Thursday, October 29, 2020

Propaganda Does Not Want Any Argument: A Conversation With NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller


 The interview came to my attention via Yaya

28/10/2020 03:27:08 pm

Hey Yaya:

I did listen to the interview and am going to share it at my place- He likes the Ice Age Farmer (gave him a mention) - Always linked in the sidebar to the right.

I've not had a chance to read his article, but, intend to do so.

That all said he made some good points about the phony greens- that extinction rebellion and greta thunberg

He's right in line with my thinking that they are a death cult.

His indictment of the left was spot on. (I used to be a card carrying NDP member) but I was just saying to someone they've not met a war they didn't like
And I did tell them that when they used to call for donations! After my numerous complaints and refusal to give money they stopped calling

28/10/2020 06:36:23 pm

I'm like you, Penny; in "no man's land". No one to vote for, all by myself ... I feel like Fats Waller, but not so happy on the shelf.

I knew you'd like Prof. Miller. There's no artifice about him; he's calm, natural, clear, logical thinking, not vindictive, and entirely believable.

The interview is far ranging. 

 Covid, Mask usage. Eugenics.  Points out Eugenics has a "green mantle" Which it does. Cites Greta Thunberg, mascot for the Extinction Rebellion (Margaret Sanger does not get a free pass)  Bill Gates. The Great Reset. Smart Cities. Defunding the Police. Black Lives Matter, Disappointment with the so called "progressives" and much more. 


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