Monday, October 19, 2020

James Corbett: Your Guide to the Great Reset

hattip James Corbett:

 and from a commenter at Corbett's

AuntJennie says:

i do hate to look at schwab and i do hate listening to his voice.
anyhow, here’s a link for you all on the canadian aspect of the push to total digital economy.



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The Great Reset Event 201 coronavirus plushie

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Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus | Free to read

deplatforming controversial speakers

Interview 1579 – Jeremy Kauffman Introduces LBRY and Odysee

unklfranco comments on James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset (on Odysee)

Governor Cuomo Announces Collaboration with Gates Foundation to Reimagine Education

Technocracy and Education – James Tracy on GRTV

Sesame Street on education as a tool of societal transformation

Rich getting richer during COVID scam (New World Next Week))

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  1. The Ontario Government, that is, the yahoo ford government
    is going digital thanks to covid, of course

    Premier Doug Ford and Peter Bethlenfalvy, chair of the government's newly-established "Future State Modernization Committee," announced what they're calling the "Digital Identity program" on Monday as part of a sweeping action plan called Ontario Onwards: Ontario's COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Government.

    One of more than 30 projects intended to "improve the way people and businesses interact with government, saving them both time and money," the digitial identity program would essentially allow Ontario residents to port their government-issued identification documents into a digital wallet.

    "Our COVID-19 action plan for a people-focused government"