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Birth Pangs: CFR- US Retrenchment Will Intensify Crisis in Syria's Idlib- Carrot or Stick

 We talked escalation and more..

  Was updated with info about Canadian participation 


Escalation or Political Settlement at the end of many gun barrels?

CFR: U.S. Retrenchment Will Intensify Crisis in Idlib

How many years ago was it suggested here that Syria, aided by Russia, Iran AND Turkey can succeed in taking back Idlib? ( Look below for some two year old posts)  In a slower more methodical manner. While the idiots at Syper (A remake friendly place with lots of obfuscation) & elsewhere lusted for out and out war and onslaughts etc., Chaotic. Messy. And easily usurped by interested parties. 


The CFR oped (link above) makes clear that the taking back of Idlib is being accomplished and the US does not want that to occur.  Let's make a deal under duress?

"With Iranian and Russian support, the Bashar al-Assad regime will succeed in capturing the last opposition stronghold and “de-escalation zone” in Syria—Idlib province—unless all parties to the conflict can negotiate a solution to the civil war and prevent the upcoming battle. 
If a political resolution is not found, the regime will likely kill, wound, or displace hundreds of thousands of civilians as it seizes control over the rest of the province. Although the U.S. military has begun to pull back from the region, the outcome of the fight for Idlib should be a national security concern, particularly as the United States seeks to contain Iranian adventurism, Russian influence, and Turkish unilateralism in the region; combat terrorism; prevent a humanitarian disaster; and alleviate Syrian instability before it spreads. U.S. inaction could allow the Assad regime’s Idlib campaign to continue and could be viewed as a green light by malefactors searching for any sign of U.S. intent to intervene before proceeding with their plans in Idlib and for Syria more broadly. Moreover, should the battle for Idlib continue, the coronavirus pandemic will amplify the tragedy.
First, Washington offered military assistance—which ultimately proved inadequate to gain the upper hand—to the opposition early in the conflict."
 It proved inadequate when Washington pulled the funding... so long ago
 "Second, when the Islamic State invaded eastern and northern Syria some three years into the conflict, Washington funded, trained, and armed Syrian rebels, including Kurdish forces, and supported their ground battles with air strikes against the Islamic State.
Washington should consider leading a concerted, diplomatic effort to reach a negotiated agreement to end the war for the following reasons.

First, instead of allowing a lopsided victory for Assad and his supporters, a U.S.-led negotiation could limit Iranian, Russian, and Turkish gains and their tendency to interfere in the region.
Tehran also arranged for Shia militias from across the region, including its strongest ally, the Lebanese Hezbollah, to support Assad’s forces.

Russia is using Assad to secure its military influence in the region, including an airbase in Latakia and a naval base in Tartus, both Syrian coastal provinces.
Moscow’s intervention began in fall 2015 with airstrikes against rebel targets—and did not distinguish between Islamist terrorists and moderate oppositionists. Now, absent U.S. diplomatic intervention, Russia could remain emboldened to intrude in hot spots in the Middle East and elsewhere. 
Finally, although Turkey has backed opposition elements, its primary objective has been to block Syrian Kurdish territorial and political gains, and to exclude the Kurds from a safe zone along its shared border with northern Syria. 
Ankara carried out unilateral air and ground attacks against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, and a deconfliction agreement with Russia and Iran permitted Turkish troops to move into Idlib province, where they remain today. The current trajectory of the conflict could encourage Turkey to continue interfering in Syria and unilaterally pursue its interests outside of NATO."
Think about all that anti Turkey rhetoric out there in disinfo land... msm and alt
“Second, Idlib province remains the largest safe haven for al-Qaeda fighters since pre-9/11 Afghanistan, with several thousand fighters packed into an area smaller than Connecticut.”

Third, beyond foreign intervention and the concentration of dangerous terrorists, the intensification of the humanitarian crisis is clearly concerning. Idlib’s pre-war population of one and a half million has swelled to more than three million

Should fighting resume, these people will find themselves trapped against a closed Turkish border.

Nearly twenty years into the global war on terror, exhaustion is understandably wearing on Western policymakers and publics. However, the conflict in Idlib demands a response, and the United States could take the lead on proposing a largely non-military solution.
The United States could propose the following notional plan—or something similar—to end the war: Assad could remain in power, but he would have to consult with a newly-elected legislature, demand that Iran and its proxies withdraw, and permit NGOs to conduct humanitarian relief activities. Syrian refugees could be allowed to return to their home provinces, and oppositionists—those who do not belong to terrorist groups—could receive amnesty and be admitted into the political process. U.S. sanctions—including a prohibition on the delivery of oil to Syria—could remain in effect, but would be terminated if Assad implemented agreed-upon commitments. 
Russia could keep its bases, but would have to gradually withdraw combat troops from Syria. The Syrian Kurds could gain some autonomy in a region away from the border, and Turkey would then withdraw from Syria and refrain from further interference. 
Iran and Hezbollah—both of whom are resource challenged— could be warned that their continued activities in Syria would be subject to increasing Israeli and possibly U.S. strikes. And, Russia and the United States could collaborate to gradually degrade the already fractured terrorism landscape—the one area where the two powers agree—working together to kill or capture and return foreign fighters to their home countries for prosecution. This may be the only part of the initiative that cannot be conducted purely through diplomacy.

Irrespective of the terms of a proposed peace agreement, U.S. diplomatic involvement is necessary for a chance at a positive outcome. No other state can exercise the leadership needed to implement the diplomatic and political solutions necessary to avoid broadening, regional instability and the consequent need for more military involvement. An unstable Syria threatens to trigger regional volatility for another generation, opening the door for more Iranian interference and greater radicalization and terrorist activity"
A positive outcome is one that serves Usraelkurd/EU interests. No other outcome could be deemed positive.

