Monday, September 7, 2020

The Guardian Laments Reduction in Covid Deaths, In Spite of Increased Cases.

You'd think elation and relief would set the tone of the article. But, it doesn't. The poor, poor Guardian. When death no longer sells you rely on case counts to keep the fear porn show rolling on.

Why is it that while Covid-19 cases are rising, deaths continue to fall?
The government’s Covid-19 dashboard shows cases have risen steadily from their lowest point on 1 July when the rolling seven-day average was down to 574. By 30 August it had more than doubled, to 1,402 a day. Yet the death rate has declined steadily over the same period: from a rolling average of 37.4 per day to 4.6 per day. No one is sure why. But here are some explanations researchers are examining:
This bit of good news should be celebrated. Instead the Guardian opts to play the reality down while insisting on perpetuating spin. Way less deaths is a good thing, right? You'd think so. Yet, let's read what the Guardian puts forth:

*Are new patients less likely to die because they are younger? 
More than two-thirds of new cases in the last week of August were people under 40.
 Younger people, with less comorbidities are much less likely to succumb to a virus. Any virus    
* Are vulnerable people still shielding?
Far fewer people over 70 tested positive for Covid-19, according to the PHE data – 374 in the last week of August, compared with 10,770 in the first week of April.
The actual question is unanswered, because, the vulnerable we’re never well shielded anyway.
All one has to do is revisit the nursing /retirement homes deaths to understand that reality.
The reality of political decisions made to intentionally endanger the lives of the vulnerable.

* Do hospitals have better treatments?
Researchers at Oxford have published analysis showing that people with the virus in June were four times less likely to die in hospital than in April.

There are several factors playing a part: doctors switched from ventilators, which pump oxygen directly into the lungs with a tube, to using non-invasive devices such as CPAP.
I’m not getting into the other factors.To my understanding there wasn’t an overwhelming influx of Covid patients in the UK, Canada or the US for that matter. Steroids were being used from the get go. Perhaps there is some improvement in their use. However the biggest factor in less patients dying, while in hospital, is the non use of ventilators

Doctors switched from ventilators because they were killing people.  These deaths were ventilator fatalities not Covid fatalities
* Does more testing mean more mild cases are discovered?
Prof Carl Heneghan at Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine also says tests may be too sensitive and detect small amounts of virus in those who recovered weeks before.
Of course more testing means more mild or non existent cases are discovered! More false positives are announced. More testing keeps the whole pandemic ball rolling!
*Do social distancing measures mean viral loads are lower?
There may be a link between social distancing and viral load – the amount of virus present in a body.

May be? Not a definite. So may be not? I mean it’s possible. Or, it’s not linked at all. 
Wild speculation has been a mainstay of the official covid-19 conspiracy.
*Has vitamin D from sunshine helped?
 A study by the University of Chicago last week showed people with vitamin D deficiency were almost twice as likely to test positive for the virus as those with healthy levels.
And most of the northern hemisphere inhabitants are massively deficient in Vitamin D. Still the Guardian can’t credit good old sunshine assistance. Instead choosing to present a correlation as causation speculation into the mix:
“However, transmission rates soared during summer in the US, so any broader health impact seems limited.”
And with sun, comes heat and more people staying indoors in the air conditioning.. (recirculated air) Which could also explain the soaring rates, but, this is a Guardian article... so never mind.
I should also mention that Dr Evil himself, Fauci, explained you can exploit the sunshine to kill the virus
*Are we starting to see herd immunity?

Antibody testing studies have estimated that about 13% to 17% of Londoners have had the virus, a much higher figure than seen elsewhere in the UK, but much lower than the 70% that is assumed as the lowest level to be needed to achieve herd immunity.
According to the Guardian the answer is no. I beg to differ a great deal! Yes, we are starting to see herd immunity in play. In many parts of the world. 70 percent is not required for herd immunity. Only the big pharma vaccine pushing crowd stick by that number.
* Is Covid-19 getting weaker?

Geneticists have discovered that there is some evidence Covid-19 is evolving, but so far there does not seem to be any solid evidence that it is becoming less dangerous – or, thankfully, more deadly either.
Seems to me it will inevitably weaken. That’s what viruses do over time. And we also had this report earlier right here at the blog

The Guardian is just another manipulative/ perception managing media outlet that would rather  more people come to harm by creating a toxic climate of fear/terror, which serves to weaken immunity and guarantee further sickening of people. 
Rather then deliver any good news, they opted to spin hopelessness and insecurity.


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