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Pt.4: Uncanny Similarities in LTC/Nursing Home Deaths That Span Both Sides of the Atlantic Ocean- Canada. UK. US

"The carnage in care homes ought to be the biggest scandal of the Covid crisis"
I’m still waiting for the main stream media to ask the really tough questions about this situation? But, won't hold my breath. Realizing, it's up to each of us to apply pressure to those that are here to serve us. Good thing for the leaders and their lackies the  appearance of global, identity politics inspired riots and protests helped to divert attention.
  In advance of an impending election in the US, of course.  Fully distracting from the global destruction of everyone in the name of “fighting a virus”. That's right the destruction of everyone  These latest protests/riots are not against mass lock downs. No one is protesting wide spread mass dismantling of the global economies. No protesting of the huge, unimaginable bailouts given to banks and multinationals and in a real show of technocratic fascism.  

 The foundation backed protestors are unconcerned about the mass harm that has already and will yet befall vast swathes of the global population. Mental health issues. Physical health issues. Food insecurity for all.  Most likely a near global depression. None of those issues bother the foundation fomented protestor/rioters.  Planetary concerns affecting us all. Including the intentional terrorizing of the population.

  Only a brave few came out to protest those issues and they were put down. Ridiculed. Attacked. Called "yahoos"  Certainly no lionization for those protestors against state tyranny!
  We all have to eat, pay bills, raise up families etc., And we should ALL  be able to have good mental/physical health to live meaningful lives. The recent state sanctioned protests are not about any of the pressing issues that affect each and every one of us. Globally. Locally. Nationally. Of every race, creed, colour, religion, whatever?
    Dr Zangrillo "We've got to get back to being a normal country. Someone has to take responsibility for terrorizing the country"
  Where are the global protests against this abuse? Mass terrorizing of entire nation states.  Black lives didn't matter at that time?  White lives didn't matter? Older persons lives certainly didn't matter.  Still don't now, apparently. Lives of the children? Terrorized, fearful, traumatized. How will they be affected by the Covid trauma inflicted on them?  Apparently, that doesn't matter. It certainly appears of very little concern.
  Rather then protesting for those in charge to take responsibility for terrorizing nation after nation. What do we get? More fear. More divide. We get the identity politics show. A repeat that's decades old.  And will never be resolved because it's misdirected.
You fight one another and the elite classes of arses just go along their merry way. 
 Let's not go to far down that road. Instead, we'll focus on the situation that has really and truly  affected us all.  Each and every one of us.  By the billions. I’m opting to put blame where it belongs. On leadership. On authorities. On officials making questionable decisions. For questionable reasons. With  extremely deadly outcomes. Outcomes that were certainly not inevitable. Outcomes that were preventable.
  Through this four part series, addressing the mass killings in LTC homes, it's become very clear the deaths were anticipated. Expected. Warnings were issued repeatedly. On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Those warnings went unheeded. Why? 
 Additionally, I'd ask why these warnings even necessary? Shouldn’t the obvious have been self evident to all those making these decisions? When faced with the reality of the LTC/Nursing home situation. Predictable. Preventable. But, apparently acceptable to multiple states. 
 One is left questioning why it is there are no protests against the multi nation/government sanctioned deaths of thousands & thousands of Moms, Dads, Grannies & Grandads in LTC homes?

Where are the protestors? Where are all you self proclaimed demanders of  justice? I can't hear you. I don't see you at all. Your silence speaks volumes.

Back to the mass killings of seniors in at least three nations:

We’ve taken a look at some extremely suspect decisions in Ontario, Quebec and the UK in 3 preceding reports:
Now were going to look at what took place in the US. Let’s look at New York State. Population almost 19 million. California. Population nearly 40 million, that's more then the entire population of Canada. And, Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly these states had very large swathes of older residents. Perhaps they felt they had become expendable? Perhaps they could use their deaths to serve/advance many agendas?

Previous coverage of moving the sick into LTC/Retirement/Nursing homes in the US.
    "Aside from allowing infected workers to continue on the job, state officials in New York also raised eyebrows last month by issuing a directive forcing nursing homes to accept infected patients from hospitals. New Jersey and California also issued similar rules.

