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Pt. 1: Armenia & Azerbaijan Should Seize The Chance For Peace. Recognizing “Artsakh” a Recipe for Trouble. Pipelines, Strategic Energy &Transport Corridors

 We're going long. It has to be done because the situation around Nagarno Karabakh is vastly more complicated then is being covered. The media, alt and main stream, is largely spin with a liberal dose of anti Muslim attitude. France has been over the top with this as of late.  Curiously today a Greek Orthodox Priest ( Christian/Greece) was shot by  Muslim extremist ( Islam/Turkey) You see how memes play over and over in the media. Reinforcement. It keeps you focused. Fearful. And controlled. (Like the never ending Covid 1984 fear mongering)

 I’m thinking the impending selection in the US is the reason for their quiet in this situation. Though I’ve no doubt the US/UK and France in particular have been very busy behind the scenes.. Canada, too. (Have you all noticed Canada's  talk and actions?) Quite frankly, I don’t buy this idea that Israel is in Azerbaijan’s court either.  Super zio Macron is too enthralled/enmeshed with Armenia’s cause to think Israel is not standing firmly behind him. Also Israel's surprise recognition of Kosovo is a factor in my belief (we'll touch on that shortly

-Possible Outcomes?

1- Western Imperial Powers will Recognize “Artsakh” Talked about this here previously. This move will certainly set the region alight!

2- Turkey and Russia will send peace keepers in. The issue of territory will be settled once and for all. The same type of cooperation as we see in Syria. Iran may participate as well.   

The idea of recognizing Arstakh was mentioned back on October 02/30

Armenia's Colour Revolution Flunky Pashiny(i)an: "Our Goal Is Total Victory" International Recognition of Nagarno Kharabak (Artsahk) in the Cards?

quid pro quo
While I'd thought this seemingly out of the blue recognition of Kosovo, could be tied to the stolen and occupied territory of Syria- Israel would also benefit, greatly, from recognizing this disputed territory as "independent". In fact they can move right on into the freshly recognized independent territory alongside their Kurdish allies. And their Greek pals too.
Recognizing NK will not bring peace. That’s for sure. Not to anyone. Not to the Armenian's, though they may be overjoyed at the prospect. Not for the Azerbaijani's. Who will be inflamed by the move. No peace for Turkey. None for Iran. Certainly none for Russia.

“While addressing Armenian supporters at a campaign rally on Sunday, President Donald Trump invoked Kosovo in his pledge to resolve the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the South Caucasus. In doing so, Trump may have inadvertently acknowledged the solution to Azerbaijan’s decades of aggression against Armenia (spin obviously, this is Azerbaijani territory) —the recognition of Artsakh’s independence.” 
Armenian Lobby has $$$
So there it is! Trump’s talking about the idea of recognizing this territory as independent. The selection has required that he would be relatively quiet, but, the idea (goal?)  was always there. An opportunity for discord. For chaos, begging to be reordered.  Israel’s sudden recognition of Kosovo was taken for specific geo strategic/ political reasons. That’s certainly how the timely decision was viewed here.  To believe otherwise would be foolish. Israel is part of earlier redrawn world borders, after WW2 and what has occurred in the region since 2001, this latest ongoing remake, can be viewed as World War 3. With less manpower. And why not? When technological advances have sanitized warfare, reducing the reliance on manpower. Save for the global mercenary force that does the dirty work for more then  a ‘fistful of dollars’

Excerpts from some interesting reads:

Atlantic Council: Armenia and Azerbaijan should seize chance for peace
Azerbaijan seems poised to capture a crucial city that could end the military phase of its war with Armenia. Securing a political victory in the war, however, will require Azerbaijan’s restraint to avert a humanitarian catastrophe that could arise were its forces to press all the way into the capital of the region.

On October 29, the leader of Nagorno Karabakh, Arayik Harutyunyan, issued an ominous warning that Azerbaijani troops were within 5 kilometers of the city of Shushi.  He then appealed to all residents of Nagorno Karabakh to join the fight to hold the city, stressing, “As in 1992, when our victory began with the liberation of Shushi, today, our victory depends on the defense of Shushi.”

