Monday, June 8, 2020

Covid 1984- Group Think and Mass Hysteria

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How Mass Hysteria Is Related to Groupthink

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a group forms a quick opinion that matches the group consensus, rather than critically evaluating the information. Mass hysteria can be seen as an extreme example of groupthink. 

Groupthink seems to occur most often when a respected or persuasive leader is present, inspiring members to agree with their opinion.

The History of Groupthink

Groupthink is most often associated with business, politics, and policymaking, but it also relates to the psychology of collective phobias and mass hysteria.
The term "groupthink" was coined in the early 1970s by psychologist Irving L. Janis.1 In 1972, Janis published his book Victims of Groupthink: A Psychological Study of Foreign-Policy Decisions and Fiascoes.2

Janis defines "groupthink" as "a psychological drive for consensus at any cost that suppresses dissent and appraisal of alternatives in cohesive decision-making groups."
Janis identified eight symptoms of groupthink, including illusions of invulnerability, unquestioned beliefs, rationalizing, stereotyping, self-censorship, "mind guards," illusions of unanimity, and direct to pressure.

Groupthink and Mass Hysteria

It's believed that groupthink increases as group cohesiveness increases, which may help explain the psychological phenomenon of mass hysteria.4 Also known as epidemic hysteria, mass psychogenic illness, and mass sociogenic illness, mass hysteria is a "a constellation of symptoms suggestive of organic illness, but without an identifiable cause, that occurs between two or more people who share beliefs related to those symptoms," according to a 1997 review of research by The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. It is "seen as a social phenomenon involving otherwise healthy people."5

Some psychologists believe mass hysteria is a form of groupthink. In cases of mass hysteria, the group members all develop a common fear that often spirals into a panic.
The group members feed off each other's emotional reactions, causing the panic to escalate. The Salem witch trials and the panic over the War of the Worlds radio broadcast can be viewed as examples of mass hysteria related to groupthink.
And out of their minds shoppers in some stores- who think they have some inherent right to abuse others- I'm thinking about New York and a despicable video that I regret viewing a few weeks back.
Oddly enough the War of the Worlds was mentioned months ago in this post from Friday March 13/20 : Corona Pandemic Hysteria = Global Psychological Operation??

Groupthink in Everyday Living

Beyond causing mass hysteria, groupthink can discourage independent thinking in both school and the workplace.

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  1. Hey Penny! How is everything going for you? I am still at home helping my parents in their shop. I was saying to my mother that it's good that we have a little alcohol shop that we have been able to keep open and continue working, even though I have not been able to go to my own job. It's actually so crazy what is happening and how weird it is.
    No one around me has been affected but someone down the road had it. It's so weird that everything you have been saying about the government trying to control people's lives is so true and so few see it!
    I live in Manchester and in the city centre, there is a place called the GMEX where they normally hold exhibitions/large conferences. The council converted it into a hospital to treat the Covid-1984 patients. A doctor who visits my parents' shop told my mother that there is only 15 patients in there and they are all over 80 and will survive-what is going on?
    It feels really strange and crazy the extent they are going to control us. I love my country England and its people. They are polite and happy people who smile but they have been too dumbed down.
    My father is planning to buy a villa in a beach city in Turkey and move there. I am not sure I would want to move there with them but my parents think it would be a good opportunity to look for a husband. Looking at the state of the English man, it makes me cringe. Weak, feminine, drunk, not serious. Turks are also heading in this disgusting direction too but they do not seem to have fallen for the beta male and feminist woman culture of the West and I hope they do not. I am not sure what will happen in our lives but hope and pray it changes for the better.
    I am curious to know; if all of this has been made up, why isn't Russia and China standing up to the US?
    We are all supposed to be keeping in quarantine yet there are big BLM demonstrations/lootings taking place everywhere. How?

    1. It isn't just the English that have been dumbed down, I'd say that across the board.

      England also had those Florence Nightingale hospitals that they'd created for Covid, but, those are all closed as well.

      Wow, when is your dad planning for that move?
      Does he have a time frame?
      That would be lovely a villa on the beach.... (dreaming)

      "I am not sure what will happen in our lives but hope and pray it changes for the better. "

      Hope so too Ally. I understand that it would be a big move- Total change.

      "I am curious to know; if all of this has been made up, why isn't Russia and China standing up to the US?"

      I wouldn't say it's 'made up'.. greatly exaggerated so that a financial reset could take place along with a giant bail out and attempts at global reset.

      I think in some ways China and Russia don't have a dog in the fight, so, there treating their ill. ie: they've been circumventing the American dominance for sometime now so they'll keep on their path,
      But in other ways, I see China is standing against the US lead rhetoric. And the US is pushing the envelope with China, dangerously, particularly in the South China Sea.

      That which the US has built, they intend to destroy.

      About BLM- that's a totally approved protest and movement- foundations fund it- they vacuum in a lot of do gooders but they are begging for their own enslavement at the hands of the elite classes.

      And they'll take the rest of us with them all unwittingly of course.

      See their push to "defund the police"?
      Who does that really benefit? The public at large?
      Or the rich- who can afford their own security entourage while the rest of us are left to the mercy of criminals


    2. see the video I will be posting- covering BLM and their promotion of the globalists agenda