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Birth Pangs: Nagorno Karabakh Flares Up- Regional Instability Rises & Which Parties Want Russia and Turkey at Odds?

 It’s curious. The timing of of this flare up.  Russia and Turkey have been cooperating in Syria. Making agreements concerning Libya.  Trade. Tourism. Purchases of the S-400.

Diplomacy has been working between the two nations for some time now.

You know there are interested parties who just hate that cooperation, right?
Cue the fighting in Nagarno Karabakh! Which may draw Turkey and Russia into the fray on opposing sides. Or not.  Though Armenia is NOT the staunch ally of Russia many believe it to be. But they still do have influence.  Also, keep in mind that Armenia has a fairly large Kurdish community, that has been infiltrated by the PKK. And has participated fully in the ethnic cleansing and annexation of Syria. That has been covered here previously.

He revealed that the Armenian battalion are fighting in Al-Hasakah province, including in Ras al-Ayn, Tall Tamr and Mount Abdulaziz, and that they are composed of Armenians from many locations. 

We want to turn our militia into a bigger brigade. There are people who want to join from Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Kurdistan and Europe

* Where the Americans, French, Israeli etc are, of course
After writing the intro, reminding readers of PKK involvement in Armenia I went back through days worth of reports to get an idea of what may have happened. Unsurprisingly there are  reports of movement and massing of persons at disputed territory- by the Armenians. And it was Kurdish forces.  I'd also read that this was occurring, but, it didn't click at the time. Now, of course, it does.

PKK’s involvement in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict would jeopardize European security


"The alarming reports that Armenia has been relocating Kurdistan Working Party (PKK) terrorists from Syria and Iraq to the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh to prepare for future hostilities and train Armenian militias is news of the sort that should keep you awake at night, not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe, writes James Wilson.

Changing the demographics of the occupied territories by bringing in refugees of Armenian origin from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq is one thing, even though unlawful, but populating Nagorno-Karabakh with PKK militants, classified by all Western countries, including the US and the EU, as a terrorist organisation, is another.

The artificial resettlement policies of Armenia following the explosion in Beirut on 4 August this year and the Syrian War in 2009, aim to change the demographics of Nagorno-Karabakh and to consolidate the 30-year-long Armenian occupation. They represent a violation of international law, the Geneva Convention and various international agreements. Professionally hired militants and terrorists being resettled to Nagorno-Karabakh would be designated as an war crime under international law, putting peace and stability in the region at risk.

The dangerous actions of Armenia risks to further destabilize the region, which has a strategic importance for Azerbaijan and Europe, as it provides energy and transport links to Georgia, Turkey and Europe for the Azerbaijani oil and gas as well as other export commodities. By jeopardizing major infrastructure projects, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Armenia could put European energy and transport security at huge risk."

There is way more going on here then many realize.  


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s government is busy with the deployment of terrorist organizations in the occupied Azerbaijani territories, Azerbaijani MP Arzu Naghiyev told Trend on Sept. 25.

“The main goal of the Armenian side is preparing for new provocations and war,” Naghiyev added.

 “There is enough information about the resettlement of terrorists of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) to the occupied territories.”

“Moreover, it has been proven that ASALA terrorist organization operates in the occupied territories,” the MP added. “This statement was made from the highest tribunes.”

“There is only one goal - to continue the war against Azerbaijan by using mercenaries and terrorists,” Naghiyev said. “While informing the world community on this issue at the general debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that Armenia recruits and uses mercenaries and terrorists from different countries against Azerbaijan. Armenia is a state sponsoring terrorism. Armenia committed more than 30 terror acts in Azerbaijan. We have credible information about the presence of Armenian ASALA terror organization on the occupied territories."
Going all the way back to Monday there are reports of an Azerbajaini 


An Azerbaijani soldier was killed during a conflict with Armenia at the border, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced early Monday, adding that their neighbor's army had violated the cease-fire in the Tovuz region.
President Ilham Aliyev: Today, right to vote in Armenia belongs to Soros

“It doesn’t befit anyone to scratch someone else’s back. Independence in Armenia is formal in nature. What kind of an independent country is it if it cannot make decisions on its own? What kind of an independent country is it if it is ruled by Soros? Pashinyan is a product of the Soros regime. Today, the right to vote in Armenia belongs to Soros. Look at the biographies of members of Pashinyan's ruling team. All of them come from Soros, Transparency, or another human rights organization. They turn a blind eye to the despotic actions that have taken place in Armenia,” the Azerbaijani president said.
I wrote about the Soros/NED links in 2018- at the time of the "velvet revolution 2.0"

You want verification of the Soro’s backing? Read my May 2018 post. It’s all there...