Known to Azerbaijanis as Shusha, this city within Nagorno Karabakh is of great importance to both sides. Culturally, both Armenians and Azerbaijanis consider the city a cradle of their respective cultures. Militarily, it sits atop commanding heights above Nagorno Karabakh’s capital, Stepanakert (or Khankendi for Azerbaijanis). Whoever controls Shusha controls the “Lachin Corridor,” the lifeline linking Armenia to Stepanakert via the occupied Azerbaijani district of Lachin.

During the past month, Azerbaijan’s army has been decimating Armenian forces.  Initially, Azerbaijan relied on precision drone strikes (using drones purchased from Turkey and Israel) to destroy Armenia’s high-value military assets (e.g., air defenses, tanks, and artillery) and regain its districts of Fuzuli and Jabrayil, which, like five others that surround Nagorno Karabakh, had been occupied by Armenia since the first Karabakh war. Azerbaijani forces then achieved a military breakthrough along the border with Iran about two weeks ago. Azerbaijan subsequently shifted to a combined arms operation that has pushed northward, regaining its regions of Zenglian and Gubadli, and now pressing into Lachin and toward Shusha.

Azerbaijan’s battlefield successes have sparked fears that the Azerbaijani military might now press its advantage to Shushi and beyond to Khankendi, spurred on by Azerbaijani citizens’ newfound nationalist fervor. Such sentiment has intensified as civilian casualties have mounted from Armenian shelling (including by tactical ballistic missiles) of Azerbaijani towns far from the conflict zone. These attacks have been accompanied by Azerbaijani shelling of Armenian civilians in Stepanakert/Khankendi.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, however, has consistently proposed more restrained goals, namely to:

 1- Regain political control of Azerbaijan’s seven districts that surround Nagorno Karabakh

  2- Facilitate the return of displaced Azerbaijanis to their former homes in Nagorno Karabakh and its seven surrounding Azerbaijani reasons;

   3- Rebuild these regained territories; and
    Resume negotiations with Armenia about the future legal status of Nagorno Karabakh, with the region’s Armenian residents free to remain in their homes after their former Azerbaijani neighbors return.

Convincing Armenians to remain in Nagorno Karabakh will be difficult. They fear for their physical security and loathe being forced to become citizens of Azerbaijan if Nagorno Karabakh returns to Baku’s control.
In an October 29  interview to Russia’s Interfax News Agency, however, President Aliyev suggested a way forward. On security, Aliyev announced that Azerbaijan is “…ready to stop all military operations immediately” if Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan commits to withdraw all Armenian troops from the conflict zone. It is important to recognize that Aliyev insisted only on a commitment by Yerevan to withdraw its troops rather than actual withdrawal.

On citizenship rights, Aliyev reiterated his call for negotiations to end the conflict on the basis of the so-called “Basic Principles.” First tabled in November 2007 by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Minsk Group, the Basic Principles allow inter alia for Nagorno Karabakh’s Armenian residents to claim they are not citizens of Azerbaijan because they live in a region whose legal status is ambiguous and not necessarily part of Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan will resist accepting these conditions. He has already declared “There is no diplomatic solution” to the war over Nagorno Karabakh and publicly abandoned the Basic Principles and their fundamental formula of “land for peace,” instead embracing a formulation of “new territories for new wars.” President Aliyev also faces political danger at home if he defies intense popular sentiment for total military victory.
  Aliyev has definitely been more toned down in rhetoric. I’ve been reading and reading, as much as possible, the language employed by both Aliyev and Pashinian. Pashinian is a spin doctor. Through and through.
As they fill a diplomatic vacuum in the region, Russia and Turkey may now be planning to counsel their respective partners to show restraint. In the October 10 ceasefire agreement Russia brokered between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently compelled Pashinyan again to embrace the Basic Principles, (which his predecessor and President Aliyev informally accepted in January 2009).  Meanwhile, Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper reports that President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan has told Putin that Russia could lean on Armenia while Turkey could do the same with Azerbaijan to end the fighting.

