Sunday, October 4, 2020

21 Sane Ontario Doctors Sign Joint Letter to Doug Ford- NO to another lockdown

Focus on ICU and Deaths Rather then questionable test results. Wish more doctors would have had the courage to do right by their patients. We need to get our healthcare back on track here in Ontario. In fact all across Canada! Big time!

Doc urges province to focus on ICU numbers, deaths rather than daily cases

Dr. Neil Rau is among 21 Ontario doctors who have signed a joint letter urging Premier Doug Ford not to put the province in another lockdown because of rising COVID-19 cases. (test results- not cases)

On Friday, Ford said his government would be implementing stricter public health measures as cases soared to a new record of 732 cases in Ontario — the largest-to-date one-day spike of new cases in the province, although 73 of those were previously uncounted cases from the spring and summer.       

 So the present day numbers were padded with months old data. Why? That’s dishonest. Misleading. Lying. Which isn’t anything new in the Covid 19(84) scheme

“There is a debate in our field about risk tolerance. Some people think no COVID is the way to go. Others say we have to live with it and tolerate, because we have to look at the other harms of trying to suppress COVID transmission. There are real, personal, sociological harms that come as a trade-off. The restaurant industry is hanging by a thin thread. Overdoses have gone up. If you don’t have public buy-in, it won’t be sustainable and people will go renegade. We’ve already pulled all these levers, how many are left, short of going back to lockdown? Now, we’re in ‘lockdown light.’ Some thing is unstoppable with human reaction. There’s going to be transmission and we have to tolerate it.”

What did you think of Ford’s announcement of stricter rules?

“The good thing here is we are starting to regulate the testing, to focus on people who need to be tested. We’ve had a deluge of people seeking testing to the point where we’ve created a demand that we can’t demand. We have screwed up our turnaround times to the point where the results are not practically useful, especially for contact tracing. When we implement restrictive policies, it’s very difficult to get out of them. When you put down the speed limit, it never goes back up. Because people think lives were saved, why would you want to put it back up? I’m happy to see this is more like a Stage 3 minus, than a Stage 2 plus.”
“It’s all young people getting the disease for the most part, a very different outbreak than what we had in the winter, where we had a lot of older people getting it, some of them mortally affected. We have to not conflate last winter’s outbreak with this outbreak and jump to the same conclusion.”

What metrics should the government be watching instead of daily numbers?

“I think we should be watching numbers over a longer period of time rather than following numbers like the stock market, where we react to numbers every day. Going with daily case numbers can be misleading. We should look at percentage positive, not just total numbers of positive, and we should look at the averages of the past seven days and compare it to the past preceding seven days. We should be looking at hospital admission and ICU death numbers. However, you don’t see deaths until a few weeks later, but we know they’re not seeing massive increases with the number of deaths. We made some changes recently and haven’t had enough time to see if they’ve worked. Stopping the adult entertainment industry and creating ‘Cinderella hours.’ We’re trying to steer an ocean liner on a very short pivot of time, when in fact, it takes seven to 10 days to see the effects of an intervention, given the incubation period of this disease is three to five days.   ”
PCU Tests are extremely problematic.. 



  1. Doug Ford, give your head a shake! Yahoo!

    If you're from Ontario you'll understand that is the extent of our illiterate Premier's language skills. Over and over. It's sad.

    1. Going so far as to tell the US to 'give their head a shake' too- what an embarrassement.

    2. Hi Penny: Yesterday I received an email from a Toronto friend I hadn't heard from in quite a while. He's locked himself away since all this began, has friends who deliver his groceries, and plans to get the flu shot when it arrives, and, because other people think they need hair cuts and fingernail attention,"Covid is raging again in Toronto". He has a PhD in physiology, but he's old and not terribly computer savvy, so gets his news from TV, I'm sure. Can't argue with a scared old guy, though. I have a younger cousin with the same fears, and he fears for me bigtime. Waddayagonna do, eh? Even knowing that Ford is the real yahoo, they're not taking any chances.

      Ford's in love with Chrystia; it's made him blind to the fact that he ran on the Conservative ticket.

      Trudeau's just as bad. Have you seen the video of him singing "Speaking Moistly"?

      The vid of Ford singing "Bunch of Yahoos" is on the same YouTube Page.

      Sardonic laughter is better than no laughter at all, eh? ;-)