Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nomadiceveryman: Racism REDEFINED - G-20 Police Brutality Against Largely White Protestors, Remembered.

Scott hits it outta the ballpark, again! No good was ever going to come of the George Floyd incident. Because the entire psychological operation that was created around the incident was undertaken to create still more discord. More divide. I'm completely at a loss why more people aren't seeing this for what it EXACTLY is.

 Divide and Conquer or Divide to Rule: the policy of maintaining control over one's subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them.

In my post from June 02/20 : "Black Out Tuesday" State/Intelligence Asset/Corporate Approved Protest
1 st thought: It really appears as if some party/ies want martial law.
2nd thought: Ain't it great that due to the pandemic vast swathes of youth are unemployed and receiving their allowances via the government- Having nothing better to do then attend protests for political manipulation. Funny how well that worked out?
3rd thought: Am I alone in finding "Black Out Tuesday" kind of strange as a meme
 It was already clear that this whole action, from BLM &Antifa, had the stamp of approval from those that pull the puppet strings of our political class.  The corporate support, alone, was a sure sign this was okayed in the boardrooms of  global intelligence agencies and  big multinational corporations. The nod of approval given to the protestors from "health leadership" made clear these protests were desired. All of them. Violent. Non-violent. Did not matter. There is no such thing as bad PR. 
This is not to discount the presence of community issues. In many communities. Community issues as a whole and those that affect specific groups of persons.

Anyone recall the super violent G-20 protests in Toronto?

The heavy hand of the Toronto Police Force was blatant.. And no one gave a dam. 
Limbs were broken. Pepper spray employed liberally. Tear gas filled the air. Rubber bullets were used. Strip searches without justification.  Undertaken for pure humiliation. Reams of false charges were laid. Mass incarcerations. 
In fact, one day of the protests set a record for the most mass arrests in Canadian HISTORY.
The police were grabbing protestors off the street and throwing them in vans.
There was mass kettling....

Their victims were by and large overwhelmingly white. Their lives did not matter

They were ridiculed and attacked in the media. Decried as hooligans. I recall it to this day. 
As it unfolded I wrote an entire series of reports about this protest.
 This scenario played out in the US as well as many European nations where it's claimed "white privilege" exists exclusively. 

Concerned people protesting  world leaders as they hatched their economic plans, in secrecy, that were bound to impoverish and harm the masses. Think, Seattle, London. Italy and elsewhere.  Many of these protests were covered at the time here at the blog. London saw the killing of Ian Tomlinson. Yes, the police can be brutal- including against a great many people who would be identified as white and "privileged" These aforementioned protest attendees were brutally and harshly put down. Unlike our most recent "black lives matter' protests- Those protests were okayed. Sanctioned. With political leaders kneeling in subservience to the protestors- What a huge difference from the G-20 protests, where not one leader "took a knee" Instead heads were bashed. Arms broken. Women were violated. And more.. 
Hypocrisy. Double Standards. They are everywhere.

Nomadic Everyman: BLM Promote Great Reset and New World Order Agenda

Scott did an excellent job, again. We're all being played. Best not to take the bait, who ever you are. What every your identity. Because in the end- WE LOSE. ALL OF US. GET IT?



  1. I want to say, ironically, Dan Dicks was arrested while filming a blm protest in BC. He was also present at the G-20 protest and I believe he did a documentary on police violence and brutality against protestors. For him, of all people, to be arrested in the manner he was is shocking beyond belief.

    a preview of Toronto the police state

  2. Oh and btw notice the presence of black bloc? That which came before Antifa? The game hasn't changed- why don't people see it. over and over and over- and still people are blind

  3. Hi Penny: Re Dan Dicks and the Vancouver BLM incident: I watched his whole almost 3-hour video, and it was painfully difficult because he was using an extremely short range mike and you couldn't hear most of what was being said except what he himself was saying. Not until the police surrounded him, and then I could hear what the cop right next to him said very clearly and repeated ad nauseum: "These people don't like you."