The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan would be wise to embrace the political cover their Russian and Turkish counterparts might provide. To survive politically, Pashinyan needs Putin’s public support if he is to stop the fighting by committing to withdraw all Armenian troops and proceed with peace talks in line with the Basic Principles. But by doing so, Pashinyan would save many Armenian soldiers’ lives and provide Nagorno Karabakh’s Armenian residents a chance for a peaceful and prosperous future.  He would also bring Armenia into compliance with four United Nations Security Council Resolutions calling for its troops to withdraw from the Azerbaijani regions they occupy. And if Aliyev is willing to defy the Azerbaijani public’s demands for military vengeance, he will spare his country international
pariah status
while enabling Azerbaijan to attract the international support it will need to rebuild its recovered lands.
To date I've read nothing that indicates Pashinian's willingness to compromise.

Part 2 is published:

Pt. 2: Armenia & Azerbaijan Should Seize The Chance For Peace. Recognizing “Artsakh” a Recipe for Trouble. Pipelines, Strategic Energy & Transport Corridors

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Asbestos Could Be A Powerful Weapon Against Climate Change - Death Cult Thinking

 This was the post I'd alluded to here: Johnson and Johnson Halts Late Stage Covid Vaccine Trial After “Mystery Illness”
We’ll be talking about Asbestos in short order. It seems the geo engineering crowd believes Asbestos can save us all from “global warming”  

The death cult never stops coming up with ways to cause harm do they? As long as money is made.

Technology Review - Asbestos as a powerful weapon against climate change (excerpted because only so much insanity could be stomached by moi)
"Scientists are exploring ways to use mineral waste from mines to pull huge amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air.On a scorching day this August, Caleb Woodall wielded his shovel like a spear, stabbing it into the hardened crust of an asbestos-filled pit near Coalinga, California. 
Woodall, a graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, was digging out samples from an asbestos mine that’s been shuttered since 1980, a Superfund site on the highest peak in the state’s Diablo Range. He extracted pounds of the material from several locations across San Benito Mountain, shoveled them into Ziploc bags, and shipped them to a pair of labs for analysis.
He and his colleagues are trying to determine the makeup and structure of the materials pulled from the pits, and to answer two critical questions: How much carbon dioxide do they contain—and how much more could they store?

The vast surface area of certain types of fibrous asbestos, a class of carcinogenic compounds once heavily used in heat-resistant building materials, makes them particularly good at grabbing hold of the carbon dioxide molecules dissolved in rainwater or floating through the air.
That includes the most common form of asbestos, chrysotile, a serpentine mineral laced throughout the mountain (serpentine is California’s state rock). The reaction with carbon dioxide mainly produces magnesium carbonate minerals like magnesite, a stable material that could lock away the greenhouse gas for millennia.

Woodall and his advisor Jennifer Wilcox, a carbon removal researcher, (carbon removal researcher???)  are among a growing number of scientists exploring ways to accelerate these otherwise slow reactions in hopes of using mining waste to fight climate change. It’s a handy carbon-capturing trick that may also work with the calcium- and magnesium-rich by-products of nickel, copper, diamond, and platinum mining.

The initial hope is to offset the ample carbon emissions from mining itself using these minerals already extracted in the process. But the real hope is that this early work allows them to figure out how to effectively and affordably dig up minerals, potentially including asbestos, specifically for the purpose of drawing down vast amounts of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere."

Caleb Woodall puts asbestos samples into ziplock bag


" In a pilot project last year, funded by the diamond company De Beers and Natural Resources Canada, he and colleagues used tailings from a mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories to ensnare carbon dioxide released from a tank. 

The point was to evaluate the possibility of using minerals to capture and store the gas from the flue stream of a power plant."

