Thursday, October 29, 2020

Asbestos Could Be A Powerful Weapon Against Climate Change - Death Cult Thinking

 This was the post I'd alluded to here: Johnson and Johnson Halts Late Stage Covid Vaccine Trial After “Mystery Illness”
We’ll be talking about Asbestos in short order. It seems the geo engineering crowd believes Asbestos can save us all from “global warming”  

The death cult never stops coming up with ways to cause harm do they? As long as money is made.

Technology Review - Asbestos as a powerful weapon against climate change (excerpted because only so much insanity could be stomached by moi)
"Scientists are exploring ways to use mineral waste from mines to pull huge amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air.On a scorching day this August, Caleb Woodall wielded his shovel like a spear, stabbing it into the hardened crust of an asbestos-filled pit near Coalinga, California. 
Woodall, a graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, was digging out samples from an asbestos mine that’s been shuttered since 1980, a Superfund site on the highest peak in the state’s Diablo Range. He extracted pounds of the material from several locations across San Benito Mountain, shoveled them into Ziploc bags, and shipped them to a pair of labs for analysis.
He and his colleagues are trying to determine the makeup and structure of the materials pulled from the pits, and to answer two critical questions: How much carbon dioxide do they contain—and how much more could they store?

The vast surface area of certain types of fibrous asbestos, a class of carcinogenic compounds once heavily used in heat-resistant building materials, makes them particularly good at grabbing hold of the carbon dioxide molecules dissolved in rainwater or floating through the air.
That includes the most common form of asbestos, chrysotile, a serpentine mineral laced throughout the mountain (serpentine is California’s state rock). The reaction with carbon dioxide mainly produces magnesium carbonate minerals like magnesite, a stable material that could lock away the greenhouse gas for millennia.

Woodall and his advisor Jennifer Wilcox, a carbon removal researcher, (carbon removal researcher???)  are among a growing number of scientists exploring ways to accelerate these otherwise slow reactions in hopes of using mining waste to fight climate change. It’s a handy carbon-capturing trick that may also work with the calcium- and magnesium-rich by-products of nickel, copper, diamond, and platinum mining.

The initial hope is to offset the ample carbon emissions from mining itself using these minerals already extracted in the process. But the real hope is that this early work allows them to figure out how to effectively and affordably dig up minerals, potentially including asbestos, specifically for the purpose of drawing down vast amounts of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere."

Caleb Woodall puts asbestos samples into ziplock bag


" In a pilot project last year, funded by the diamond company De Beers and Natural Resources Canada, he and colleagues used tailings from a mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories to ensnare carbon dioxide released from a tank. 

The point was to evaluate the possibility of using minerals to capture and store the gas from the flue stream of a power plant."

The team is now conducting a field trial for a proposed nickel plant in British Columbia. They've placed tailings from exploratory drilling into assorted containers, and are measuring the reaction rates that result from using different chemical additives and processes under different weather conditions. But they expect that simply adding water and effectively tilling the materials will rapidly remove carbon dioxide from the air, forming a solid block that can be buried.
Tailings from mining. Waste material. Often highly toxic. In other words this is a plan, a means, for big business to generate profits from their waste. Think fluoride. Same deal.

Toxic Treatment: Fluoride's Transformation from Industrial Waste to Public Health Miracle

 As historian Frank Zelko points out this month, a profitable way to put to use a waste byproduct from the production of fertilizer.

Highly toxic hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride gases are by-products of fertilizer production. Prior to the 1970s, these pollutants were vented into the atmosphere and gave central Florida some of the most noxious air pollution in the country.

During the 1960s, however, complaints by farmers and ranchers eventually forced reluctant manufacturers to invest in pollution abatement scrubbers that converted toxic vapors into fluorosilicic acid (FSA), a dangerous but more containable liquid waste

Many are surprised to learn that unlike the pharmaceutical grade fluoride in their toothpaste, the fluoride in their water is an untreated industrial waste product, one that contains trace elements of arsenic and lead. Without the phosphate industry’s effluent, water fluoridation would be prohibitively expensive. And without fluoridation, the phosphate industry would be stuck with an expensive waste disposal problem.