US State Dept: Additional "Humanitarian Assistance" For Syria- Iran, Russian, Turkish Leaders Set to Meet & Talk Syria

Birth Pangs. Regional Remake. It's ongoing. What will be the result when the dust settles? 
We're a long way off from that, still. But today's report from the US State Department suggests, quite clearly that the labour is continuing.

UPDATE: Of course Canada is "announcing assistance" 
I'm just omitting all the virtue signalling crap!

"Canada will provide $430.3 million in funding in 2020 and 2021 ($236.5 million in 2020 and $193.8 million in 2021). Working through partners including UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement" 
Canada is providing development assistance for long-term support in building the capacity and resilience of governments, communities and households in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.
Canada’s assistance through its Peace and Stabilization Operations Program supports the international efforts to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity, improves security and aims to reduce tensions between host communities and Syrian refugees and supports the objectives of the Global Coalition Against Daesh.

Following up on yesterday's report:

US State Dept

At today’s fourth Brussels Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region,” hosted by the European Union, Special Representative for Syria Engagement Ambassador James Jeffrey announced more than $696 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the people of Syria in response to the ongoing crisis caused by the Assad regime, Russian, and Iranian forces.  This brings the total U.S. humanitarian response to more than $11.3 billion since the start of the Syria crisis.
The United States remains the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance – both in Syria and around the world.  This assistance is a component of our National Security Strategy, which directs us to continue to lead the world in humanitarian assistance, while ensuring increased global burden-sharing, and to support displaced people close to their homes to help meet their needs until they can safely and voluntarily return home.  We appreciate the European Union’s support in hosting the conference and laud all donors who made contributions today, while encouraging others to do more.  The international community, both traditional and new donors, must remain committed to meeting the growing needs of the Syrian people, a responsibility the Assad regime has proven unwilling to uphold. Instead, it has prioritized funding its reckless and destructive military campaign, payouts to regime loyalists, and the ongoing arbitrary detention of as many as 130,000 Syrian civilians, including women and children.
Today’s announcement of additional assistance through the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is part of ongoing U.S. efforts to provide life-saving food, nutrition, shelter, education, medical care, livelihoods, safe drinking water, hygiene supplies, and improved sanitation as well as mental health and psychosocial support to assist millions of Syrians in need, including those fleeing the devastating bombings by the Assad regime and its allies in northwest Syria. It also supports much-needed counseling and other protection programs for the most highly vulnerable groups, including children, women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.  This life-saving aid will be provided through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), International Organization for Migration (IOM), World Food Program (WFP), non-governmental organizations, and others.
The international community relies on cross-border and cross-line access to deliver humanitarian assistance, and Syrians rely on this aid to survive.  In total, 6.5 million Syrians remain displaced within Syria and an additional 5.6 million have fled to neighboring countries.  From December to March, in response to bombing by the Assad regime, Russian, and Iranian forces, nearly one million people in northwest Syria – more than 80 percent of whom were women and children – fled in fear for their lives.  Following an early March ceasefire, over 270,000 people returned to areas of origin in northwest Syria, but approximately 700,000 remain forcibly displaced.
The United States strongly supports UN Secretary General Guterres’ recommendation to restore cross-border access between northeast Syria and Iraq to deliver aid and medicine
Usrael Kurd occupied territory
Russia and China cynically conspired to hamper the international community’s ability to deliver humanitarian aid to vulnerable areas in Syria through UN Security Council Resolution 2504, which reduced humanitarian border crossings into Syria from four to two, decreased the authorization process for six months, and stopped 40 percent of the medical aid to northeast Syria, thereby increasing an already significant gap in meeting humanitarian needs at a time of a global pandemic.
Medical aid to north east Syria -Usrael Kurd occupied Syria- The rest of Syria isn't getting this "aid"...
The United States supports freedom of movement for all, including forcibly displaced persons and conflict-affected Syrians, as well as the safe, voluntary, and dignified return or resettlement and reintegration of refugees and internally displaced persons in a process that is free from coercion.  We reaffirm our commitment to a credible and inclusive Syrian-led, UN-facilitated political solution pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani will hold a video conference on Wednesday to discuss the conflict in Syria, the Kremlin said on Tuesday. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will hold a video conference call Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to discuss recent developments in Syria, according to a statement by the Kremlin.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the three leaders will make separate statements before holding private talks.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Seattle Shooting in CHOP/CHAZ Zone Leaves One Dead & Child Critically Injured

Can't blame all these shootings and this violence on the police.

This is the second fatal shooting in the autonomous zone

A shooting inside an "autonomous" protest zone in Seattle has left one person dead and a 14-year-old boy critically injured.

The Seattle Police Department responded to multiple reports of shots fired around 3am on Monday morning inside the self-declared Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP).

Callers reported multiple shots were fired into a white Jeep vehicle that was parked near or at the barriers signifying the border of the autonomous zone, according to police.
“When investigators arrived, they found a white Jeep Cherokee riddled with bullet holes on 12th Avenue,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said during a morning press briefing. ”We were told that there were two men inside the vehicle, and both had been shot.”
A black male victim was brought to Harborview Medical Centre in Seattle Monday morning where he later died, police said. A 14-year-old-boy was hospitalised with gunshot injuries at the same hospital.
People who identified themselves as “CHOP medics” reportedly brought the two victims to the hospital after the shooting.
No suspects have been identified in the shooting, which the police are still investigating. Police did say that they thought the crime scene was disrupted by other individuals before they got there.

“The typical things we search for in a case like this, or in a shooting like this, weren’t there, and it was abundantly clear to our detectives – people had been in and out of the car after the shooting,Ms Best said. “Detectives are trying to get information from other witnesses, but as has been the case in other crime scenes up in this area, people are not being cooperative with our requests for help.”

