Thursday, July 16, 2020

OPP Kill 73 Year Old Man Who Refused To Wear Mask In Grocery Store- SIU Investigating

CBC or National Post

If the workers didn’t have to “force him” he would have gotten his groceries and nothing would have happened. Now he’s dead.

 It’s alleged he “assaulted” store staff- He’s 73, so I’m assuming he may have pushed away  the probably overzealous, self righteous, staff member/s as they enforced the latest medical martial law.  Over zealous staff then called the police... surely feeling very justified and correct in their reinforcement of said law. You know the arbitrary rules that must be enforced?  Give people a bit of authority and it almost always goes to their head. All he wanted was to do his groceries.  Dementia should have been a consideration. As well as older people just being set in their ways.

Valu-mart. Minden, small town, Ontario. Population 4,166. Most probably the man was known to staff. 
Frances was told that the man didn't want to wear a mask and she and other employees had to explain politely to other customers that an incident had happened earlier when they asked why the police were there.

"I guess he just got angry and didn't want to. We couldn't really deal with that ourselves because it's really against the rules. So we had to call the police and everything," Frances said.

Frances said workers shouldn't have to enforce the mandatory mask policy issued by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit. The policy, "Use of Non-Medical Masks in Commercial Establishments," took effect on 12:01 am on Monday.

It's causing chaos, she said.

"If we didn't have to force him and ... tell him that he couldn't come into the store, nothing would have happened, really. He would have got his groceries and went along with his day."
It says police then made their way to a home, and had an “interaction” with the man outside.
The SIU says two officers shot at the man and hit him.
It says he was taken to hospital and was pronounced dead shortly before noon.

He would have got his groceries and went along with his day.  Now he's been shot dead. By, not one, but two officers. Covid didn't kill him. Overzealous medical martial law enforced with too heavy a hand is the reason he is dead. It really has become a dystopia thanks to Covid- 1984


  1. That's terrible. That's just godawful! Bad, bad sign of the times.

    "Give people a bit of authority and it almost always goes to their head."

    I've seen that syndrome in the supermarkets, for sure. I'm going to name a store here, not to advertise, but to say where I've had the best experience. A couple of days I ran out of food (empty fridge, freezer, pantry) and had to steel myself to go shopping. So I phoned some stores, and Shoppers Drug Mart said I could go there, no questions asked, during the 8 to 9 am shopping period set aside for seniors. I could even take my cart into the store and didn't have to use their baskets. All I had to do was use the spritzer. There weren't many people there, and some were wearing masks and some not, but all the staff are wearing masks now (they didn't before the order came down because they're behind plexiglass), but they are warm and friendly and they don't give you a hassle and they take cash. They don't have a wide variety of foods, but enough that I can live this thing out without ever having to wear a mask.

    I did poke my city councillor, telling him that now that the gov't is being sued maybe they should pull back a bit on the restrictions, but he didn't answer my email. I suspect he has to wait to be told what to say ;-]

  2. I couldn't help noticing that the sign in the store window said, "Wear a mask before entering". I think I would have got shot too, because I would have argued that the sign doesn't say to wear a mask in the store.

    The store clerk is right. If left alone the man would likely have done his shopping peacefully and taken his leave. But there's something missing here: the staff don't seem to have been informed that some seniors can't wear a mask and that, legally, they're not obligated to say why.

    1. Yes, it is godawful, Yaya. That poor man!

      Glad you've found food though … at Shoppers Drug Mart … whodathunkit.

      Our outdoor farmers market came late this year but when it did arrive it was great to be able to get some nice fresh produce again, as we have done for many summers. Then BAM! Without warning, market day rolled around this week and the market was gone! I e-mailed the organizers to find out if that was it for the market or would it possibly be reopening, if so, when? E-mail came back to say yes it was a go for next week but then came their very-lengthy, just-updated covid rules, one of which is "Wear a mask, if you can." (Not too sure what "if you can" actually means. I am sure we can't though.) I e-mailed back to say we would attend again but if the rules changed to mandatory masks then our participation would have to end. Gotta draw the line somewhere and this is it.

      It will be an interesting market day next week. We'll approach cautiously; observe the percentage of masked shoppers; and enter only if we feel we can do so without experiencing no-mask shaming or being assaulted by the RCMP. Will fun and freedom ever return? I guess if sanity never returns the answer is obvious.


  3. Hey yaya!

    I expect the store clerk/s knew who the man was- small town
    and could make such a statement because it's what the man had done many times previously.

    That the police took this to the home the man was at and shot him dead is just mind boggling- mind boggling to me.

    Yesterday I saw two women, both social justice virtue signalling, wearing their masks, pulled under their chin. Smoking. Disgusting! When they put that mask back on their contaminated face after the ciggies- did they feel superior and smug- Because that very thought- filthy face and hands full of contaminants being breathed in- perhaps we'll see an upswing in lung cancer?

  4. Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Only an animal. Civilized human being defend and protect the weak and the innocent.

  5. Excellent point, Robert Browning. Unfortunately, too many young people don't like to be reminded of their inevitable future.

  6. This is absolutely TRAGIC!! I will be sharing this on my own blog.
    I also draw the line at being masked. So far, it's not mandatory here, but they're talking about it, so its just a matter of time...