 Since most people don't bother to inform themselves it's going to be easy enough for ' toxic tailings' to be employed as a "magic bullet"  to remedy  "human caused global warming. The mascot Greta will help green wash the toxic industries filth for them

Next steps
Woodall is exploring asbestos sites because he hopes to find one that might work well for a subsequent field trial to evaluate ways of accelerating carbon uptake.
The approaches could include spreading the material out to increase the reactive surface area, running fans that increase the amount of air flowing over the asbestos, or directly injecting concentrated carbon dioxide into the mineral pits. 
Over time, these processes should form a mix of loosely bound rock and dirt, mainly composed of magnesium carbonates, bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate, that could simply be left in place, Aines says.
But is it safe to blow air around asbestos? (What a stupid question) And would such efforts actually clean up these toxic sites?
Given the health risks of asbestos, where—or even whether—any subsequent work takes place will depend on the determinations of scientific oversight boards and regulatory officials. 
It’s possible that some amount of asbestos would remain or could be dispersed in the course of doing the work, Aines says. That’s one of the key things that would need to be tested, he adds.

Woodall and Aines both say that could include asbestos, given how reactive it is, if field trials show the process is effective and safe.
But that idea is sure to raise serious concerns given the health risks posed by asbestos. And there are lots of other mineral options, even if they’re not quite as ideal.

Mining for any materials on a far larger scale, however, will face a number of challenges. Mining itself is environmentally destructive. All the energy required to extract, grind, distribute, and process the minerals will eat into any emissions reductions. And there could be serious limits on the available land, particularly since it can take years for most of the minerals to react with carbon dioxide.

For example, removing 2.5 billion tons of CO2 per year using magnesium oxide would require a 10-centimeter-thick (nearly 4 inches) layer covering about 15,000 square kilometers (almost 5,800 square miles), according to a Nature Communications paper in July. That’s equivalent to a little more than 5% of Nevada.
But the major stumbling block is the cost. Wilcox says it can run more than $200 per ton all-in, which is far more expensive than planting trees.
It’s possible that some of the materials could go into commercial products, like the aggregates in concrete, to defray the costs. Some level of voluntary carbon offsets, where people or corporations pay to balance out their own emissions, could help as well. But getting to the scale of billions of tons, most observers believe, will take aggressive public policies that put high prices on carbon pollution or create generous incentives for removing it.

 Are you taking note of the insanity inherent in this profit making scheme? Are you understanding the death cult at work in this plan? Cause if you don't. There's no help for you.
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  1. Should, could, may ... words used frequently in "science" reports these days. The word "proven" has gone missing.

    "My son beware of good enough; it isn't made of sterling stuff ... My son, remember and be wise, In 'good enough' disaster lies. For this is true of men and stuff— Only the best is good enough." Edgar Guest

  2. Wow. As horrifying a prospect as it is, it's difficult to believe any of these large scale geoengineering 'projects' will ever proceed very far past the funding stage. They know the CO2 theory is bunk, so why actually spend the money once it's siphoned from the treasury? De Beers? They're showing their hand. Grand theft is what families like the Oppenheimers do.

    I know you've followed the cooling trend for years up there, but I don't recall ever seeing the Grand Solar Minimum/mini ice age subject come up here. IceAgeFarmer obviously has a lot of good information, but there's always something about him I've found unsettling. Too much fearmongering. I admit I bought into it myself because it appears to make sense, and appears to be being suppressed. There's a much more palatable alternative theory though. I've been reading a ton of Miles Mathis lately, and he has *hundreds* of scientific papers, most pertain to rewriting a variety of current theories based on what he terms "charge theory". It sounds like hooey but it seems solid to me, though I'm not much of a scientist. The guy is a freaking bona-fide genius. I will of course entertain any criticism of him featuring a solid rebuttal. Anyway, I figured he had to have a relevant paper on the GSM, and he has several. This being the most relevant, though it is not a paper on the charge theory itself.

    There is plenty on his site about the CIA, the ruling families, and the barons of industry, art and culture in regards to what we understand as the Frankfurt school. He picks up where Dave MaGowan left off, and no insult to the late Mr. MaGowan, he does a better job. There's sometimes way more genealogy than I can stomach, but it's always pertinent.

    I apologize for the long and tangentially relevant comment. I don't mean to divert you into endless reading. It's there if you want to check it out. I find it so engrossing I'm reading several pdf's a day. I've got nothing else to do as I am effectively barred from publick since I will not wear a mask.

    Thank you Penny.