Friday, June 26, 2020

Covid 19(84) Vaccine Not Likely To be Effective In Older Persons According to Experts

Of course I'd ask if vaccines had any real efficacy. Ever.
 But, we'll stick to the subject of this latest CTV news report after we look back at a previous report from May 21/21. When Moderna so cleverly obfuscated it's vaccine trials. Lies of omission are still lies.  Let's read, again, a statement made by yours truly..

“Science by Press Release”: Moderna’s Sensational Covid Vaccine Trials

* Eight of the 45 tests subjects, age unknown? Quite an omission. Yet the age of test subjects who had an immune response is of the utmost importance!  If no immune response occurred in the older test subjects the vaccine would fail to help those that need it the most. One wonders why Moderna omitted that data? Unless it would have shown that it was only or mostly the youngest test subjects that had the response? Yes, that would be a problem.

The latest as reported by CTV
"- A vaccine against COVID-19 may not be as effective in older people who are most at risk of suffering complications and dying from the disease, according to U.K. researchers.

Dr. Eleanor Fish, an immunology professor at the University of Toronto, told that a coronavirus vaccine may not work on the elderly because their immune systems are "not as robust" as those of younger people.

"If you are immunocompromised or if there is any way your immune system is weaker than it should be, then your body might not have the ability to adequately respond to the vaccine," Fish explained in a telephone interview on Wednesday."
Or any vaccine for that matter- But that doesn't stop the injectors from prolifically jabbing seniors year after year.
"When considering the seasonal flu shot, Fish said the elderly are typically given a larger dose of the flu vaccine so their immune systems have a better chance of recognizing and responding to the vaccine."
Do their immune systems "recognize" the larger dose? Or is that just an assumption?
Do you recall this study?  DoD research informing us about virus interference from the flu shots.
 "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus"
  Seniors, particularly in LTC/Nursing homes certainly receive flu vaccines year after year. 
A larger dose of one as well. And, yet. They still get the flu.  Seniors certainly got Covid. There isn't any doubt in my mind their yearly large dose of flu vaccine contributed to their succumbing to this virus. It's not likely the extra dose of aluminum year after year is good for their brains either...
 CTV continued
"However, she warns that there are still a lot of unknowns in regards to a COVID-19 vaccine.
"We don't know that if any of the vaccines being developed are going to be effective. We don't know whether... the key antibodies and the neutralizing antibodies are going to be effective against the virus," Fish said
"But if we assume that there is going to be an effective vaccine [for] healthy adults and presume that healthy adults take the vaccine, there is still the potential that the vaccine my not prompt a response in the elderly."
"We have to be confident that we have a vaccine that's 100 per cent effective so you can build that wall of immunity," Fish said. "Until we know what's going on with the vaccine and how effective it is, we don’t know for sure how it will impact the elderly."
Recall two previous reports?
 "But there’s no guarantee any of these vaccines will ultimately be effective against SARS-CoV-2."
....settling for a vaccine that prevents people from getting really sick or dying but doesn’t stop them from catching the coronavirus.
Shattock said. “Is it protection against illness? Is it protection against severe disease? It’s quite possible a vaccine that only protects against severe disease would be very useful."  

So, the vaccines will not eradicate or prevent you from getting Covid-19 it might reduce the severity of it. Maybe. 
“For licensure we would not require that a vaccine protect against infection."
Looks to me that the  one requirement for licensure of this vaccine will be it's ability to generate mass profits. 


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  3. Jun 26: Military confirms 40 per cent of COVID-positive troops deployed to long-term care homes were asymptomatic

    In other words, they didn't get it there; they took it there!

    Something I suspected all along, after seeing the military commander waffle on whether or not the soldiers were tested before going into the nursing homes: scroll to video on this page:

    1. Thanks Yaya:

      I'd checked the DoD site recently and saw the total of infected had been 55? I think?

      I'll check the link, thanks!