The team is now conducting a field trial for a proposed nickel plant in British Columbia. They've placed tailings from exploratory drilling into assorted containers, and are measuring the reaction rates that result from using different chemical additives and processes under different weather conditions. But they expect that simply adding water and effectively tilling the materials will rapidly remove carbon dioxide from the air, forming a solid block that can be buried.
Tailings from mining. Waste material. Often highly toxic. In other words this is a plan, a means, for big business to generate profits from their waste. Think fluoride. Same deal.

Toxic Treatment: Fluoride's Transformation from Industrial Waste to Public Health Miracle

 As historian Frank Zelko points out this month, a profitable way to put to use a waste byproduct from the production of fertilizer.

Highly toxic hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride gases are by-products of fertilizer production. Prior to the 1970s, these pollutants were vented into the atmosphere and gave central Florida some of the most noxious air pollution in the country.

During the 1960s, however, complaints by farmers and ranchers eventually forced reluctant manufacturers to invest in pollution abatement scrubbers that converted toxic vapors into fluorosilicic acid (FSA), a dangerous but more containable liquid waste

Many are surprised to learn that unlike the pharmaceutical grade fluoride in their toothpaste, the fluoride in their water is an untreated industrial waste product, one that contains trace elements of arsenic and lead. Without the phosphate industry’s effluent, water fluoridation would be prohibitively expensive. And without fluoridation, the phosphate industry would be stuck with an expensive waste disposal problem.

 Since most people don't bother to inform themselves it's going to be easy enough for ' toxic tailings' to be employed as a "magic bullet"  to remedy  "human caused global warming. The mascot Greta will help green wash the toxic industries filth for them

Next steps
Woodall is exploring asbestos sites because he hopes to find one that might work well for a subsequent field trial to evaluate ways of accelerating carbon uptake.
The approaches could include spreading the material out to increase the reactive surface area, running fans that increase the amount of air flowing over the asbestos, or directly injecting concentrated carbon dioxide into the mineral pits. 
Over time, these processes should form a mix of loosely bound rock and dirt, mainly composed of magnesium carbonates, bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate, that could simply be left in place, Aines says.
But is it safe to blow air around asbestos? (What a stupid question) And would such efforts actually clean up these toxic sites?
Given the health risks of asbestos, where—or even whether—any subsequent work takes place will depend on the determinations of scientific oversight boards and regulatory officials. 
It’s possible that some amount of asbestos would remain or could be dispersed in the course of doing the work, Aines says. That’s one of the key things that would need to be tested, he adds.

Woodall and Aines both say that could include asbestos, given how reactive it is, if field trials show the process is effective and safe.
But that idea is sure to raise serious concerns given the health risks posed by asbestos. And there are lots of other mineral options, even if they’re not quite as ideal.

Mining for any materials on a far larger scale, however, will face a number of challenges. Mining itself is environmentally destructive. All the energy required to extract, grind, distribute, and process the minerals will eat into any emissions reductions. And there could be serious limits on the available land, particularly since it can take years for most of the minerals to react with carbon dioxide.

For example, removing 2.5 billion tons of CO2 per year using magnesium oxide would require a 10-centimeter-thick (nearly 4 inches) layer covering about 15,000 square kilometers (almost 5,800 square miles), according to a Nature Communications paper in July. That’s equivalent to a little more than 5% of Nevada.
But the major stumbling block is the cost. Wilcox says it can run more than $200 per ton all-in, which is far more expensive than planting trees.
It’s possible that some of the materials could go into commercial products, like the aggregates in concrete, to defray the costs. Some level of voluntary carbon offsets, where people or corporations pay to balance out their own emissions, could help as well. But getting to the scale of billions of tons, most observers believe, will take aggressive public policies that put high prices on carbon pollution or create generous incentives for removing it.

 Are you taking note of the insanity inherent in this profit making scheme? Are you understanding the death cult at work in this plan? Cause if you don't. There's no help for you.
From earlier today. It's been busy that's for sure. Tomorrow... may be very quiet.