“We’re not sure who shot at the car or why they shot at the car,” she added.
The Monday shooting was the fifth to occur inside the CHOP and the second to result in fatalities.
 Occupancy (Occupation?)  has since decreased in the area, but there still remains a gathering of people with little effort from the city to break up the protest.
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and her administration have avoided breaking up the protest,( bad for the Dems in the  upcoming election) but the increase in violence could force her hand in getting the city to take back the area.

The police chief advocated for the autonomous zone, which aims to be a police-free area for protesters, to be broken up amid the shootings.
“There are multiple people who are being injured and hurt, and we need to do something about it,” Ms Best said.

“We’re asking the people to remove themselves from this area for the safety of the people,” she added. “It is absolutely irresponsible for this trend to continue.”

There will be a second part for the earlier post from today- I'm anticipating changes on the horizon for Syria. Big changes.

Syrian, Russian Intel Dismantle CIA Linked Espionage Ring Linked to Assassination of Soleimani & Usrael Kurds Escalate

Going long on the latest from Syria:

  1-Syria, aided by Russian Intel, dismantle CIA linked espionage ring connected to the assassination of Soleimani. It seems the tip off for the US for the assassination came from within Syria. Link and Link

Flashback: The US Assassinates An Iranian General

"Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, backed by Russian Intelligence reports, has dismantled an espionage network, including top security and army officers, a well-informed source told Zaman Al-Wasl Saturday.
Maj. General Ma'an Hussein, one of Assad's top aides and the head of the army's communication department, has been arrested amid high security procedures.

The arrest campaign has included senior Intelligence officers, the source said.

The source said the espionage network is most probably linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The main mission of the communication department, which coordinates with security and military services, is to spy on the Syrian telecommunications, and monitoring local TV channels, social media accounts.

The State Intelligence, backed by information and data from the Russian intelligence, has tracked the network following the death of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 7, 2020, in Baghdad.

At the time, intial reports accused a Syrian agent of providing information about the Soleimani’s movements inside Syria and the exact time of his departure from Damascus airport before his death in a US drone attack two hours later."
2 -Israel has been continuing airstrikes into Syria

Israel’s Air Force reportedly acted against multiple Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and pro-Iranian military sites in Syria over two waves of airstrikes on June 24.
Syrian state news agency (SANA) confirmed the death of two soldiers and the wounding of four others at one of the locations hit by the airstrikes.
“One of our military positions was targeted near the town of Salkhad in the southern city of Sweida, resulting in the death of two martyrs and the wounding of four other soldiers,” the SANA news source stated.
Furthermore, additional positions were targeted during the overnight attack as SANA reported “several hostile missiles were fired at our military positions in Kababej.”
Approximately an hour after the initial attack, a second wave of airstrikes targeted the Hama Governorate in the area of al Salamiyah. It is believed an ammunition cache housed inside an onion dehydration plant was the intended target of the attack.
The attacks came less than a month after reported airstrikes attributed to Israel destroyed a weapons facility in Masyaf, Syria.
2 (a)  Arutz Sheva 
9 Iranian fighters killed in a second wave of airstrikes in Syria attributed to Israel, observer group claims, bringing death toll to 15.

3- Usrael Kurds Storm Syrian Government Offices in Hasaka
"The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have stormed on Saturday Syrian government institutions in the northeastern province of Hasaka, state news agency SANA reported.

The SDF stormed the headquarters of the Grain Establishment, the Electricity Company, and the Sport City, the Industry Directorate, the Commercial Bank and others.

Hasaka Province and the city of Qamishli are controlled by both the Syrian government and the Kurdish forces, the latter of which have bigger parts.

It is still unclear how the Syrian regime will respond to the new escalation."
3(a) SANA- Make no mistake this is an escalation
"Hasaka, SANA- For the second consecutive day, Workers of Hasaka’s Electricity Company on Monday protested in front the company in al-Nashwah neighborhood in condemnation of US-backed Qasad (SDF) groups , which occupied the building by force, and they are preventing the workers from entering it now.
SANA reporter in Hasaka said that protestors demanded to neutralize centers and service facilities so that they can continue providing services for the benefit of all citizens, affirming they will continue their protest until they return to their workplace in the company.
On Saturday, Qasad group occupied headquarter of the Hasaka Electricity Company in al-Nashwah neighborhood, headquarter of the Syrian General Grain Administration in Ghweiran neigborhood, , the sports city, parts of the Youth Housing Complex, the Syrian Computer Society, Directorate of Tourism and Industry, and Environmental Affairs, headquarters of the Traffic Police, Directorate of the Civil Registry and the Commercial Bank in Hasaka city and expelled the employees from these offices."
4-  Usrael Kurds apologize for slaughter- Public Relations in Advance of...
In other news, SDF leader Mazloum Abdi announced his forces’ complete willingness to apologize and compensate the victims of the Amuda massacre during a meeting with a committee tasked with achieving reconciliation with the north Hasakah town residents of Amuda.

Abdi tweeted that there was a meeting between the SDF leadership and families of the dead of Amuda tragedy (2013).

The SDF "offered apologies and moral and material compensation to the affected and the families of the dead of our people in the city of Amuda."

 2013. Yes that’s how long the Usrael Kurds have been slaughtering and displacing the indigenous populations of Syria. Non cooperative Kurds and lots of Arabs. Wonder why 7 years later they  are amends making? What might be on the horizon? Come on back for Part 2.

5- Is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham doing Turkey’s job in Idlib?

  I’ve never been 100 percent convinced of this claim, however abundantly the claim has been made. The increased presence of Turkish military in the region would obviously be unnecessary if all these rebels were truly doing Turkey’s bidding. Additionally rebels wouldn’t be blocking the M-4 and doing all they can to impede Turkish/Russian cooperation, if they were truly doing Turkey’s bidding?
  It’s clearly a realpolitik situation. That is the reality.
"Turkey has remarkably increased its military presence in the region, while its plans to force radical groups to toe the line have given rise to some intriguing developments in jihadi ranks.

