Sunday, June 28, 2020

A "Viral" Safety Video Showing How Ineffective Masks Can Be

Following up on:
An Australian media outfit had an interesting report

Youtube link 

Check the simple demonstration using a can of aerosol antiperspirant. Representative of a sneeze or cough. See the spray pass easily through the mask? 
False sense of security obvious enough yet?
Ah, but, you wanna signal how virtuous you are, right?
If that's what it takes?



  1. LOL! Thanks for that!

    While I'm here, let's just think about how DISGUSTING those fabric masks are. Do you think everyone wearing them washes them EVERY DAY? To be correctly cleaned you'd need to use bleach on them in the wash. Do you think these people are doing that every day? I know where I'd place my bet! :)

    I know you've been noticing how people use them - regularly touching them, pulling them down in order to be understood when speaking (or to get a breath of air). I've noticed that when people don't have them on their face, they're pulled down under their chin, becoming a chin strap...LOL! I was at the grocery recently and all the workers have to wear them. One guy was huffing and puffing bringing a loaded U-cart from the back and his mask was pulled down below his nose (only covering his mouth) in order to breathe as the cart was heavy.

    When I was at my dentist recently, they've installed acres of plexiglass around the counter and, of course, all the ladies behind the plexiglass are wearing masks. It was impossible to converse. We ended up leaning past the plexiglass and she pulled her mask down slightly in order to be understood. This BS can only go on as long as the vast majority let it go on.

    1. the best way to clean those revolting fabric masks it to boil them

      "An easy way to sanitize your face masks is to let them sit in boiling water for five minutes. It’s as simple as that."

      or ten minutes

      the bleach they recommend is so freaking toxic to inhale for hours on end ..

      Masks need to be sanitized after each use

      But if those masks aren’t being sanitized regularly, experts say they could be harmful.

      There is no one out there wearing clean sanitized masks that I can see- some are disgusting- dirty.

      And yes, I've seen the masks pulled under the chin as people talk or the ones that only cover their mouth or the ones that place them on their head.

      I'm supposed to believe these people are the intelligent ones?!

      I went to the dentists this week- I had to wear the mask as I passed through the hallway into the hermetically sealed room.

      Then when I left again. They got to do what they got to do and I needed to go. The mask was on in total for less then one minute

  2. Hey Gwen: I've already told my dentist that I won't be back until I don't have to wear a mask. He didn't comment; he already knows I'm stubborn.

    You're right re all the office rules; it's just as frustrating for them as it is for the rest of us; and they were out of work along with all the others. (You can't do dentistry from home;-]

    When I was out yesterday I saw a lot more people wearing masks, and, for the first time, wee little kids wearing them as well, and nobody was distancing. I also saw them pull down their masks when they spoke to one another. Sheer lunacy; all of it.

  3. They are frustrated. Finally got my haircut. And my hairdresser hates it. But she needs to earn a living.
    She asked do we live in a free country or a communist country?
    Good question.

    Today we were at a local grocery store where they have a deli counter and still most people are not wearing masks

    The very idea that these mask wearing dolts are going to not spread any virus is beyond idiotic. Virtue signalling has been taken to heights of absurdity unseen with this latest- shakes head

  4. Cool! You got your hair cut. You must have looked terrible after all this time. (NOT). You can tell your haridresser that we live in a fascist country, ruled by corporations.

    Denis Rancourt emailed me a letter today written by the head of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association, and another one written to the WHO castigating it roundly for encouraging such nonsense. He said I could use it on my site. Hence today's post: "The Finest Rejection Letter You Will Ever Read."

    M.Rocknest gave me a cool link to a short but cathartic video, which you'll see a link to at the bottom of my post;-)

    1. Hey Yaya_ I made several attempts at trimming my hair, very minimally. But it looked awful- And hubby's hair was so long.. but he's all trimmed up as well

      I'll tell her that (fascist country ruled by corporations)

      I'm glad he was okay with that. and great that you posted it too

      So if you read here, get over and look at that letter too!

  5. Hello again.
    I found a link to Denis Rancourt's study of coronavirus infections and the responses to them which I think will be highly useful:

    1. I've got it downloaded and will read later
      Hoping others do the same as well!

  6. I felt like getting this off my chest.
    Regarding Covid19, the media brainwashed and filled with fear my octogenarian grandmother so successfully, it's like she was programmed to not think critically anymore. I've argued with her over statistic figures indicating that isn't a rampaging supervirus that will kill us all, even according to oficial sources, and that the lockdowns will do far more damage, but she won't listen. She herself admits that she is suffering from boredom and loneliness out of being cooped up in her loft all day long, and she especially misses drinking coffee with friends and family. She thinks I'm just being a contrarian for the fun of it. My brother even accused me at the beginning of being selfish for not buying into the fearmongering. Granny threw an ad hominem at me with "You ate oysters last year despite warnings about them being contaminated" (for which I got appendicitis and E. Coli, forcing me to stay three weeks at the hospital), without considering the merits of the information in itself. I even got mad and insulted her, in addition to kicking a pot in the house. The problem is that she doesn't want to eat in old age, so she can't really take care of herself any longer in that aspect. She only recently started readmitting visits, so we couldn't supervise her for three months to make sure she was feeding herself enough. Now she looks older and like an annorexic model in her body figure. She's scared witless of the killer flu from Mars, but her diet problems are what's killing her. She doesn't stop to contemplate how lttle kids can't go to kindergarten, the playground or the library, although they're virtually invulnerable to SARSCov2, yet organised crime in Latin American seems to be magically immune to the virus, since they're still going about their business in the streets, even engaging in shootouts with each other. Vice businesses like liqueur and pawn shops, in addition to the motels frequented by sex workers, are still open (like in Canada and California), but forget about visiting a museum or a café. All of the journalists, scholars, doctors, businessmen, advertisers and political officials who went along with the 9/11 of health are unambiguously criminal propagandists in my view. They partially destroyed my family life.

    I find it more comforting to believe Aunt BB's theory that the Press TVs and China Global Televisions have been obligated to post disinformation, instead of Phil Greaves' "The Chinese are just as imperialist now!" It would seem to explain them going along with "Trump/Boris Johnson/Angela Merkel bungled the emergency" instead of accepting that the socioeconomic destruction was intentional. The virus is still blamed on nonaligned countries, for Christ's sake. And there's still at a color revolution against AMLO underway. This is the worst X-Files or Twilight Zone episode ever.

  7. Martin "This is the worst X-Files or Twilight Zone episode ever."

    It is exactly what it feels like! You really captured the zeitgeist of the times!
    I love it
    My husband said to tell you, before he finally got back to work, that he was re watching all of the walking dead series- In some ways it seemed quite relevant. though I don't like the show at all