Putin Calls for Turkish Involvement In OSCE Minsk Talks

 I'm not surprised in the least and have been waiting (hoping) for this to take place. The stance here has been very clear. Diplomacy. Involving nations who have legitimate concerns about this latest round of fighting. That includes Turkey and Iran.

 Sept. 27/20 - Birth Pangs: Nagarno Karabakh Flares Up- Regional Instability Rises & Which Parties Want Russia and Turkey at Odds? 

It’s curious. The timing of of this flare up.  Russia and Turkey have been cooperating in Syria. Making agreements concerning Libya.  Trade. Tourism. Purchases of the S-400.

Diplomacy has been working between the two nations for some time now.

 You know there are interested parties who just hate that cooperation, right?

October 06/20- Birth Pangs: Nagorno Karabakh, France's Proxy War & Budding Turkish Russian Alliance. Etc., 

 As conditions are repeatedly created to push that button and yet to the credit of both Turkey and Russia they've continued on resolving situation after situation with a savvy diplomacy that is apparent and yet flies under the radar.  Even the so called "alternative media" vomits up the same bile. 

Forgive me for noticing the 'alternative media' reads a lot like Pravda these days..

The latest: Putin favors Turkey's participation in OSCE Minsk Group

Russian president says Armenia and Azerbaijan should resolve Karabakh conflict through talks

"At the first stage, we need to stop fighting, stop the loss of life, sit down at the negotiating table and find a consensus and balance of interests based on the proposals formulated by the Minsk group and its co-chairs -- Russia, the US, and France -- along with the participation of other members, including Turkey and a number of European states," he said.

 Reuters- Putin calls for Turkish involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Turkey should be among countries involved in talks to end fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, as Azerbaijan and Armenia again accused each other on Thursday of shelling civilians in and around the mountain enclave. 


Russia’s position remains open, he emphasized. "We initially went on a premise that the possibility of transferring five plus two regions to Azerbaijan must be discussed with ensuring a certain regime for the Karabakh zone and cooperation with Armenia," he explained.

According to the president, the conflict must be settled so that people could feel safe; at the same time conditions must be created for an efficient development of the territories. "[This] would make it possible, including for many of the participants in our today’s discussion, to take part in the development of these territories, to invest," the president noted. "And there is room for investment there. People are very efficient and talented in both of these countries," he stressed.

Abdullah: Thoughts? I'm hoping, same as always. this can be resolved with no more blood shed. 

From earlier:

Propaganda Does Not Want Any Argument: A Conversation With NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller

Propaganda Does Not Want Any Argument: A Conversation With NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller


 The interview came to my attention via Yaya

28/10/2020 03:27:08 pm

Hey Yaya:

I did listen to the interview and am going to share it at my place- He likes the Ice Age Farmer (gave him a mention) - Always linked in the sidebar to the right.

I've not had a chance to read his article, but, intend to do so.

That all said he made some good points about the phony greens- that extinction rebellion and greta thunberg

He's right in line with my thinking that they are a death cult.

His indictment of the left was spot on. (I used to be a card carrying NDP member) but I was just saying to someone they've not met a war they didn't like
And I did tell them that when they used to call for donations! After my numerous complaints and refusal to give money they stopped calling

28/10/2020 06:36:23 pm

I'm like you, Penny; in "no man's land". No one to vote for, all by myself ... I feel like Fats Waller, but not so happy on the shelf.

I knew you'd like Prof. Miller. There's no artifice about him; he's calm, natural, clear, logical thinking, not vindictive, and entirely believable.

The interview is far ranging. 

 Covid, Mask usage. Eugenics.  Points out Eugenics has a "green mantle" Which it does. Cites Greta Thunberg, mascot for the Extinction Rebellion (Margaret Sanger does not get a free pass)  Bill Gates. The Great Reset. Smart Cities. Defunding the Police. Black Lives Matter, Disappointment with the so called "progressives" and much more. 


