Monday, September 21, 2020


 Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti


11:11 is a date, just a few weeks away.

All of us that stand in opposition to this evil know that WE must stand together across our world.

All of us know that we must become a single, vast body of humanity.

If we are divided, as we already are into a myriad of smaller groups, we will lose this war.

All of us can see that the Power intends to have its second wave and use that lie to begin mass arrests. This is beginning already. They are using the “casedemic” to create this.

If we are not a huge number of humanity seen to be acting together by November WE will be too late.

In this post we describe the various tactics put forward by various groups and how those tactics are ill thought out and destined to fail and show that it is possible that those groups have been set up to fail. We would expect, wouldn't we, the enemy to create its own opposition? After all, this is a well practiced tactic of our foe.

 We then propose a way that we can become WE, a single world wide gathering of humanity so quickly and so overwhelmingly formed that WE become a great force in the world. A great force that will not just set back the plans of the rulers of this reality but actually deprive them of all of their power and become the foundation of a new epoch for our species.

Many of us have felt the approach of such a time, many feel it is long overdue.

For a humanity beset by so much that is systemically wrong it seems sometimes that there can be no escape. Within these few words you will find the way we can create this evolutionary change with ease. It simply requires YOU to be a part of the group we describe here, and YOU to work actively to spread the message. You will find no requests for funding here, no Patreon accounts, no carefully worded marketing appeals. We offer no leadership, for what is coming needs no leaders. All we offer is an idea whose time has come. All we ask is that you join what we hope will become an evolutionary surge forwards for our species. Whatever your race or nationality, whatever creed or lack of creed you have faith in, whatever status you hold and regardless of the colour of your skin you are a human being that deserves a better world than this one.
Wear white on 11:11.

 So, if WE choose white WE are showing that WE are those that stand in opposition to evil, that WE are from every race and creed and colour, that WE are a single united entity in this world. The colour of WE Warriors of the Rainbow is not the rainbow. It is white.
My understanding of 11:11 is that there is power in those numbers. And WE should harvest and expand our own power through the raised awareness of our shared humanity, rather having our energies harvested by those that should not rule over us.
“This must come from YOUR heart.
And if you know anything about your heart energy it extends outwards indefinitely.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy (Hamlet, I.5)

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