Thursday, October 29, 2020

Putin Calls for Turkish Involvement In OSCE Minsk Talks

 I'm not surprised in the least and have been waiting (hoping) for this to take place. The stance here has been very clear. Diplomacy. Involving nations who have legitimate concerns about this latest round of fighting. That includes Turkey and Iran.

 Sept. 27/20 - Birth Pangs: Nagarno Karabakh Flares Up- Regional Instability Rises & Which Parties Want Russia and Turkey at Odds? 

It’s curious. The timing of of this flare up.  Russia and Turkey have been cooperating in Syria. Making agreements concerning Libya.  Trade. Tourism. Purchases of the S-400.

Diplomacy has been working between the two nations for some time now.

 You know there are interested parties who just hate that cooperation, right?

October 06/20- Birth Pangs: Nagorno Karabakh, France's Proxy War & Budding Turkish Russian Alliance. Etc., 

 As conditions are repeatedly created to push that button and yet to the credit of both Turkey and Russia they've continued on resolving situation after situation with a savvy diplomacy that is apparent and yet flies under the radar.  Even the so called "alternative media" vomits up the same bile. 

Forgive me for noticing the 'alternative media' reads a lot like Pravda these days..

The latest: Putin favors Turkey's participation in OSCE Minsk Group

Russian president says Armenia and Azerbaijan should resolve Karabakh conflict through talks

"At the first stage, we need to stop fighting, stop the loss of life, sit down at the negotiating table and find a consensus and balance of interests based on the proposals formulated by the Minsk group and its co-chairs -- Russia, the US, and France -- along with the participation of other members, including Turkey and a number of European states," he said.

 Reuters- Putin calls for Turkish involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Turkey should be among countries involved in talks to end fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, as Azerbaijan and Armenia again accused each other on Thursday of shelling civilians in and around the mountain enclave. 


Russia’s position remains open, he emphasized. "We initially went on a premise that the possibility of transferring five plus two regions to Azerbaijan must be discussed with ensuring a certain regime for the Karabakh zone and cooperation with Armenia," he explained.

According to the president, the conflict must be settled so that people could feel safe; at the same time conditions must be created for an efficient development of the territories. "[This] would make it possible, including for many of the participants in our today’s discussion, to take part in the development of these territories, to invest," the president noted. "And there is room for investment there. People are very efficient and talented in both of these countries," he stressed.

Abdullah: Thoughts? I'm hoping, same as always. this can be resolved with no more blood shed. 

From earlier:

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