Sunday, June 21, 2020

“Excess Deaths” Reported in Alberta and British Columbia Not Linked to Covid

Interesting. Just the facts. No spin. And let’s consider the Opiod crisis which is greatly contributing to excess death statistics in a number of provinces. 
Many Covid con artists (xymphora in particular) have pushed this number as proof of the severity of Covid.  But it isn’t. Because excess deaths can be attributed to other causes. Here is our first dose of reality. With more unvarnished truth to follow.  I've no doubt of that.

Recall this previous scientific study? Pay attention to the science....

Trends in Historical Influenza Mortality: Pandemic vs Non Pandemic Seasons. 

" In the monthly data from over 70 influenza seasons since the 1930–1931 season (the earliest time for which adjusted figures could be calculated), the peak monthly death rates in the 1957–1958 and 1968–1969 pandemic seasons were no higher than (and were sometimes exceeded by) those for severe nonpandemic seasons (Table 1). If these trends extend into the future, it follows that if the health care infrastructure has been capable of handling non-pandemic influenza, it will also be able to deal with pandemic influenza."

Pay attention to reality. Not fear. CTV News
    "Excess death" statistics have been used in some parts of the world to suggest (weasel wording) the true toll of COVID-19 is much higher than what has officially been recorded"
Statistics Canada made its first attempt to determine the number of excess deaths in the country during the pandemic in mid-May.

StatCan was unable to find any evidence of substantial excess deaths at that time, although the agency noted that its conclusions were subject to change given that it was working with such a small pool of information.

Okay subject to change when more data is available, but, still no evidence of substantial excess deaths

Link to Statscan...

Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January to April 2019 and January to April 2020

Quebec had an “excess death count” according to the latest, but, as more data is gathered who knows where that may go?
That leaves Alberta and B.C. as the two provinces where an abnormal and significant number of deaths cannot be explained.

 In B.C., StatCan found that the number of deaths between March 15 and April 25 was 372 higher than it had been during any of the previous five years, although only 99 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 during this time.

The discrepancy was even larger in Alberta, where 40 deaths linked to COVID-19 were found between Feb. 23 and April 11 but a total of 402 excess deaths were recorded.

These disparities do not necessarily mean that either province experienced hundreds of deaths connected to COVID-19 without realizing it, StatCan said, as other factors can contribute to excess deaths.       

Yah, like the Opioid crisis which is killing massively,  across Canada and brutally so in British Columbia-

 Highest Opioid Deaths Ever in May 2020. Representing a 44 percent increase over April. Which was a deadly month

In May, the province recorded 170 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths — the highest monthly total ever recorded in B.C. It equates to about 5.5 deaths a day.
In comparison, 53 people died from COVID-19 in the same month (May)
 May 2020 was a a 44-per-cent increase over April 2020.
Which means approx 119 people died in April from Opioid overdoses. Way more then died from Covid, undoubtedly. Which can easily explain the excess death counts without fear mongering about Covid- Canada has an Opioid problem.  A severe one.

Alberta's isn't quite as bad, but, isn't pretty either

 Beware the Covid Pushers- their fear is addictive and it messes with your mind

Corona Pandemic Hysteria = Global Psychological Operation??


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