Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Daring Plan to SAVE The Arctic With Glass? Death Cult Stupidity? Or Weather Warfare and Evil?

 Considering the carbonutzi's are a death cult?💀 My answer is... weather warfare and evil. 

  There is an understanding of the massive harm this maniacal plan can cause. (Collapsing the food chain,suffocating the planet ) But, psychos and profiteers are, well, psychos and profiteers. They don't care. So, this can't stupidity. It can only be evil.

BBC Future Planet

"The melting of the sea ice has impacts far beyond the Arctic and its inhabitants. It will contribute to rising sea levels, and some say it’s already disrupting weather patterns around the globe. If we lose our protective white shield entirely – which some reckon could happen just decades from now – it could have the same warming effect as another 25 years of fossil fuel emissions at current rates, which would mean more intense droughts, flooding and heat waves. By rebuilding sea ice, Field hopes her approach will also restore its ancient function as a planetary air-conditioner and help counteract the effects of global warming"

Some "reckon" that could happen?   Reckon = Opinion or Belief.

"Many scientists frown upon such technological interventions in Earth’s planetary system, known broadly as “geoengineering”, arguing that fiddling with nature might cause further damage. However, “the utter lack of progress on climate mitigation is really opening up a space for all of these [geoengineering] things to be discussed,” says Emily Cox, who studies climate policy and public attitudes towards geoengineering at the University of Cardiff. That said, the urgency does not erase the uncertainty. “What do you do if something goes wrong… especially in the Arctic, which is already a fairly fragile ecosystem?”

Field launched the Arctic Ice Project formerly known as ICE911 — in 2008, soon after watching the climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, 😱 which convinced her of the urgency of doing something about the melting sea ice. 

 About that "formerly known as"? A rebrand would suggest to us that ICE911 has a bad reputation. And their brand identity has soured. Big time! Considering the significance of a brand, ease of identity and association.- ICE911 was clearly a toxic brand. Coincidentally or not the name change took place before this article appeared at the BBC- Timing?

"We've changed our name" - September 17/2020 

Prior to the ICE911 rebranding they were in Davos. You know Davos? Where the elites mingle. Plan. Plot. Strategize. Organize. Mobilize.

New Investments and Research Indicate Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Climate Restoration Through Carbon-Capture

At Davos, Ice911 Research announced that they will deploy testing of their climate restoration material on sea ice [In addition, Ice911 Research announced a new $50 million investment in the research of ice restoration technologies on Arctic sea-ice.] 

I'll repeat that. 

• At Davos, Ice911 Research announced that they will deploy testing of their climate restoration material on sea ice [In addition, Ice911 Research announced a new $50 million investment in the research of ice restoration technologies on Arctic sea-ice.] 

Global Climate Restoration Task Force Launched to Drive Action

To catalyze and connect the mounting initiatives and reach the scale necessary for climate restoration efforts to realize their full potential, Thunderbird and The Foundation for Climate Restoration launched a new Global Climate Restoration Task Force at a high-level event at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, along with founding partners from the private sector, government, and civil society.

“Climate change and the devastating impacts of rising global temperatures are impossible to ignore. But I know we can not only achieve climate transformation, we can also do so in a way to advance inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide," Khagram said. "That is the challenge of this new decade of action." 

Leaders in the global movement for climate restoration are demonstrating momentum including:

• This week Microsoft announced it will be carbon negative by 2030, and launched a $1 billion fund for carbon reduction, capture, and removal technologies over the next four years, committing to remove all carbon it has emitted since 1975. 

• In August 2019, Stripe committed to pay, at any available price, for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its sequestration in secure, long-term storage. 

• In December 2019, Goldman Sachs pledged to spend $750 billion on sustainable finance projects over the next decade. 

• In December 2019, a record 631 investors managing over US$37 trillion signed the Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change, which called for an acceleration of private sector investment into the low carbon transition and improving climate-related financial reporting.

And Ice911/ Arctic Ice Project is in with it's peers! You understand that right? 

This is the globalist death cult in action. 💀

Continuing on with the BBC- Bogus Bullshit Corporation's report

 Scientists agree that the beads are well-intentioned, but worry about their potential effects on the Arctic ecosystem. If they float around there indefinitely, “it’s just going to clog up the ocean and mess with the ecosystem,” says Cecilia Bitz, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington who specialises in Arctic sea ice.

Never mind the potential to "suffocate the planet"- Failing phytoplankton, failing oxygen.

But suffocating the planet is no problem, right? Don't you give that a second thought.

Field argues that the balls are safe because silica is so abundant in nature – indeed, it routinely washes from weathered rocks via rivers into the sea.

However, some biologists are concerned about the potential effects on the creatures at the base of the Arctic food chain. Depending on how much light the silica beads reflect, they could block sunlight from photosynthesising plankton, such as diatoms, algae that live under the sea ice and around it. Any change in plankton abundance could cascade up the food web and have unpredictable effects on organisms from fish to seals and polar bears, notes Karina Giesbrecht, an ocean chemist and ecologist at Canada’s University of Victoria who has studied the role of silica in Arctic ecosystems.

On top of that, the silica balls are similar in size to diatoms, which are eaten by zooplankton known as copepods, Giesbrecht notes. If the beads sank into the water column, copepods might consume them thinking they are diatoms, without gaining any nutrition. In the worst case, the copepods could starve, with knock-on effects for other members of the Arctic ecosystem.

So far, Field has been using beads that mostly stay afloat (though some inevitably sink each season), and she is planning to test their impact on plankton ecosystems. If there are any harmful effects, she’ll explore ways of tailoring the beads to make them ecologically safer, she says. One option she is considering is whether to tweak their composition such that they dissolve after a period of time. There are many other questions that her team, which is about to undertake further testing in seawater-filled pools in Alaska, will have to answer to convince the world that the approach is safe and effective.

For one, Mark Serreze, a climate scientist who directs the US National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, wonders whether they’ll work as intended. “If you put down the silica beads in an area of fast-moving ocean currents, notably the Fram Strait, they will be quickly dispersed,” rendering them ineffective, he says.

 So let’s see the silica beads could damage/harm the plankton? The change in plankton would cascade up the food web and have unpredictable results on many, many living organisms from fish to seals to polar bears.. The oceans and planet could suffocate because of the harm to the plankton.
Then there is the problem of the beads being similar in size to diatoms which are eaten by zooplankton, which would then starve and die, with the cascading effects for all other members of the Arctic ecosystem
Does that all read to you like these people are trying to kill a myriad of living plants and animals with their profiteering  geo- engineeering warfare?  Weather warfare against humanity?  It certainly suggests warfare to me.  Warmakersprofiteers never give a dam about the environment and nor does this rebranded group from what I can read. 

Despite their warm and cuddly self promotion. Death Cult💀

It's way past time to wake up, friends


  1. If this needs editing it'll be done tomorrow- there is a ton of information above- either we take our world back or it will be taken from us. It's crunch time

  2. So Kurt Vonnegut's fictional Ice-Nine from his novel Cat's Cradle is now to become a terrifying reality?

    1. Snowpiercer also comes to mind

      "In a future where a failed climate-change experiment has killed all life....."

  3. Didn't the retreat of Arctic ice open up new oil fields? Maybe they're actually looking for a way to keep the ice at bay during the solar minimum, and they're just trying to sell it as AGW mitigation.

    1. Hi WaffleStaffel:

      "Maybe they're actually looking for a way to keep the ice at bay during the solar minimum, and they're just trying to sell it as AGW mitigation."

      Anything is possible. I wouldn't put anything past this bunch of cretins