Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Part II: Antifa/ BLM's Covid Approved Protests & Armed Autonomous Zone Converge in Seattle. Why, Seattle?

 In the first part we talked about the strange Seattle inter-sections. Spook school. Proximity and access to the coastal waterways. Ease of transit to BC, Canada. Amazon’s Seattle location and it's very profitable ties to the intelligence industry. 
 Which coincide with the obvious extremely  supportive position taken by Amazon of  the BLM/Antifa protest movement. As BLM/Antifa return the favour in it's support of the "pandemic" narrative. And the health care industry supports BLM/Antifa despite the ongoing "pandemic". 

Each supposed separate occurrence reinforcing overlapping narratives. How curious.

I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine?

Seattle is also  home to Microsoft.  Microsoft is the brainchild of  Bill Gates. Yes the “computer nerd” who also happens to be  the media’s favorite vaccine pusher and eugenics darling.   
Bill Gates has already profited from the “pandemic”. And will continue to do so by pushing his highly profitable, already a fail, vaccine. Along with his massively profitable vaccine industry.

  Bezos and Gates are getting richer by the millisecond. The pandemic didn’t crimp their ability to support their lavish lifestyles in any way shape or form in fact they both got a whole lot richer.  Despite what happened to the rest of us.
  The biggest gains were at the top of the billionaire pyramid, with the richest five billionaires -- Bezos, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison -- seeing combined wealth gains of $76 billion. 34.6 billion of that to Bezos
As BLM/Antifa gained in branding prominence & corporate support- Promotion, promotion, promotion.
 Pt 1:"Over the years, Black Lives Matter evolved as a marketing brand, like Nike (which fully supports it). The widespread George Floyd protests elevated it to the status of a new religion. Yet Black Lives Matter carries arguably zero, true revolutionary appeal."

Big Tech Get’s Behind Black Lives Matter.
Alexa and other home spies from big tech are going to help push the brand

More on Seattle and Microsoft

The Microsoft campus is the informal name of Microsoft's corporate headquarters, located in Redmond, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Microsoft initially moved onto the grounds of the campus on February 26, 1986, weeks after, the company went public on March 13. The headquarters has experienced multiple expansions since its establishment.        
Seattle, Microsoft and the Pentagon

Last year Microsoft got a nice Pentagon contract- The 10 Billion Dollar Jedi Cloud Contract
With its stunning win of a lucrative $10 billion Pentagon technology contract Friday, Microsoft Corp. not only beat Inc. but also uprooted its larger rival as the federal government’s go-to cloud-computing vendor.
Gotta spread the military/ industrial loot around, right? Of course there’s more intelligence money to go around as well. And Microsoft looks to be sharing in that wealth. After all intelligence is a growth industry.

CIA reportedly seeking to hire multiple providers for new cloud computing contracts
"The Central Intelligence Agency is planning to adopt a multicloud strategy to hire multiple cloud infrastructure providers under a new project called the Commercial Cloud Enterprise initiative.

The initiative is meant to help the CIA expand the cloud computing capabilities it gained when it awarded a $600 million contract to Amazon Web Services Inc. back in 2013, Bloomberg said today.

The CIA has already presented procurement documents to several major cloud providers in a move that should “dramatically expand the federal cloud market.” The cloud providers are said to include Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Oracle Corp., and all three are likely to submit bids, the Bloomberg report added.

Under the C2E initiative, the CIA will award multiple contracts to cloud companies that can host data with varying security requirements, including unclassified, secret and top-secret information. The cloud companies will be assessed on several factors, including their global reach, their operational excellence and their ability to innovate, a report from Nextgov revealed"

Microsoft gives NSA backdoor, complains about exploits

Lest we have any doubts that the tech companies are deeply embedded with the military/industrial spook complex in Seattle, we should cast those doubts away. There is no legit reason to doubt or question this reality. The ties are long. The ties are extensive. The ties are deep.

One might even say it was the military/intelligence complex that made such behemoths of Amazon and Microsoft.  As their paths crossed in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle, Tech, Spooks (Tech Spooks) and multiple military bases