        In his report on the news, Guy Benson at Townhall wrote: "[New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo and everyone responsible for this failure must answer for it. And how could anyone not foresee this being a massive problem?"
 I'm done asking the question/s about not being able to foresee these mass killings, because that question just beggars all belief (not deserving to be believed) It makes zero sense to believe this outcome was not knowable.  It was in fact predictable. And acceptable as collateral damage to my estimation. After having read far to much unsavoury information.
        While nursing home deaths in New York account for 25% of deaths in the state, some, like David C. Grabowski, a Harvard University researcher who studies nursing homes, believe that when all is said and done the numbers will be closer to half.    
Considering all the intentional, with foresight, actions taken by those in “authority” to "protect"( facetious) the elderly, it's no wonder at all that nursing homes have been ravaged, globally. Protecting the elderly and vulnerable was not really at the heart of any of these actions. How could anyone believe it was?
Damage Control
New York officials have scrubbed Gov. Andrew Cuomo's March 25 order requiring nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients from the state health department website -- even as Cuomo's office insists that the order, which has been linked to thousands of nursing home deaths, remains in effect.
The web page that once contained the order now directs to a page indicating that the file is "not found." The archive indicates that the deletion occurred sometime after May 5, around the time that criticism over New York's nursing home fatalities intensified.
A copy of the page saved by the Internet archive Wayback Machine, however, shows that Cuomo's order stated: "No resident shall be denied readmission or admission to the NH [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs [Nursing homes] are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission."
When Andrew Cuomo was criticized he quickly blamed the White House- Oh a partisan cop out- I’m so surprised... not!
    Cuomo has come under fire since it was revealed on Thursday that the 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to New York's already vulnerable nursing homes.
Clearly Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health was aware of the impending disaster.
    Pennsylvania's secretary of Health revealed this week that her 95-year-old mother was transferred from a nursing home facilities into a hotel – as the state government was ordering those facilities to accept patients who had tested positive with the coronavirus.

    That state policy, issued on March 18, stipulated that elderly care facilities "must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable," including residents who had contracted COVID-19. The policy was meant to "alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care settings."

    That rule may have contributed to the significant death toll the pandemic has wrought in the state's care facilities: The overwhelming majority of deaths in the state have occurred in nursing homes, more than 2,400 of the state's nearly 4,000 deaths.    
New York sends infected patients into nursing homes. Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health moves mom out of nursing home as the state government orders facilities to accept patients who had tested positive for coronavirus. That sure seems to me like foreknowledge of the inevitable. Making it quite clear the outcome of those decisions were obvious, apparent and completely knowable.
 Louisiana didn’t dump Covid patients into Nursing Homes. Yet, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and New York are part of the same nation state. All having Trump as their national leader. I guess Louisiana really didn't want to kill it's elders off.
    New York and New Jersey both have ordered nursing homes to admit patients regardless of their COVID-19 status. California had a similar directive. And then suddenly, as of March 30, it didn't. After a couple of days of outcry from the medical community, the state softened its instruction.

    It now says that a nursing home "can be expected" to receive residents who test positive for the virus if it is able to follow the infection control guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    In Louisiana, which has clusters of COVID-19 patients in more than 60 nursing homes, a facility is prohibited from admitting people who have tested positive for the virus or who were treated for respiratory problems, unless it can show it has the capacity to care for them.

    "What we were looking at is really what makes the most sense for the patients themselves and the other residents," says Dr. Alex Billioux, the assistant secretary for Louisiana's Office of Public Health.
 Apparently New York, Pennsylvania and California did not consider what made sense  for patients and residents. Making Cuomo's buck passing, like Doug Ford's, simply disgraceful  
    California, New Jersey and New York have made nursing homes accept Covid-19 patients from hospitals
NY's Cuomo criticized over highest nursing home death toll
While Andrew Cuomo felt his mother was not expendable he surely thought other mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandads were.

Mr Cuomo's government made the decision to place Covid patients into nursing homes-

 Corona virus patients cash cows for nursing homes 
    Tony Chicotel, a staff attorney with California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, isn't satisfied with the change. That's because the state let stand the emergency waivers that allow nursing homes to temporarily expand capacity and reduce staff.

    "We're going to have, potentially, a lot more residents crammed into nursing homes," says Chicotel. "You're going to cut the staffing minimums at the same time. And then you're going to introduce perhaps the most efficient killer of older adults into the building? You've got a recipe for disaster in nursing homes."
A recipe for disaster that was served up globally. In my opinion, it was served up with intent to harm.To kill. I can't come to any other conclusion. Decisions made to send covid patients into nursing/long term care homes. Homes paid handsomely to take these infected persons into their homes. To fill them over capacity. And then to leave all the sick and dying in these homes as hospital beds sat empty. It happened in Canada- Ontario and Quebec to be specific. It happened in England, and Scotland. It happened in the US. Undoubtedly I could find more information still, but, the time and resources to undertake that task is more then I can spare.
Between the 4 reports there is sufficient information to demonstrate malfeasance. And criminality. Where is the justice for all these tens of thousands of elderly victims? 