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham pragmatist wing has prevailed in the in-house rift that followed the Turkish-Russian deal, hammered out in Moscow in March, but those who remain bent on fighting have turned to alternative alliances. In mid-June, the al-Qaeda-inspired Hurras al-Din, Ansar al-Din, Tansiqiyat al-Jihad, Ansar al-Islam and Muqatileen al-Ansar formed a joint operations center, dubbed Fathbutou (Be Steadfast). Since then, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has moved to undermine the new alliance, which not only challenges Hayat Tahrir al-Sham's authority by fanning divisions, but also provides a justification for Russia to resume military operations.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is said to be under growing pressure from Turkey to prevent attempts to block the M4 road, slated as a route for Turkish-Russian patrols, and rein in radical factions. Its rivals have come to accuse Hayat Tahrir al-Sham of taking orders from foreign powers, chiefly Turkey.

Jihadi groups have always sparred with each other, but their rows are now attributed to steps taken under the Russian-Turkish deal. Hence, moves to redesign Idlib cannot be seen independently from the intentions and initiatives of Turkey, which has markedly increased its military and intelligence presence on the ground. Yet Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s conciliatory attitude is turning the radical camp into a new center of attraction. And the resolve of radical factions is increasing the potential for confrontation.
5 (a) Following clashes between groups in Idleb, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham have banned the formation of any groups or the deployment of any checkpoints                           
Go way back to what I've written about Idlib and the situation therein. One of the last reports: Russia and Turkey "Flexible Rivals" or BREAKING: Russia & Turkey Agree on Common Document...   and many, many more...        

6:  Canada- HRW wants Canada to bring the ISIS lackies home.
"An unknown number of Canadians travelled abroad to fight for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, as the militant group took over territory in Iraq and Syria and implemented a harsh form of Islamic law."

It’s not likely an “unknown number”- The gov wants to wait until they can either sneak them in unnoticed, or dress it up as some type of humanitarianism? Which looks to be the way this news is being spun.

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A "Viral" Safety Video Showing How Ineffective Masks Can Be

Following up on:
An Australian media outfit had an interesting report

Youtube link 

Check the simple demonstration using a can of aerosol antiperspirant. Representative of a sneeze or cough. See the spray pass easily through the mask? 
False sense of security obvious enough yet?
Ah, but, you wanna signal how virtuous you are, right?
If that's what it takes?


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Friday, June 26, 2020

Africa's First Covid Vaccine Trials- Brought to You by Bill and Melinda Gates

Now, I've got to hattip Scott for bringing this to my attention.
Check his two latest videos

 Microsoft is so handily located in the vicinity of the SJW Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA zone (being dismantled) in Seattle  

Seattle is also  home to Microsoft.  Microsoft is the brainchild of  Bill Gates. Yes the “computer nerd” who also happens to be  the media’s favorite vaccine pusher and eugenics darling.   
Bill Gates has already profited from the “pandemic”. And will continue to do so by pushing his highly profitable, already a fail, vaccine. Along with his massively profitable vaccine industry 

Black Lives Matter except in Africa and Brazil where Bill and Melinda have begun vaccine trials on the resident guinea pigs.. I mean, human test subjects. Under questionable circumstances, no doubt.

Today, South Africa might be taking a small step towards eradicating COVID-19 when the country enrolls its first participant in a COVID-19 vaccine trial — the continent’s first. A vaccine developed by Oxford University will be tested on 2 000 trial volunteers.
Wits University’s newly appointed dean of health sciences, and professor of vaccinology, Shabir Madhi, is the study’s lead investigator, with the South African Medical Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding the trial.
Recall the Oxford Vaccine reports?

Bill and Melinda Gates take it to Africa. Of course.
"It remains unclear whether the vaccine, named AZD1222, will work. Soriot said the company should know by August, the BBC reported."

Q&A: Nine things to know about Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine trial

2. Which COVID-19 vaccine candidate will be tested in South Africa?  

We will be testing a potential vaccine developed by the Jenner Institute at Oxford University. The vaccine is called ChAdOx1 nCov-19, because it is made from a virus called ChAdOx1, which is a weakened version of a common cold virus that can’t replicate. The vaccine has been engineered to produce a type of protein that is found on the surface of the novel coronavirus. Researchers have shown that the antibodies that are produced against this protein after natural infection are able to kill — or neutralise — the virus when tested in labs. With the vaccine trial, they are trying to establish if this will also happen with people who are infected in their normal living environments.

4. Who will participate in South Africa’s trial?

The vaccine will be tested on three groups of people. The first group — 50 HIV-negative people — will be used to establish if the vaccine is safe and what type of immune response it provokes. This group will receive two jabs, four weeks apart. The vaccine  will then be tested on 1 900 HIV-negative people (half of the participants will receive the actual and the other half a dummy vaccine) to determine how effective the vaccine is. People in this group will receive one jab, unless data from the first group indicate that two doses are required for an adequate immune response. The last group will be 50 HIV-positive people, who will receive two doses, four weeks apart. In the case of this group, researchers would want to establish if the vaccine is safe for people with HIV to use, and if it provokes an immune response that is comparable to the response provoked in HIV-negative people. Recent data from the Western Cape government revealed that HIV-infected people are about two to three times times more likely to die of COVID-19

7. How will the researchers know if the vaccine is effective?

The study investigators will regard the vaccine effective if it reduced potential COVID-19 cases among trial participants who received the vaccine by at least 60%. They will compare the COVID-19 cases among participants who received the actual vaccine and those who got a dummy jab to establish whether the ones who received the vaccine had a lower occurrence of COVID-19 cases. 
The Africa Report

  • In general, new vaccine development has a success rate of about 10%, he says.
  • The chances may be better in this case, he says, as COVID-19 is not novel in the manner of HIV and has greater genetic stability.