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The Most Dangerous Disease in The World

 Couldn't resist embedding the latest from JP. But, please, either before or after you enjoy the video you simply must read the report from earlier today and share it, far and wide. Though by doing so, realize you will be spreading the 'most dangerous disease' in the WORLD

 And now JP (Awaken with JP) 


Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting


The definition of "lower the bar" is as follows: lower the standards which need to be met in order to qualify for something..

Therefore 'scientists' (?) are debating how low a standard can be set, that would still allow for promotion of this injection as a vaccine.


"Everyone thinks  ( believes falsely, delusional) Covid-19 will go away with a vaccine," said William Haseltine, chair and president of Access Health International, a foundation that advocates for affordable care.

Ongoing clinical trials are primarily designed to show whether Covid-19 vaccine candidates prevent any symptoms of the disease which could be as minor as a sore throat or a cough. But the trials, which will study 30,000 to 60,000 volunteers, will be too brief and too small to prove that the vaccines will prevent what people fear most — being hospitalized or dying — by the time the first vaccine makers file for emergency use authorization, which is expected to occur later this year, Haseltine said.

Ongoing clinical trials are designed to show that the vaccine prevents symptoms of the disease.

Dr. Peter Lurie, a former Food and Drug Administration official who is president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said: "Would we like to know if the vaccine reduces illness or mortality? Of course. But there is a real time pressure. This is a pandemic. It's explosive."

Would we like to know if the vaccine reduces illness or mortality?  Of course. But, that can't be told or known at this time- Lowering the bar...

Researchers debated how rigorously to test Covid-19 vaccine candidates at a public meeting Thursday of the FDA's advisory committee on vaccines.

"Simply preventing mild cases is not enough and may not justify the risks associated with vaccination," said Peter Doshi, an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, who detailed his concerns in an editorial in The BMJ.

"Simply preventing mild cases is not enough and may not justify the risks associated with vaccination"

But vaccine experts say there are good reasons to focus on milder cases of Covid-19.

Vaccines that prevent mild disease typically (assumption) prevent severe disease, as well, said Dr. Arnold Monto, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health and temporary chair of the vaccine committee.

 Proving that a vaccine prevents severe illness and death is harder than showing that it protects against mild illness, because hospitalizations and deaths are much rarer. That's especially true among the type of health-conscious people who volunteer for vaccine trials, who are probably more likely than others to wear masks and to socially distance, Schaffner said.

Recall my mentioning the two women who became vaccine damaged, by all appearances, during the Covid vaccine trials, when they both acquired Myelitis (neurological disorder). AZ claimed the one woman had an undiagnosed case of MS, which I found doubtful. My comfort in saying that came from the fact that the drug companies would have gone through their guinea pigs health history, including  undertaking further assessments, with a fine tooth comb before they would have been allowed to participate. I could not imagine how it was possible her MS had be undiagnosed. Then there was the young man who died in Brazil.

Scientists agree that the ideal vaccine would provide "sterilizing immunity" — which means preventing not only disease symptoms but also any infection with the virus, said Dr. Corey Casper, a vaccinologist with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and CEO at the Infectious Disease Research Institute in Seattle.
Few expect Covid-19 vaccines to be that effective. "We're trying to lower that bar and determine how much lower is acceptable," Casper said.

Few expect Covid-19 vaccines to be that effective. "We're trying to lower that bar and determine how much lower is acceptable," Casper said.

Although the coronavirus vaccine trials are measuring severe disease or death, these are "secondary endpoints," meaning the current study isn't large enough to produce a statistically significant answer, Neuzil said.

Whether vaccines reduce severe disease and death will become clear in later studies, after vaccines are distributed, she said.

In other words, this is one giant experiment. That much is very clear.

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Iran Prepares Plan For Sustainable Soloution to Nagorno Karabakh Conflict- Putin, Erdogan and Their Foreign Minsisters Talk

Recall my wholehearted agreement with Bhadrakumar?