National Endowment for Democracy
George Soros and the Open Society
European Endowment for Democracy


  1. Hi Penny.

    Hope your well.

    Been a while since I last commented. The corono-matrix has really been too much to stand straight. And my studies have taken a lot of time.

    It's good you try to dig a little deeper and think more objectively.

    It's seems so easy to jump at anything that appears to be targeting Russia, which it no doubt entails. This includes Turkey being part of that plot. But the dynamics are more complicated than what they appear too.

    Could be that Pashinyin is being played by the usual suspects to drive a wedge between the apparent partnership of Turkey and Russia which has clearly riled certain quarters.

    Turkey's economy isn't in the best of health and they are somewhat overstretched, not to mention the corona-matrix impact. Can't be good if further danger looms.

    I will admit I wasn't too pleased to hear Erdogan giving Azerbaijan unconditional support, unlike Russia which appealed for a stop to hostilities and urging dialogue. I think this is what arouses suspicion about Erdogan though as you say if the PKK/YPG militia are in the mix then its perhaps expected.

    I do find it curious that the PKK affiliated mercenaries are pretty well hidden in the msm.

    Ultimately, Turkey needs the Eastern border under control when it's southern and western borders are challenging enough. So Turkey will have to be prudent and work this one out with Russia too.

    1. Hi Abullah:

      "But the dynamics are more complicated than what they appear too"

      They always are.

      "I do find it curious that the PKK affiliated mercenaries are pretty well hidden in the msm."

      The msm always presents the PKK as freedom fighters- they are and have pretty much always been a mercenary army.
      Since the 'freedom fighter' narrative doesn't work at this time in this narrative the presence of PKK is being swept under the rug.

      "So Turkey will have to be prudent and work this one out with Russia too."

      I'm hoping and expecting that they will. So far they've been on top of a;; the challenges that have arisen.

  2. Hi Penny! There is a lot of coverage of this Nargorno-Karbahk 'problem' in the media, you could say they are giving it a lot more air-time than other times for similar stories. I was commenting on Twitter that it's strange Erdogan starting to stir-up all the old foes in the region again and now Greece has done a deal with Pompeyo
    /the US to bolster an 'american 'Fighter' presence' on the island of Crete (this is what I heard tonight although I cant see it on the MSM yet. It was a Greek news report so excuse me if I got it wrong!
    On the Armenia 'problems'... I know how badly my Armenian friends feel about their homeland and how much they hate the Turks and the Russians! I worked for a businessman who's father was high ranking in Armenia...about 10 years ago now...he wrote a book and put personal family photos from their history and the genocide in it... not sure if I was posting on your blog then... were you blogging then, I think you were.... do you remember my story about the strange goings on at the Armenian company? I've gone back through my blog and realised that I wrote 4 pieces about it but left only part 1 on my blog and blocked the rest (not due to copyright but due to being a bit worried about repecussions) I've just read through them again and with hindsight after the Syria conflict and all this going on now with Armenia and Lebanon and the whole region, not to mention Germany, perhaps you'd like to read it again... I will put the full post back up and give you the link...but temporarily... it's weird how far back and how deep these things go... I re-read your bit about Soros funded rockers etc .... As I said, I was thiking about the past again and that time I visited Syria and I am pretty sure now that the strangely quiet and not very creative or vocal UK filming crew that flew with us to cover the shows we laid on were actually doing recon work pre-conflict... I know this sounds a bit paranoid but thinking about all these things again and seeing how time has gone on and where we are today... well ... there is soemthing to be said about instincts and noticing odd things ... That film crew had previously covered a Coldplay concert and ended up travelling with us in Lebanon and Syria.... not sure if you're understanding me...

    I know you're a busy blogger amongst other things but do read my post, especially parts 3 and 4!

    take care

    1. "That film crew had previously covered a Coldplay concert and ended up travelling with us in Lebanon and Syria.... not sure if you're understanding me... "

      I'm understanding exactly what you're stating. This type of travel- concert/films has always provided cover for covert ops- that seems to be well known- Or at least I thought it was? And clearly you get it too
      I'm going to stop by and read- thanks!

  3. Here is the Armenian one and I found one from 2014 about Job Biden and I reinstated it also...

    you might like this... I should have spelled it like Kofe Annan - the UN sec. general guy because he was visiting pre Jo but I didnt think of it at the time!

    1. read them all- I book marked a couple of your links
      and left you a couple of comments