 The obvious connectivity between the pandemic profiteering machine and the SJW "black lives matter" movement along with their "anti fascist" pals looks a bit clearer given their silence on this exploitative trials that seemingly got lost in the noise..

Covid 19(84) Vaccine Not Likely To be Effective In Older Persons According to Experts

Of course I'd ask if vaccines had any real efficacy. Ever.
 But, we'll stick to the subject of this latest CTV news report after we look back at a previous report from May 21/21. When Moderna so cleverly obfuscated it's vaccine trials. Lies of omission are still lies.  Let's read, again, a statement made by yours truly..

“Science by Press Release”: Moderna’s Sensational Covid Vaccine Trials

* Eight of the 45 tests subjects, age unknown? Quite an omission. Yet the age of test subjects who had an immune response is of the utmost importance!  If no immune response occurred in the older test subjects the vaccine would fail to help those that need it the most. One wonders why Moderna omitted that data? Unless it would have shown that it was only or mostly the youngest test subjects that had the response? Yes, that would be a problem.

The latest as reported by CTV
"- A vaccine against COVID-19 may not be as effective in older people who are most at risk of suffering complications and dying from the disease, according to U.K. researchers.

Dr. Eleanor Fish, an immunology professor at the University of Toronto, told CTVNews.ca that a coronavirus vaccine may not work on the elderly because their immune systems are "not as robust" as those of younger people.

"If you are immunocompromised or if there is any way your immune system is weaker than it should be, then your body might not have the ability to adequately respond to the vaccine," Fish explained in a telephone interview on Wednesday."
Or any vaccine for that matter- But that doesn't stop the injectors from prolifically jabbing seniors year after year.
"When considering the seasonal flu shot, Fish said the elderly are typically given a larger dose of the flu vaccine so their immune systems have a better chance of recognizing and responding to the vaccine."
Do their immune systems "recognize" the larger dose? Or is that just an assumption?
Do you recall this study?  DoD research informing us about virus interference from the flu shots.
 "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus"
  Seniors, particularly in LTC/Nursing homes certainly receive flu vaccines year after year. 
A larger dose of one as well. And, yet. They still get the flu.  Seniors certainly got Covid. There isn't any doubt in my mind their yearly large dose of flu vaccine contributed to their succumbing to this virus. It's not likely the extra dose of aluminum year after year is good for their brains either...
 CTV continued
"However, she warns that there are still a lot of unknowns in regards to a COVID-19 vaccine.
"We don't know that if any of the vaccines being developed are going to be effective. We don't know whether... the key antibodies and the neutralizing antibodies are going to be effective against the virus," Fish said
"But if we assume that there is going to be an effective vaccine [for] healthy adults and presume that healthy adults take the vaccine, there is still the potential that the vaccine my not prompt a response in the elderly."
"We have to be confident that we have a vaccine that's 100 per cent effective so you can build that wall of immunity," Fish said. "Until we know what's going on with the vaccine and how effective it is, we don’t know for sure how it will impact the elderly."
Recall two previous reports?
 "But there’s no guarantee any of these vaccines will ultimately be effective against SARS-CoV-2."
....settling for a vaccine that prevents people from getting really sick or dying but doesn’t stop them from catching the coronavirus.
Shattock said. “Is it protection against illness? Is it protection against severe disease? It’s quite possible a vaccine that only protects against severe disease would be very useful."  

So, the vaccines will not eradicate or prevent you from getting Covid-19 it might reduce the severity of it. Maybe. 
“For licensure we would not require that a vaccine protect against infection."
Looks to me that the  one requirement for licensure of this vaccine will be it's ability to generate mass profits. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Canada Ranks WORST in World in Elderly Care Home Coronavirus Deaths

 You all read that here some time ago. But, it's making the news rounds a fresh.

"Canada ranks worst among 16 OECD countries for its high number of coronavirus-related deaths in elderly care homes, according to a Canadian Institute for Health Information report released Thursday.
Eighty-one percent of COVID-19 deaths in Canada were recorded in long-term care homes, according to an analysis by the .
This is significantly higher than the average for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 42 percent.
Canada also ranks last behind Spain (66 percent), Israel and Norway (58 percent), Ireland (56 percent), Belgium (50 percent), France (48 percent) and the United States (31 percent).
Canada has had a "relatively low" overall COVID-19 mortality rate compared to other OECD countries.
However, the proportion of deaths in long-term care, which includes , is "double the OECD average", according to data collected from 17 countries as of May 25.
Conversely, Canada—like France, Spain and the United States—took more limited measures, according to the study.
"This report confirms what we all suspected: Canada is not taking care of our seniors as it should be," said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling on the provinces to do more to remedy this situation.
 "Limited Measures"? Why, I thought it was "Iron Rings".. Ya, ya that's what Dougie Ford said, "iron rings" around our seniors. But Dougie, like his pal Justin misrepresented reality.
Reality check below

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Dr Michael Baden: George Floyd, Jefferey Epstein and Others-Intrigue Swirls Around The Man, His Forensics & His Investigations

While listening to the gaslight nation interview, Dr Michael Baden's name was dropped. Suggesting this guy is connected to serious weirdness would be an understatement
Dr Baden conducted the autopsy for George Floyd's family. I'll highlight the many other forensic investigations (?) he was involved in.

See here
"According to a statement, attorney Ben Crump revealed the results of the (George Floyd)  autopsy performed by medical examiners Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson....

George Floyd presently but previously..

 Dr Michael Baden
He was Chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel of the U.S. Congress Select Committee on Assassinations that re-investigated the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
JFK and MLK ?
He has also been an expert in the investigations concerning some curious deaths/murders  John Belushi, Marlon Brando’s son Christian Brando, O.J. Simpson,  Kobe Bryant, Robert Blake.
Baden was also connected to the Phil Spector Murder Trial- Spector was found guilty of murder.
Spector and Attorney

Testified on behalf of Phil Spector at the latter's murder trial, while Baden's wife served as Spector's defense attorney.

