Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Johnson and Johnson Halts Late Stage Covid Vaccine Trial After “Mystery Illness”

 No mention of what the mystery illness is. Only that it's serious and likely neurological. The company did not disclose the illness because they wish to protect the privacy of the patient. Or at least that’s their claim. However they can disclose the illness without naming the patient, so, that’s just nonsense.
 We know that two of Astra Zeneca’s test subjects got Transverse Myelitis (though AZ claims one had undiagnosed MS which I don’t believe for a second)

 Two Cases of Transverse Myelitis (Serious Neurological Disorder) in Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccine Trials -

Johnson and Johnson Trial Paused   

According to the Wall Street Journal, the vaccine shots being used in the trial involve a weakened version of a common cold virus. It is then engineered to deliver genetic instructions, teaching the body’s cells to make a protein resembling one found on the surface of the coronavirus. This, in turn, induces the body’s immune system to build up defences against the coronavirus if a person is subsequently exposed to it.  
Allegedly this is how the vaccine makers believe their vaccine to work. Reality? Doubtful


However, J&J's move follows a similar one by AstraZeneca Plc. In September, AstraZeneca AZN.L paused late-stage trials of its experimental coronavirus vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, due to an unexplained illness in a UK study participant.

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, said by email that “Everybody is on the alert because of what happened with AstraZeneca,” adding that it could take a week to gather information.

“It would have to be a serious adverse event. If it was something like prostate cancer, uncontrolled diabetes or a heart attack - they wouldn’t stop it for any of those reasons. This is likely to be a neurological event,” he said.
Another Transverse Myelitis? Or some other neurological event?

Lastly Johnson and Johnson is an untrustworthy company, in my opinion.

Just look at how many decades they left their talcum aka baby powder on the market through they knew, knew with certainty it was tied to ovarian cancer.  I became aware of the connection in the early 80's. Nearly 40 years ago. And by that time this was old news.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers later shifted their focus, arguing that traces of asbestos an indisputable and much-feared carcinogen — were present in talc and capable of causing cancer even in microscopic amounts.

Asbestos contamination can occur when talc is mined, because both minerals can be intermingled underground, and internal memos and reports unearthed during litigation revealed that the company had been concerned for at least 50 years about the possibility of traces of asbestos in its talc. Asbestos was first linked to ovarian cancer in 1958.       

In October, Johnson & Johnson recalled 33,000 bottles of baby powder after the Food and Drug Administration said it discovered evidence of chrysotile asbestos in a bottle purchased from an online retailer. Soon after, the company said that multiple tests of the same bottle came up clean.

We’ll be talking about Asbestos in short order. It seems the geo engineering crowd believes Asbestos can save us all from “global warming”  

The death cult never stops coming up with ways to cause harm do they? As long as money is made.

 From yesterday...You can be fooled and be a fool OR you can start thinking critically. The choice is yours


  1. https://www.jnj.com/our-company/johnson-johnson-temporarily-pauses-all-dosing-in-our-janssen-covid-19-vaccine-candidate-clinical-trials

    From J&J - one more acronym for the ongoing list: SAE (serious adverse event).

    They're not detailing the problem because they need to protect the participant's privacy.

    Their major words of comfort are to their investors. They make it clear it's only a "study pause", not a "regulatory" order forced on them. So carry on; no big deal.

  2. I this age of universal deceit, I even wonder why they bother to report such poor success and simply frodulently proclaim vaccine to be 100 percent effective and safe and "make" lots of money and split the loot with officials in exchange for enhanced protection.
    Does it mean that humankind has still some chance to postpone it's extinction?


  3. Problem for Johnson & Johnson is the "adverse effect" that occurred just wasn't the adverse effect they were hoping for with their gene modifying vaccine.

  4. Virus was not "calibrated" properly from day one. If made more potent and got out of control, presently only rats would be largest group occupiyng Earth. No jokes on my part.