Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Health Care Workers Replace Soldiers As Societies Heroes"- Medical Martial Law

Following up on the previous post where we got into the obvious medical martial law that has been forced upon us all.
It's in your face people. Medical martial law may be "hidden in plain sight" (Something that defies apprehension/comprehension by being too obvious) but nonetheless it's all present and pervasive.
The current environment is ripe for psychopaths and pathological narcissists running amok. And into this toxic brew, the COVID hysteria was unleashed on the world as, of all things, medical martial law 
I notice the medical marital law aspect to all this- And am questioning why others aren't seeing it? It's quite openly done.

How the frontline workers are "heroes" just like the service people/military are "heroes" too.

One can see the conflation of medical and military as "heroes" speaking to medical martial law...
More broadly, the cult of the health worker is replacing the cult of the soldier. This switch had long been brewing and will probably outlast the pandemic. In the long term, health services in many countries may get more of the funds of which they have been deprived for years. Medics could become a privileged caste.

I don't think it's replacing the cult of the solider. I think it's partnering with it.
I agree with the entirety of your last statement. I spent a career in military medicine. Your observations are spot on.
Thanks Kdus232425!  Financial Times article quoted from in my response above (previous post)

How health workers replaced soldiers as society’s heroes
This switch has long been brewing — and will probably outlast the coronavirus pandemic
Every evening at eight, my family and I stand on our balcony and join the applause for French medical workers. The clapping sounds tinny: much of Paris is self-isolating in country homes, so the city has emptied out. The applause is the newest global ritual, spreading from Italian balconies to Brazilian favelas. And it echoes an ancient ritual: the military parade, when people lined roads to cheer their victorious soldiers. More broadly, the cult of the health worker is replacing the cult of the soldier.
Not replacing the cult of the soldier, rather the two have been cojoined in order to sell the acceptance of medical martial law.  "Front line workers"? That's not military enough for ya?
 I'm not a cult follower on either the soldier or medical employee front.  Are you?
"This switch had long been brewing and will probably outlast the pandemic. In the long term, health services in many countries may get more of the funds of which they have been deprived for years. Medics could become a privileged caste. The cult of the soldier goes back at least to Achilles. Nations in the 20th century named streets after soldiers and spent fortunes on their forces: in both world wars, British defence spending peaked at nearly half of gross domestic product. Fallen soldiers were likened to crucified Christs. Some survivors parlayed their status as defenders of the nation into political power. From 1940 to 1970, France was mostly ruled by Marshal P├ętain and General de Gaulle. The ancillary cult of the nurse cast her in a supporting role, tending to the male warrior. But the cult of the soldier faded in recent decades. British defence spending was surpassed by funding for health in about 1990. Worldwide, health spending has soared since and today averages 9 per cent of GDP in developed countries. Now soldiers are being automated away. The British army is shrinking to its smallest size since the Napoleonic wars. Even Americans have cooled on warriors. Donald Trump sensed this quicker than others. During his 2016 presidential campaign, he attacked the family of the slain soldier Humayun Khan and disparaged the war hero John McCain (lol) for having been captured.
Defence probably remains the most popular function of the state, but even before the coronavirus pandemic it was being redefined to mean defence against illness. That befits an era of ageing populations, when healthcare is unprecedentedly efficacious and wars between states have almost disappeared. The three most trusted professions in Britain last November were nurses, doctors and dentists, (propaganda works) according to a survey by Ipsos Mori. Politicians ranked bottom. The pandemic has turbocharged the cult of the medic. Now the Christ who dies for our sins is the health worker. Italian newspapers lead with photographs of fallen medics. The state’s main purpose has become providing healthcare workers with equipment: British factories that were once charged with making bombers are now making ventilators. Meanwhile, national militaries are being recast as auxiliary health services. A survey in November revealed that the three most trusted professions in Britain were nurses, doctors and dentists Medics have acquired the prestige to change a country’s behaviour. (medical martial law) Everywhere, they tell us to stay home. In Iran, male and female doctors posted videos of themselves dancing together, calculating that the religious police would have to suck it up. Health researchers are also emerging from obscurity. In late February, when Europe was still sleeping, I visited the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, an unremarkable building in Bloomsbury. Somebody pointed out two older academics who worked on trachoma and said: “Because of them, thousands of people around the world are not blind.” Hardly anybody outside the building knew their names. Now health researchers have become heroes. (crap) Nations hang on their words. Leaders borrow their prestige, posing with them at press conferences and casting themselves as commanders-in-chief of health services. The trials of a vaccine against coronavirus will be the most watched in medical history. There aren’t many anti-vaxxers in a pandemic. This crisis will probably last at least two years, and the cult of the health worker much longer. Look at how a previous global threat with horror-movie qualities, the attacks of September 11 2001, pushed states to create enormous permanent security establishments with unprecedented spying powers. Then compare the numbers. About 135 people in Britain have been killed by terrorists since 2001; more than 7,000 British soldiers have died in conflict since 1945; but 20,000 British deaths from the coronavirus would be the “best-case scenario”, says Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser. Political issues get prioritised partly for their importance but more so for their emotional salience to voters. The coronavirus scores on both counts. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development projects that health spending will keep rising long term. Expect states to raise salaries and hire medical mercenaries from poorer countries, increasingly in the form of teledoctors. There will also be more ancillary healthcare jobs, such as neighbourhood walk leader or geriatric playground monitor, and reserve guards of nurses and paramedics. Health services might even grow bloated and over-resourced, like the American military. Anyone arguing for spending cuts will be met with the retort, “Remember the coronavirus.” Some medics will parlay their status as defenders of the nation into political power. (Already, the European Commission is led by Ursula von der Leyen, a former doctor with a masters in public health.) As cults go, it’s not a bad on.
 The author of this oped, while entitled to his opinion or promotion of propaganda, whichever it is, can't be known with certainty, but, he is in my opinion a fool and a charlatan. 
As cults go the medical worship cult is dangerous. Deadly. And indefensible. We need some 'deprogrammers' post haste. Maybe the book below can help the masses break free from their brainwashing?  

