Friday, June 5, 2020

Do You Need More Convincing The Carbon Cult is Anti-Life? Large Scale SO2 to Cool Planet?

You wanna talk insanity? To even propose such a thing?

Fast, Cheap and Scary Way to Cool the Planet

What if some entity, be it an international body or a lone ­nation, decided to use large-scale tech to re-create the cooling effects of a volcanic eruption? The engineering would be straightforward: release SO₂ near the equator about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) up into the stratosphere. The SO₂ would turn into tiny reflective sulfate particles that would spread around the globe within weeks and linger for months. A bit of sunlight would be reflected away, and everything down below would be cooled.

SO2: Sulfur Dioxide- Deadly toxic
VERY TOXIC. Fatal if inhaled. Corrosive to the respiratory tract. A severe, short-term exposure may cause long-term respiratory effects (e.g., Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)). CORROSIVE. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause frostbite. SUSPECT MUTAGEN. Suspected of causing genetic defects.

Health Effects

  • Sulfur dioxide is severely irritating to the eyes, mucous membranes, skin, and respiratory tract. Bronchospasm, pulmonary edema, pneumonitis, and acute airway obstruction can occur.
  • Inhalation exposure to very low concentrations of sulfur dioxide can aggravate chronic pulmonary diseases, such as asthma and emphysema. Certain highly sensitive asthmatics may develop bronchospasm when exposed to sulfur dioxide or sulfite-preserved foods.
  • Sulfur dioxide reacts with water in the upper airway to form hydrogen, bisulfite, and sulfite, all of which induce irritation. As a result, reflex bronchoconstriction increases airway resistance.
Back to the originating insanity published as a legit idea.
This is the premise of solar geo­engineering via stratospheric aerosols. It’s fast. Unlike cutting CO₂, adding SO₂ cools the Earth within weeks, not decades. It’s powerful. Millions of tons of SO₂ could help offset the global warming effects of hundreds of billions of tons of CO₂. It’s also highly imperfect and risky. It’s akin to adding one type of pollution (SO₂) to help counter the effects of another pollutant (CO₂). Think of it as an experimental drug taken in a pandemic. It might show promise, but watch out for unknown side effects.
In fact, SO₂ is a harmful pollutant. Burning fossil fuels releases tens of millions of tons of SO₂ into the lower atmosphere, killing about 4 million people each year through heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. The resulting acid rain kills trees and melts medieval cathedrals. If all SO₂ emissions were to stop overnight, it would be a boon to human health but a setback for global warming because it cools the planet. Average global temperatures would rise by at least 0.5C—an eruption of Mount Pinatubo in reverse.
So, why is this a solution to the fictional "global warming" narrative?- Because it will cause mass harm, undoubtedly. And mass death. The cult is insane. Deranged. And criminally so. It is a death cult.
It was precisely this thought experiment that led to a resurgence in solar geoengineering research. Too little is known to actually do solar geo­engineering now, and research funding is less than $20 million a year. By ­comparison, the federal government alone spends more than $2 billion on climate research, according to the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Of the few dozen climate scientists actively engaged in the research, most focus on computer models. Only a handful are conducting lab experiments. A Harvard group is working on an experimental balloon platform, as well as on alternatives to SO₂. Calcium carbonate has shown promise in models and the lab. (I was until last year the founding co-­director of Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program.) Much more research is needed to make anything akin to an informed deployment decision, and any process of moving toward deployment will be messy.
Solar geoengineering is potentially so powerful that one actor might be able to lower temperatures for the globe. It’s only a matter of time before pressure will increase to do just that, regardless of how fast the world slashes CO₂ emissions. With more frequent extreme heat and weather, it’s not hard to foresee conditions miserable enough to make an attempt at a little relief seem worth the risk to some. Limited research is already making one thing clear: Solar geoengineering isn’t only technically feasible, it’s a bargain. Next to the trillions in costs from unmitigated climate change, and even the expense of cutting CO₂, solar geoengineering costs practically nothing. If anything, it’s too cheap. A program that releases SO₂ to decrease average temperatures by about 0.1C would cost less than $5 billion per year. This should prompt the world to prepare for its inevitability. Dozens of countries have both the capacity and possible motivation. The operative word is “when,” not “if.”



  1. OK, This is so insane... Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere will with the catalyst of sunlight, combine with H20 and create SULFURIC ACID that will not stay in the atmosphere for long and instead come raining down and do a LOT of damage to not only us but to plant life as well....

    You are so right, Penny, about how these sick freaks are wanting to destroy this planet with their ignorance and stupidity.

    1. "these sick freaks are wanting to destroy this planet with their ignorance and stupidity."

      or their plain evil?!

  2. This kind of program has been going on since at least the mid 90's AKA Chemtrails. However, the stupid sheeple just ridiculed those pointing out the obvious as " tin foil hat " wearers. Wake up early in the morning, go outside, and look up in the sky over any major city. Chances are you'll see something odd.

  3. Covid19 is an opportunistic virus (as you know) and it loves people with pulmonary deficiencies because they're easy targets.

    Both the link Mieszko provides (What in the World are they Spraying?) and its sequel made a year later called "Why in the World ..." are well worth a review.

    1. Thanks for the heads up yaya, going to check them out!

  4. It is not a result of sick mind it's beyond that! It's principalities of the dark world, I mean it!

    Not to hijack the thread nor panicking but we have another much, much larger issue hanging over our heads, Russian Federation is now fully convinced of pending attack on its soil. I Strongly recommend to watch briefing by Mr Sergei Rudkovskoy (credentials in the clip). Path to this beyond critical situation has been paved for long time and intensity is increasing daily. Hair trigger situation if you ask me.

    Just saying


    1. "It's principalities of the dark world, I mean it!"

      I won't discount that idea at all. So much evil and deception everywhere!

  5. Hey S75p
    yah the defender2020 was a biggie
    I saw news that the US was shifting troops out of Germany as well....

    And the Polish PM would welcome some of them

    "Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday he hopes that some American soldiers withdrawn from Germany will come to Poland and strengthen the NATO's eastern flank."

    And I'll wager some of them are headed to Iraq and Jordan- possibly Israel.

  6. Penny, "principalities" was not to trigger further discussion because it is different subject but it is good to be aware of. And yes we live in age if overwhelming massive deception.

    Thanks for the informative link. Yes, troop movement and supply build up in Poland and Baltics is going on for long time and RF is taking notes. Any even conventional attack on RF will be answered with full retaliation including "Dead hand" option as announced by Mr V Putin. Where are our western "leaders" taking us? World has such massive build up of weapons and safeguards to restrict their use are crumbling

    Sting - Russians. Still a current subject but lyrics may need to be edited a bit to suit our new world.


    Ps: thanks for your work