Saturday, September 12, 2020

Covid and the Endocrine System- Evidence for Hormone Involvement- Vitamin D (Hormone) Beneficial Treatment?

Interesting article: Evaluating Hormone Related Targets and Risks Associated With Covid- 19

The evidence for hormone involvement in COVID-19 infection and treatment will be evaluated and discussed by endocrine experts in a dedicated COVID-19 session at e-ECE 2020. The European Society of Endocrinology’s annual meeting is going online 5-9 September 2020 and the e-ECE 2020 programme will feature cutting-edge science and the latest in clinical practice and patient care. This includes a new, dedicated COVID-19 session, where experts in the field will present, summarise and examine evidence for the role of the endocrine system and hormones in COVID-19 infection risk, disease severity and potential treatment.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has massively affected how we all live and work and has become the major focus of medical research, as the scientific and medical communities strive to understand it better, develop effective treatments and create a vaccine. This has led to a huge volume of studies being pushed out to the public domain, including some that have not been subject the usual rigorous, scrutiny of peer review. This has resulted in conflicting messages in the media and has contributed to mistrust of experts.

Although initially thought to be a respiratory, influenza-like condition, several studies have now implicated that the severity of COVID-19 infection is increased in people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. This raises the possibility that the consequences of viral infection are being affected by the endocrine system. 
Additionally, severe illness is more common in men, further suggesting that sex, possibly male and female sex hormones, are affecting coronavirus infection. More recently the glucocorticoid, dexamethasone, has shown promise as a treatment in severely ill patients with COVID-19. All of these findings indicate a key role for the endocrine system in mediating infection, disease severity and as a possible therapeutic target.

In the dedicated COVID-19 session at 16:45 CET on 8 September, three experts will review the evidence for the endocrine system’s role in SARS-C0V-2 infection, and discuss how to mitigate these risks, with a view to better managing future cases and saving more lives.
* Daniel Drucker will discuss, ‘Endocrine targets related to COVID infection’

* Julia Prado will discuss, ‘Managing the cytokine storm’

* Matteo Rottoli will discuss, ‘How strong is obesity as a risk factor for COVID-19 patients?’

These sessions aim to critically evaluate the role of the endocrine system and endocrinology in the COVID-19 pandemic, with expert debate and hopes of identifying new protective strategies and treatment options, to reduce the disease severity and risk of death in the future.
This is where my mind wanders to some solid studies suggesting the HORMONE known as vitamin D is an effective treatment for Covid and many others dis-eases

New study may prove vitamin D cheap, effective treatment for COVID-19 

The control group was not given any extra vitamin D supplements, whereas the test group was given an analog of the vitamin, calcifediol, which is the hormone produced by taking vitamin D and is much faster acting.

Those that took the calcifediol, or vitamin D analog, were admitted to intensive care at a rate of 2% of all patients in the group – whereas those who didn't take the vitamin D analog were admitted to intensive care at a whopping rate of 50%. Meanwhile, 7% of patients not taking the added vitamin D died, whereas 0% of those who took it did.

While the number of patients in both studies was few (489 and 76, respectively), the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Addressing vitamin D deficiencies not only may prevent many from contracting the virus but for those that already have it, may treat the symptoms faster and with fewer complications.

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Get out in the sun, people. Then your body will manufacture it's own supply of Vitamin D.

 If you can't..  then supplement.

This fact has been talked about previously and repeatedly. Be pro active. Don't wait for the vaccine that could possibly give you massive neurological damage. (Which is nothing new for vaccines)

Astra Zeneca Definitely Expedited The Covid Vaccine Review Process As Trials Resume


  1. Agree with you Penny on the need for and value of Vit D.

    I've probably said this before, but I've been taking one Halibut Liver Oil capsule (Vits D+A) every day for decades, and I've never had seasonal flu, nor have I had any flu shots. A side-benefit, I think, is that people are usually quite surprised to find out that I am 80 (but if they could experience my muscle pains they might believe it) so I wonder if the Vits D + A have something to do with slowing at least the appearance of aging as well. Oh, yes, I also use coconut oil mixed with Vit E on my face, neck, hands and, sparingly, also on my hair. My jaw sags a bit on the sides, but I have virtually no readily noticeable wrinkles on face or neck.

    As it happens, my skin won't tolerate much direct sunlight, so I tend to go outside only in the early morning or evening, so the capsules have been a god-send for me in many ways. But I've also read that coconut oil can work as a sunscreen, which might interest anyone who burns easily.

    For the muscle pain, I use only topical pain relievers, never internal analgesics. I stay away from chemicals as much as possible and distill my drinking water (so also take Vit C and make sure I get lots of calcium in my food).

    So I never get sick, I just sometimes get really cranky ;-)

    1. Cranky is ok!

      We're already supplementing with the Vitamin D as well- though I spend lots of time outdoors... but the times they are a changing...

      As well as C.
      Here you on the staying away from chemicals, as much as possible- same here. It's hard but ya gotta minimize.
      Take care Yaya :)