Btw: Putin and Erdogan have been exchanging views

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh during a phone call on Tuesday, the Russian ministry said in a statement.

They also discussed the situation in Syria and Libya, it added.

 The idea of an Astana 2.0 as probable working solution could help settle this issue?

An Astana 2.0 if you like?

 Daily Sabah

Iran has prepared a proposal for a permanent solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Iranian top diplomat said Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told state television that his deputy, Seyed Abbas Araghchi, will visit Baku and Yerevan in coming days to present the plan to Azerbaijani and Armenian authorities.

Armenia must respect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, according to Zarif, who said the conflict must be resolved through peaceful diplomatic means.

Araghchi is scheduled to visit Baku, Moscow, Yerevan and Ankara to promote the Iranian initiative, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh, according to Iranian official news agency IRNA.


Speaking in his meeting with the Governor General of East Azarbaijan province in Tabriz on Tuesday, Seyyed Abbas Araghchi said that security of frontiersmen is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Turning to his trip to the countries of Republic of Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Turkey, Araghchi added, “In this trip, I am carrying the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to resolve the war erupted between two neighboring counties of Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

He expressed his hope that peace and tranquility would prevail in the region with the cooperation and collaboration of all influential countries in the region.

Governor General of East Azarbaijan province Mohammad Reza Pour-Mohammadi, for his part, pointed to his correspondences with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regards to the security of borders and added, “Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia are Iran’s neighbors. With respecting to the territorial integrity of the two countries of Azerbaijan and Armenia, we are in favor of a peaceful solution to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and country’s diplomatic apparatus will certainly take necessary steps in this regard.”

From earlier 


TV Journalist in France Hounded for Nagarno Karabakh Reporting By Armenia's Supporters- "Genocidal Whore"

 The Armenian Propaganda machine has been over the top. Nearly rabid.

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the online attacks that a French TV reporter received from members of the Armenian community in France after just doing her job by covering the current fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region from the Azerbaijani side of the front line.

Liseron Boudoul, a staff reporter for the French TV channel TF1, began receiving hate messages on Facebook and Twitter, including such insults as “genocidal whore,” after TFI broadcast her report on its 8 p.m. news programme on 22 October. She was also subjected to pressure via a WhatsApp text from someone who had managed to get her personal phone number.

TF1 was itself also targeted by systematic harassment on social media and in emails and phone calls.

Two reporters for a leading French daily were also subjected to online threats from members of the Armenian community in France in early October in connection with their articles about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“We firmly condemn the harassment to which Liseron Boudoul and TF1 have been subjected,” said Pavol Szalai, the Head of RSF’s European Union and Balkans Desk. “It is unacceptable for a journalist and a media outlet to be hounded in this way for covering a conflict, on the grounds that they placed themselves on a certain side of the front line.”

Szalai added: We also call on Franck Papazian, the co-chair of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations in France, to unequivocally condemn this grave attack on freedom of the press.

In a Facebook comment, Papazian described Boudoul’s report as “similar to disinformation.” One of the comments that followed said: “It’s possible that with a few beheadings of senior TF1 personnel, they will think better and more clearly.”

It's possible with a few more beheadings they will think better and more clearly?

The day after Boudoul’s report was broadcast, members of the Armenian community demonstrated spontaneously outside TF1’s headquarters in Paris in protest against what they regarded as the TV channel’s biased coverage.

A few days before Boudoul’s report, TF1 had broadcast two reports from the Armenian side of the front line. To defuse tension, TF1 finally removed Boudoul’s report from its website.

Caving in to extremist behaviour, bullying and threats TF1 removed the report.

The first casualty of war is always truth

Monday, October 26, 2020

3rd Ceasefire Faltering in Nagarno Karabahk: Predictable- Proof of Foreign Fighters in the Armenian Camp

As mentioned last night

3rd Attempt at Ceasefire in Nagarno Karabakh- OSCE Press Release                      

Where to begin? How about a quick overview? 5 points.