He has been hired to conduct private autopsies in a number of cases, including the shooting of Michael Brown
I would have thought it was the very large amount of seed money they received.
  • Antifa/BLM's Covid Approved Protests & Armed Autonomous Zone Converge in Seattle. Why, Seattle? 

    Black Lives Matter profited in 2016 from a humongous $100 million grant from the Ford Foundation and other philanthropic capitalism stalwarts such as JPMorgan Chase and the Kellogg Foundation.
    The Ford Foundation is very close to the U.S. Deep State. The board of directors is crammed with corporate CEOs and Wall Street honchos. In a nutshell; Black Lives Matter, the organization, today is fully sanitized; largely integrated into the Democratic Party machine; adored by mainstream media; and certainly does not represent a threat to the 0.001%."

As if ties to JFK, MLK, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Christian Brando, John Belushi, OJ Simpson, George Floyd and Michael Brown weren't enough- Michael Baden was also hired by the family of Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein Case: Expert Hired By His Family Suggests Doubt On Suicide Finding

A forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein's family said he believes Epstein's autopsy suggests homicide rather than suicide. But New York City's chief medical examiner stands by her conclusion that Epstein died by hanging himself.
Michael Baden is a private pathologist who was briefly the chief medical examiner for New York City in the late 1970s, before going on to become a celebrity forensic witness. He has weighed in on scores of high-profile cases, including as a defense witness for O.J. Simpson.
  • More on Baden
"Michael Baden is a private pathologist, born in 1934,  who was briefly the chief medical examiner for New York City in the late 1970s, before going on to become a celebrity forensic witness. He has weighed in on scores of high-profile cases, including as a defense witness for O.J. Simpson.

“He only conducted an autopsy on Floyd, which followed an official autopsy conducted by the medical examiner’s office of Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Baden was the chief medical examiner of the City of New York from 1978 to 1979, but was removed from his position by New York City Mayor Ed Koch, after Koch had received complaints about his work, including memos from district attorney Robert Morgenthau and city health commissioner Reinaldo Ferrer, documenting their criticism of Baden for “sloppy record keeping, poor judgment, and a lack of cooperation".
Afterward, Baden was hired as deputy medical examiner for Suffolk County, but was dismissed for allegedly making inappropriate comments about how to commit the perfect murder.
Baden maintains a private forensic pathology consulting practice. He has been a consulting or lead pathologist and an expert witness on a number of other high-profile cases and investigations. He testified at the trial of O. J. Simpson on behalf of the defendant,[15] at Sergeant Evan Vela's court martial,[17] and on behalf of Phil Spector at the latter's murder trial, while Baden's wife served as Spector's defense attorney.
Further information: Killing of George Floyd
In late May 2020, Baden, along with other physicians including Dr. Allecia M. Wilson of the University of Michigan, was hired by the family of George Floyd, following his death after an encounter with Minneapolis Police, to perform an autopsy. The autopsy concluded that the manner of death was homicide due to mechanical asphyxia, which conflicts with the Hennepin County medical examiner's autopsy which found that the cause of death was due to “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.”[48]"
Why You Might Not Want to Believe Michael Baden, Celebrity Pathologist, on Epstein’s Death

I’d expect we should be way more skeptical of the "go to" celebrity Pathologist Michael Baden and all his forensic investigations.

Bubba Wallace Digs A Deeper Hole- Credibility Takes A Nose Dive: Gaslight Nation

My husband loves racing. He rarely misses one. Me? I can take them or leave them.
That said, I happened to watch the race at Talledega  with hubby.  The PR stunt that unfolded prior to the race was certainly one to behold.  Bubba laying his head down on the top of his car. 
Were we supposed to think he was distraught?

After the 'crying  and consoling scene' a no face mask wearing Bubba Wallace, not adhering to pandemic standards, was embraced by his co-conspirators? Fellow actors in NASCAR?  Wow, it was so very "emotional"- Not

And then of course, there was "Black Lives Matter" at the end. As the guy who actually won the hard fought race got short shrift to push the propaganda. 

Yup, I watched it all unfold. 

So, yes, I'm  going to wade in the Bubba Wallace/Black Lives Matter PR Stunt. Because, in my opinion, that's all that entire episode was. A Public Relations Stunt. Clearly. Obviously. Blatantly. 
If you fall for this? You'll fall for anything. Sadly, I'm all to aware that the masses will very nearly fall for anything.

Scott @ Nomadiceveryman made a couple of videos about this incident.
In his first one I commented

Hi Scott: I haven't listened yet, but #stand withbubba should be #PRop for BlackLivesMatter- Secure area with cameras?- The whole show before the race?. PSY-OP. Then the presence of BLM after the race when the guy who won the race got short shrift so Bubba could greet his BLM fans. Sad. Pathetic So Obviously pathetic.
"Digging a Hole" is a metaphor: "Digging a hole makes it deeper and therefore harder to get out of, which is used as a metaphor that when in an untenable position, it is best to stop carrying on and exacerbating the situation"

In Scott's second video he reports that the alleged offending noose was not a noose but a pull cord of some type. And had been there since 2019- USA Today
After the FBI investigated- No Federal Crime was Committed.

But Mr Wallace insists on digging a deeper hole for himself. Insisting it was noose though he never saw the alleged offending noose himself!

‘It was a noose!’: Bubba Wallace doubles down after FBI concludes NASCAR ‘hate crime’ was pull rope for garage door
"NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace continues to insist that a knotted rope found in his garage – which he never actually saw himself – had racist connotations, even after the FBI determined it was a benign door opener.
Federal investigators concluded on Tuesday that the alleged noose found in Wallace’s garage at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama was actually a garage door pull rope that had been there since at least last fall. But, far from being relieved that he hadn’t be targeted by a hate crime, Wallace appeared on CNN to emphasize that the rope was still a noose, regardless of its intended purpose.
Even host Don Lemon seemed puzzled by his argument. “Do you believe it was intended for you in that way? What are you saying here?” Lemon pressed Wallace.
Wallace went one step further, insisting that he had never seen a garage pull with a hand loop before, and that he has evidence that the rope was a “straight-up noose.”