Combatting Cult Mind Control


  1. There aren’t many anti-vaxxers in a pandemic. LOL!
    I'm pretty sure the true believers will be first in line and the rest of us...won't be!

    Also, "medic" = member of a military medical corps.

  2. This is so interesting. I hadn't thought much about what you're reporting, Penny, until a couple of days ago, when I felt called upon to chide, as gently as I could, an otherwise sensible and extremely world-events-knowledgeable friend for saying, "My partner's on the Front Line". (She's a nurse.) He also said he doesn't mind wearing a mask "if it makes other people feel better". Yet this guy is otherwise pretty much dead on about the overall draconian nature of the covid scare. It's a strange disconnect.

    Re what Gwen pointed out about anti-vaxxers: There are certainly enough of them in Ontario alone (and within Ontario's Civil Rights Association), despite the "pandemic" to have hired a prominent Canadian lawyer to sue the government over both mandatory vaccines and masks.


    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CurxZ-LhJ1I

    And then, of course, there is "Fearless Ontario" which questions Masks saying: "Why Now?":

    A question everyone should be asking considering that they weren't mandatory at the height of the infection and have only been made so when it's summer and the virus is barely active, if at all.

  3. Re: "The current environment is ripe for psychopaths and pathological narcissists running amok."

    This reminds me of the over-diligent "security" guard who tossed me out of Dollarama a couple of days ago. He was all dressed in black, wearing a padded vest (for protection against old ladies) and a black face mask. If he had a gun he would have stuck it in my ribs, I'm sure. I had called earlier and gotten permission to shop there without a mask, being a senior and all, as long as I came early in the morning when it's easier to "distance". I complained to Dollarama's H.O. and they replied the usual, "We take customer complaints seriously".

    My pharmacist took it upon herself to call DollarTree on my behalf and they welcomed me with open arms. Not meaning to advertise, but guess who won't be getting my patronage in future and who will.

  4. "...The pandemic has turbocharged the cult of the medic..."

    Don't worry about medical doctors becoming the elites in society. In Communism, doctors are historically low ranking and poorly paid. The coming of the "teledoctor" says it all. You can do that with a CGI robot.

  5. Not to put too fine a point on it, I hope, Greencrow, but Fascism is where we seem to be headed - although, I agree that medicine will be more and more technologized.


  6. Good question if true.

    - How did Russia get a possible Covid-19 vaccine so fast? It took decades of research & won't be for political gain says scientist -


    1. IMO Russia is going along to get along with WHO and the UN and their Global Communist Coup. In 2005 all the United Nations countries signed an Agreement to have two exercise simmulations in 2020...one with a simulated pandemic and the other, yet to come, with a "deliberately released lethal pathogen". Watch the Ramola D. video here:


      So Russia, being a signatory to the Agreement, does not want to be kicked out of the UN and WHO...so it is pretending to go along and is pretending to come up with a vaccine to vaccine all Russians with a benign substance--not the toxic substance that USrael/GateZ is going to foist on the West.

      In other words, them coming up with a "Russian" vaccine is an act of national self defense.

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  8. I think the embryo for this unjust madness goes back to the inception of the Iraq War, fetishizing the military and "frontline caregivers".
    As posted elsewhere:
    "You're talking about a country (credible published evidence from Sy Hersh and Steven J Miles) that tortured children since at least 2003 AND whose executive branch and military spokesmen crowed about assassinating a religious man, Muslim cleric and his two children, ages 8 and 16. The justification offered by the military medical professionals who participated in these crimes was the action made us all safer because it appealed to a higher ethical and moral calling to Justice in defense of the nation... a child's life be damned. So its fairly easy to extrapolate that these same assholes could justify destroying the economy and life prospects for 35 million or more people so you and others feel safe from the flu."

  9. When everyday sports figures became "heroes" all honest definition of the word disappeared.

    It also clears the path for criminals like Fauci, Baal Gates, et all, seem even the more "heroic" when they announce a "cure" after things have deteriorated to the point people need a jab simply to put a meal on the table.

  10. Thanks for all the comments everyone :))