Saturday, September 5, 2020

Israel Recognizes Kosovo- Syrian Kurdistan Next? Triple K Terror Threat Takes Shape

Why would Israel recognize Kosovo at this time? Answer? Syrian Kurdistan aka Greater Kurdistan/Israel. Israel wants Kurdistan in Syria, joined with Iraq recognized.
And that, in my opinion, explains the "sudden change of heart", which is neither sudden or a change. Long term readers should recall my mentioning the KKK threat? (Kosovars, Khazars, Kurds) If you don’t? Most recent mention was May of this year.   

    The goal has always been to carve a USrael friendly terror state out out 4 nations. Iraq. Syria. Turkey. Iran.  This has been the goal, unfolding and written about for years now.
 Think of Israel, Kosovo and “Kurdistan”. Or the Khazars, the Kosovars and the Kurds. The Triple K Terror Threat. It’s all the same. As Israel was created to destabilize the region, Kosovo does the same for Russia. Wash, Rinse and Repeat for Kurdistan. Destabilizing the region, benefiting Israel and impeding the "silk road" being negotiated between Russia/China and many points in between.
That’s how Israel was folded into the agreement, announced Friday, to normalize economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo. For too many years, Israel repeatedly refused to recognize the independence of Muslim-majority Kosovo. The official excuse was Serbian opposition to the move, but the deeper reason was the desire to avoid setting a precedent that could be used to justify the recognition of a unilateral declaration of Palestinian independence. For several years, there was talk of Kosovo opening a trade mission in Tel Aviv, but Israel maintained its refusal to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

The problem was not Kosovo, which was very eager for that recognition. The problem was with Israel. Now, under pressure from Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reversed Israeli policy and decided to formally recognize Kosovo. In exchange, it has been claimed that Kosovo will open an embassy in Jerusalem. That contributes to the Trump-Netanyahu narrative of being on the brink of peace and normalization between Israel and the Muslim world, under American aegis – and without the Palestinians.

In keeping with this narrative, Netanyahu announced that Kosovo will be the “first country with a Muslim majority to open an embassy in Jerusalem. As I have said in recent days, the circle of peace and recognition of Israel is widening and other nations are expected to join it.” Trump went further, calling the move “[a]nother great day for peace” in the Middle East, mixing the Balkan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts together in a single tweet.
Yup, if you define peace in the middle east as solely beneficial to Israel. Then, sure, it’s a great day for peace!      

Further into the article from Haaretz
“no one imagined that Kosovo would be dragged all the way from Europe into the peace process in the Middle East. With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that additional surprises of this type are in the pipeline.”
No one imagined this? Rubbish! Like no one imagined planes would fly into buildings ?
Additional surprised in the pipeline? Recognizing Syrian Kurdistan will be a surprise to most people, but, it won't be a surprise to myself or anyone who reads here! Other then those who couldn't or wouldn't see what has been unfolding right before their eyes... 

4 years ago

Jerusalem Post: Support the Kurds- Cause it's very moral...?????

Working with the Kurds is also part of the “peripheral strategy,” begun by David Ben-Gurion, in which Israel seeks out diverse allies in the region

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