    I could see almost from the beginning that he had about 5 bodyguards shadowing him, and he admitted this towards the end of the film, but they faded into the background when the police showed up.

    How do we know the mob were "antifa" and not just a bunch of impressionable kids, all hyped up from the endless dramatic speeches, who were told by somebody (who?) that he was an enemy of the cause? Some of them had spoken to him in a friendly fashion earlier. So somebody (who?) spread the word that he was a fascist? And why did they wait until the very end of the filming to attack him? The event was winding down, but he actually seemed to be hanging around waiting for the hate mob to show up.

    If he were anybody else, we would suspect his own people of having spread the word just to get something going and to boost his rep so that donations would pour in.

    I agree that Dan Dicks did a great job of exposing the goings on at the G20 protest, and he has been dead on about the Covid nonsense. But he's a film-maker (he's made at least two full-length feature films and is profiled on IMDB). He makes a living off what he's doing - so why did he use a really bad mike this time so that only his words could be heard? To induce people to feel sorry for him and donate more money?

    I've always thought he was a good, up-front guy, but something about this doesn't sit right.

    1. The police did arrest him, though?
      Are suggesting they were in on whatever may or may not have been concocted?
      That doesn't seem likely.

      Antifa has been a problem. And continues to be a problem.
      I covered their maliciousness in Hamilton, Ontario.
      Unnecessary and disgraceful.
      Greencrow reported their presence, or a group much like them, at the Vancouver lockdown protests she attended.

      What's going on in Washington State is also remarkably like that of previous "colour revolutions" And Antifa is present. Their solidarity with other destabilizers is problematic.
      I'll continue to cover this, but, it's been clear this "movement" has been condoned and allowed to grow and foment... The corporate and state support is just to obvious to ignore.

  4. Food for thought.

    1. Hi Mieszko I
      I've seen that video previously. It's interesting for sure!

  5. Look at the video, Penny, if you can stand how long and boring most of it is (3 hours, 22+ min), not being able to hear anything but Dicks himself talking. Decide for yourself. You may be thinking of the first time he got arrested. I'm talking about the second time when he seemed to go looking for it, actually killing time waiting for it, and the cops were trying to escort him away from the mob, but he was refusing to go. They said they were trying to save his life (a bottle got thrown at his head - it must have been plastic because he didn't seem injured) and finally told him he was under arrest, but the movie cut off then, and we didn't see any handcuffing, they were just holding him by his arms, trying to escort him away from the mob.

    He wants money. He claims 7K was stolen from him. He's making a pity claim: "Dan Dicks kicked while down"

    Well, I just now tried to visit the link for the 3-hour Live Streamed Video I'm talking about, and it's been removed from YouTube by the owner. See here:

    But I downloaded it to my desktop, so if you really want to see for yourself, I can get it to you. I have web space I can upload it to and you can download it. Let me know and I'll give you the info by email.

    1. Hey Yaya:
      send me the info.
      You've got my email, already? I think you do?
      then I'll get the video to watch

    2. Penny, I emailed you a few days ago about M.Rocknest's Freedom Tree, and you didn't reply. Did you receive it? I'm asking only so that I can make sure I have your correct email address. It's been quite a while since we corresponded by email. You could use my private contact feature on my About Page if you need to send me a new address. Just checking is all, before sending you anything more.

  6. Maybe I should add that I, myself, have been using a different email address than I used to -- due to receiving SPAM.

    1. Hey yaya- I wonder if it went to spam or I deleted it thinking it was a comment for the blog?
      I'm terrible with email. But I did get the download link and am about to get it.
      Can you resend the Freedom Tree message?
      Sorry about that and thanks again

    2. Yaya, I emailed you with a request, if possible to leave that till the week end and I'll be back in touch.
      Sorry, but the download failed twice. :(