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  1. There will be an addendum to the 4 part series.
    I've got more information still- that will add to this series and the whole Covid 1984 psyop

  2. Gwen?
    Does it help to fill out the problem a bit more?
    Connecting dots and the like?

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      Interesting, because I can't tell you how much difficulty I had publishing this last piece.

      Very frustrating.

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    5. Hey Gwen:
      I think you're husband is probably right. It seemed way to much of a coincidence.. the trouble publishing.

      The first three parts have been well read- surely the internet tracking is aware of that!

  3. Based on the data you've been posting, it's difficult to find an acceptable explanation for these policies. So what should we conclude? It seems like these things were done on purpose, but why did this not happen everywhere? Ohio's mortality rate shows that sixty percent of deaths from Covid1984 were in LTC/nursing homes/other skilled nursing facilities. However, I have not found anything that says patients were deliberately moved into those homes. What about Florida? Florida's population is largely elderly, retired people. Florida's governor chose not to follow the prescribed policy (note his comment about NY):

    Inspectors and assessment teams visited nursing homes. The state homed in on facilities where, Mayhew says, “we had historically cited around infection control. We used that to prioritize our visits to those facilities, understanding that the guidance from CDC was changing frequently. So our initial focus was to be an effective resource education to provide guidance to these facilities to make sure they understood how to request personal protective equipment from the state.”

    Florida, DeSantis notes, “required all staff and any worker that entered to be screened for COVID illness, temperature checks. Anybody that’s symptomatic would just simply not be allowed to go in.” And it required staff to wear PPE. “We put our money where our mouth is,” he continues. “We recognized that a lot of these facilities were just not prepared to deal with something like this. So we ended up sending a total of 10 million masks just to our long-term-care facilities, a million gloves, half a million face shields.”

    Florida fortified the hospitals with PPE, too, but DeSantis realized that it wouldn’t do the hospitals any good if infection in the nursing homes ran out of control : “If I can send PPE to the nursing homes, and they can prevent an outbreak there, that’s going to do more to lower the burden on hospitals than me just sending them another 500,000 N95 masks.”

    It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this insight, and how much it drove Florida’s approach, counter to the policies of New York and other states. (“I don’t want to cast aspersions on others, but it is incredible to me, it’s shocking,” says the Florida health official, “that Governor Cuomo [and others] are able to kind of just avoid real questions about their policies early on to actually send individuals into the nursing home, which is completely counter to the real data.”)

    excerpt from here:

    It's difficult to believe this was done for the money and/or politics, but as we've seen how absolutely venal and opportunistic politicians and others have been throughout the lockdown nonsense and now with the riots, I suppose it is possible.

    As I was looking for more information on other states' policies regarding the lockdown, I came across this comment at a blog from 2015. I have no way of verifying the authenticity, of course, but it's an interesting comment:

    terber Mon, 12/07/2015 - 03:28
    I have worked in senior housing for 19 years, We take computer classes for the industry to keep updated. Just finished a one hour class on Influenza. I received all the information on 'prevention' and the different vaccines and their names. With a 10 question test. The senior flu shot recommended for people over 65, was told by the training program, that it contained 4 Times the adjunctive. That means the heavy metals and other toxins. In my mind, I thought maybe 2 X, but I was totally shocked. Since it's introduction a few years ago, our seniors, living where I work, have been dying at (my guess) 300% faster. It is truly the great culling.

    1. Hi Gwen:

      I've wondered why it is the same actions didn't occur in every locale. For example most of the senior deaths have been here in Ontario and Quebec- Both Canada's most populated provinces- So I'm wondering if population is a consideration in New York, California etc.


      The politics of the leadership

      There was a financial incentive to the homes to take people they shouldn't have. Over crowding = more profits
      Undoubtedly, there are waiting lists so refreshing the profits wouldn't have been an issue.

      I do believe that the numbers were needed to sell the pandemic and it was the easiest way to do this in the seniors homes- in the most populated province/states where one could get max casualties for a minimum of effort.

      Realizing that's extremely cynical, but, then I'm talking about government and there not known for their compassion to those they allege to serve, only those they actually serve.

      Had it not been for all the dead on LTC homes, no one and I mean no one would have bought the pandemic narrative.

      In 09 they called the swine flu a pandemic but no deaths to plant the idea.
      This time we had the deaths.. mostly in the homes.

      As to the vaccines.. recall my older post on people who had received prior flu vaccines were more susceptible to corona virus infections

      "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus"

      I wouldn't doubt, not one bit, that the yearly flu shot is leaving these people more susceptible to other infections