FBI says NASCAR ‘hate crime’ was just pull rope on Bubba Wallace’s garage door

Perhaps he should have showed his 'evidence' to the FBI?


His decision to cling to the debunked hate crime caused many social media commentators to question his motives. Many pundits had initially argued that Wallace had been misled into believing the noose story, since he hadn’t actually seen the rope himself.
“By doubling down, he’s lost all credibility & is a willing participant in gaslighting all of us,” noted journalist Siraj Hashmi.

Gaslighting us all? Yup. This is a gaslighting world. To be sure. 

“The original report said that Bubba Wallace never saw the noose. Now he’s insisting through tears that it was a noose,” observed Daily Caller’s Greg Price. He compared Wallace to Jussie Smollett, the actor accused of orchestrating a hate-crime hoax in Chicago last year.
The media have been quick to broadcast alleged hate crimes – but in many instances it seems there are not-so-sinister motives. Earlier this month, ‘nooses’ found hanging in an Oakland park were revealed to be part of a swing for children to play with. The city’s mayor, however, insisted that an investigation into the harmless ropes was still warranted because “intentions don’t matter.”
 The media are always quick to spin and incite. But never quick to correct. And when they do correct it's done in such a way as to ensure it's missed. That's just what the media does. All the time. Every time.

Speaking of Gaslighting- I did enjoy the interview below where gaslighting is discussed.

 In fact the very type of activity undertaken by  NASCAR is mentioned in this interview. Though the interview predates this latest PR stunt.

Gaslight Apocalypse: Gaslit Nation

 As Chris Knowles talks with Mel Fabragas

Monday, June 22, 2020

"Topple the Statues, But Ignore the Modern Day Oppressors? "

Great oped:

Feels like a good follow up to the earlier post:
It is evident that Western political elites are far better at apologizing for the ‘bad old days’ than inspiring the public about their nation’s past – or even present.
 One meaningless apology after another. As the elites continue to do as they've always done. 
See from earlier todayOf Course, The US Will Exempt Their Zone of Kurdish Occupiers and Occupation from Sanctions

On to the oped:

"However, while the anti-racist and anti-Imperialist sentiment behind such actions is surely one that must be applauded, it also begs the question of why a similar ire isn’t reserved for the modern day oppressors and Imperialists; in this case, it being the military industrial complex and war lobbies of both the United States and Britain.
With both nations being the world’s leading exporters of arms, it has been this exact military industrial complex which has played an integral role in the world’s current foremost humanitarian crisis; Western-allied Saudi Arabia’s now five year long war on Yemen, one in which upwards of 85,000 Yemeni children have now lost their lives as a result of the US and British-made bombs.
Military advisors from both countries are also on hand to help direct Riyadh on where to direct its air strikes, with the agricultural sector of the impoverished Arab nation being a favoured target in particular of the Royal Saudi Air Force, resulting in widespread famine in what is already the poorest country in the Arab Peninsula.
Elsewhere in the Middle East, US and British occupation forces still remain in northern Syria and Iraq; with the air forces of both countries on hand to help carve out a Kurdish ethnostate in line with the 1982 Tel Aviv-authored Oded Yinon plan, intended to balkanise Arab states hostile to Israel."
Been talking about that for years and years now.. While others obfuscated or lied by omission.
A teeny tiny sampling below, but, so many more reports. So very many more.
Closer to home, the neo-Nazi junta of Ukraine has also received political and military support from the US and Britain since the 2014 coup seen the government of Victor Yanukovich ousted over his rejection of an EU-trade deal in favour of closer ties with Russia; similar to the situation in Yemen, military advisors from both countries have also been on hand to assist Kiev forces in their war on the breakaway pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, and the Trump administration has approved the sale of heavy arms to Ukraine since 2018.
However, despite the litany of war crimes this modern-day imperialist foreign policy has resulted in, from the Donbass to the Middle East, the Pentagon, the Ministry of Defence and the factories of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and BAE Systems have so far remained untouched by the current protesters - their anger seemingly reserved for imperialists and oppressors who passed away generations ago instead.
Gee and who does that benefit... no protests against the planet's modern day imperialist oppressors and their oppression? Not a sound. You'd think the Seattle protestors would be so very concerned about these massive injustices...  and they're  so handily located to actually protest some of the worse offenders of this modern day imperialist agenda.

And yet...........

"Elites who appease the baying mob’s apology addiction have stripped apology of all meaning"

Frank Furedi@ RT

Recall the interview I'd posted here?  Frank Furedi – Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic of Fear
Hope you did listen?

2020- The year of the endless, meaningless apology. Apt.

No sooner did Jacob Frey, the Mayor of Minneapolis, apologize to the black community for the killing of George Floyd than everyone felt they had to say sorry for the sins of their fathers, erasing the meaning of sincere apology.
I’ve stopped counting the number of apologies issued by public figures, business institutions and celebrities in recent weeks. It’s sometimes difficult to avoid the conclusion that a public apology has become a public-relations exercise. Why else would the Greene King pub chain and Lloyd’s of London apologize for the links to the slave trade – a historical event that occurred centuries ago?