1st-  Armenia is the party least interested in a ceasefire. Azerbaijan has international law in it's corner.  NK being recognized at their territory. Yes, Azerbaijan will fight should it be required, but, they have less incentive to do so when they can negotiate to settle the issue

2nd: This bizarre idea that Turkey wants more instability, on it’s border is...well, bizarre. Seems vastly more probable they DO NOT WANT greater instability. Nor does Iran.

3rd- Armenia has definitely been using foreigners to fight. Besides early reports which had PKK kurds on the ground, which are vastly more credible then reports of Turkey sending Sunni Muslims mercenaries to fight alongside the  Shia Muslims of Azerbaijan  (It’s not believable for more reasons then the obvious Sunni versus Shia dynamic) The PKK and the Armenians have forged relations in Syria that have been discussed more then once at the blog. Their friendly relations boggle my mind, since the Kurds killed many Armenians during the reign of the Ottomans. Apparently all forgotten?

  A number of foreign passports/identification has been retrieved from Armenians (using that term loosely) killed in battle. One was a Canadian citizen.  I’d seen news of his passing in the media here in Canada. So naturally this required some additional digging. Let’s connect the dots

CBC: Canadian citizen dies fighting in Armenia 

Kristapor Artin, a former Toronto resident who moved to Armenia in 2011, was killed while fighting against Azerbaijani forces in the breakaway Armenian-populated region, the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) said on Wednesday.

"It is with great sorrow that the Canadian-Armenian community mourns the passing of one of its repatriated members, Kristapor Artin," the ANCC said in a Facebook post, adding that he was "an active member of the Toronto Armenian community, before repatriating with his family to his homeland, Armenia.


Kristapor Artin is featured here

Christopher Artin was born in 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon. In 1986, he left for Canada. From 1993-1995, Christopher stayed in Armenia.. In 2001, he returned to Armenia and got married.

 Born in Beirut, Lebanon. Immigrated to Canada. Became a citizen. Then went to Armenia. Then came back to Canada. Maybe? Because his bio has some missing years. Where was he from 95 to 2001? Clearly he fought in 93/94 when Armenia ethnically cleansed the region of it’s Azerbaijan citizens. In 2001, he returned to Armenia and got married.

The FB page that features Kristapor Artin is tied to the organization called-  The International Center For Migration Policy Development (This NGO appears to be a front group for the movement of persons, globally)
Dig a little more And we get to the MIBMA(affilliated with aforementioned NGO) but dealing specifically with Armenia’s “border management”

The project is funded by the European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument (ENPI).  The project runs from January 2016 until December 2019.

The overall objective of the project is to enhance approximation of the migration and border management in Armenia to European standards of governance, in order to increase security, facilitate trade, and support the possible visa liberalization dialogue between the European Union and Armenia.
This NGO's work/purpose  appears to be a project to direct the Armenian diaspora into disputed territory in order to change the dynamics on the ground.  To fight/terrorize if need be. Like the early beginnings of Israel.       

4th - Pashinian, as has been repeatedly mentioned is a colour revolution flunkie. He has Macron fully on board.  The so called alt media has been dancing around this reality. But, it can’t be danced around unless the intent is to deceive. Pashinian is a servant to the global oligarchy that is determined to break up nations. That means Russia, Iran and Turkey as well as Azerbaijan. In order to create the remade ME/NA and Asia that is happening as I type this report.

5th- Some parties want Turkey and Russia at odds, for sure. So far it looks to me as if Russia is leaving Armenia to it’s own devices. Numerous reasons for this have already been mentioned. Such as Armenia’s refusal to settle the NK issue and Pashinian’s colour revolution leadership

-Possible Outcomes?

1- Western Imperial Powers will Recognize “Artsakh” Talked about this here previously. This move will certainly set the region alight!

2- Turkey and Russia will send peace keepers in. The issue of territory will be settled once and for all. The same type of cooperation as we see in Syria. Iran may participate as well.

An Astana 2.0 if you like?

As always, share some thoughts. Relevant to the situation of course.