investors

      "Or an easy way to raise the " casualty " rates ?"

      That's exactly what I think was the case. It was an easy way to raise casualty rates. And it was virtually guaranteed to sell a pandemic.

      We're going to get to that asap Mieszko I

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    I'm having a break from covering this corona news it's exhausting
    but I will look at the links