Moral cowardice and the easy way out

Moral cowardice is another of the driving forces fueling the proliferation of public apologies. Apology has become weaponized to the point that very few politicians possess the strength of character to stand by their words. I remember when, last November, the Mayor of Middlesbrough, Andy Preston, apologized ‘unreservedly’ to the mental-health charity Mind for calling a Facebook commenter a ‘nutter’. There’s something truly scary about a world in which people wish to censor others for using a word the vast majority of human beings find unobjectionable. But what is even more chilling is that the mayor felt obliged to grovel and apologize.
The elites’ addiction to apology has been evident since the 1990s. During that decade, the then US president, Bill Clinton, publicly apologized to his nation’s black community for slavery. Meanwhile, the former British prime minister Tony Blair turned public apology into a veritable art form. He took it upon himself to apologize for Britain’s role in the slave trade. He also issued an apology in 1997 for his nation’s responsibility for the Irish potato famine of the 19th century. It is evident that Western political elites are far better at apologizing for the ‘bad old days’ than inspiring the public about their nation’s past – or even present.
One meaningless apology after another. As the elites continue to do as they've always done. 
See from earlier today:  Of Course, The US Will Exempt Their Zone of Kurdish Occupiers and Occupation from Sanctions

Knee-jerk knee-bending

Since the outbreak of the present wave of Black Lives Matter protests, the issuing of a public apology has become almost a routine response to the mere hint that you should take the knee and grovel. 
Typically, whenever an individual is called out and denounced for their language, an apology swiftly follows. But in the current climate, there can be no ‘mistakes’, because your words will come back to bite you. Just about any gesture or statement can be branded as not just insensitive but racist. Poor Karol G, the Colombian reggaeton singer, who, in response to the protest following George Floyd’s death, tweeted a now-deleted picture of her black-and-white coated dog with the caption ‘The perfect example that Black and White TOGETHER look beautiful’, along with the hashtag  #BlackLivesMatter. After she was denounced and ridiculed, she issued an immediate statement of apology. “I want to make clear that my intentions were right in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say that racism is terrible and that I cannot begin to understand it,” she pleaded.
As Rachel Yang wrote recently on the arts website Entertainment Weekly, ‘2020 has turned out to be an unpredictable year, to say the least, but one thing we can always count on is celebrities needing to issue apologies for their behavior

Never enough

Experience shows that often an apology is not enough, as if those who demand them get ever more high in their addiction to humiliation and, enjoying it, seek to up the dose. Take the case of LA Galaxy football player Aleksandar Katai. His club forced him to issue an apology, not for anything that he did, but because his wife Tea posted a statement calling protestors disgusting cattle! Poor Katai took the knee and pledged that both he and his family would “take the necessary actions to learn, understand, listen, and support the black community.” However, not even this act of self-abasement helped him. He was dropped from the squad because of a statement made by his wife.
Western society’s addiction to public apology is a reflection of the fact that its political and cultural elite does not believe in itself – or at least it has no idea what to believe in. The speed with which individuals apologize for a statement they made a few hours before exposes both their lack of firm conviction and their moral cowardice. When an apology is a response to a very public ultimatum, it’s almost never a genuine act of reflection and contrition. Rather, it has become an empty ritual that denudes their apology of meaning.
As I write these lines, the UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is facing calls to apologize for stating that taking the knee is a gesture copied from the TV drama ‘Game of Thrones’. He added that he would take the knee for only two people: ‘the Queen and the Mrs, when I asked her to marry me’. After an outburst of criticism, Raab tried to soothe the mob baying for his blood by indicating that he has “full respect for BLM campaigners,” but didn’t issue the now-mandatory apology.
It took just a few minutes for the all too readily offended Twitterati to pile in to demand an apology. The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey, led the way with a post on Twitter demanding that Raab issue a ‘fulsome apology’.
Davey knows a thing or two about the meaningless issuing of an apology. Last June, he apologized for writing that his electoral strategy was to “decapitate that blond head,” referring to PM Boris Johnson.
Back in 1976, Elton John released a song titled ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’. A song titled ‘The Hardest Word Not to Say is Sorry’ would be altogether more fitting for the 2020s.

Of Course, The US Will Exempt Their Zone of Kurdish Occupiers and Occupation from Sanctions

As Israel 2.0 gestates (gradually develops) 
A few, a very few, flashbacks on the topic.

Kurdish-led authorities in Syria in talks regarding mechanism for U.S. sanctions exemption

Badran Jia Kurd, a vice president of the regional administration, said the sanctions would have an impact on his area which trades with government-held Syria via local merchants and uses the Syrian pound, which has plunged in value.
“They will lead to increase in prices to a very great degree and to weakness in trade activity with the Syrian interior, while on the other hand crossings to Iraq are closed, meaning the region was already living an economic siege,” Jia Kurd said.
“They told us the self-administration regions will be exempt from the Caesar sanctions but the mechanisms and means to achieve this exemption are being discussed with the international coalition.”
The sanctions are named after a Syrian military photographer who smuggled thousands of photos out of Syria showing mass killings, torture and other crimes.
“We hope there will be international support for our regions given that they are fighting a continuing war against global terrorism,” Jia Kurd wrote.
The coalition has said the sanctions do not impede humanitarian assistance or hinder “coalition stabilization activities in northeast Syria”.


Jeffrey did not specify the content of the American offer. Still, he pointed out that Washington “wants to see a political process, which may not lead to a change of the Syrian regime, but demands the Syrian regime to change its behavior and not to provide shelter for terrorist organizations, and a base for Iran to extend its hegemony over the region.”
Assad does not have to leave. He simply has to comply.
 Arabic Language Spokesperson for the US Department of State, Erica Chiusano, identified what she called the “only exit strategy” for the Syrian regime, in light of the economic crisis.
Chiusano said in a statement that Enab Baladi got by email on 10 June, that “UN Security Council Resolution 2254 is the only exit strategy available to the Syrian regime, and the regime should take irreversible steps to implement a political solution to the Syrian conflict that respects the rights of the Syrian people and their desires or will face more targeted sanctions and isolation.”
Chiusano confirmed that Washington will continue to impose sanctions aimed at increasing economic pressure on the regime until there is irreversible progress in the political track.
Covid related:

“Excess Deaths” Reported in Alberta and British Columbia Not Linked to Covid