Thursday, November 5, 2020

KLA Leaders aka Kosovo's Leadership including Hassim Thaci Charged With War Crimes- Headed to the Hague

 Yah, so this is interesting. Considering the NK situation. The recent recognition of Kosovo by Israel. 

 Considering the fact that the KLA was backed by the US of A. And a democratic President.

 Bill Clinton is his name.

Who here recalls images of Marie Colvin embedded with the KLA terrorists? I do. I do! In fact they were embedded here at the blog. Here's a link to some sanitized images.

Any one of you remember Madeline Albright and Hashim Thaci ?

Madeline and Hassim- Two mass murderers together

In case you think I jest?
I'd say more then 500, 000 dead children is mass murder. Can you call it anything else really?

And then there was Richard Holbrooke.....nearly 10 years ago

Richard Holbrooke, KLA terrorists, Kosovo recognition

Hashim Thaci, who was part and parcel of the KLA, installed as Prime Minister of Kosovo.
Kosovo declared independence and is immediately recognized, of course by the US, in the same way as Israel was..

And then there was the organ trafficking.. 

Let's bring it up to date:

KLA Leaders Charged With War Crimes- But Bill Clinton Still Walks Free?

“The indictment, as confirmed, states that the war crimes of illegal or arbitrary arrest and detention, cruel treatment, torture, and murder, and the crimes against humanity of imprisonment, other inhumane acts, torture, murder, enforced disappearance of persons, and persecution were committed from at least March 1998 through September 1999,” the statement issued on Thursday evening by KSC says.

It states that the crimes took place in several locations in Kosovo, and in Kukes and Cahan in Northern Albania. They  were allegedly committed by KLA members against hundreds of civilians and persons not taking part in hostilities.

The indictment says that among the victims were also Albanians supporting the Democratic League of Kosovo and “other parties perceived as anti-KLA”.

“The victims included persons suspected of being opposed to the KLA and later the Provisional Government of Kosovo, namely: (i) the Serbian, Roma and Ashkali populations; (ii) Catholics; (iii) civilians allegedly collaborating with Serb authorities or allegedly interacting with Serbs; (iv) Albanians affiliated to or supporting the Democratic League of Kosovo or other parties perceived as anti-KLA; (v) Albanians who did not join or support the KLA; and (vi) individuals with current or former employment perceived as anti-KLA,” reads the statement.

Tha├ži, Veseli, Selimi and Krasniqi are individually criminally responsible, under various forms of responsibility, for the crimes, according to the indictment. It claims that the accused committed the crimes in the context of a non-international armed conflict in Kosovo, and were part of a widespread and systematic attack against persons suspected of being opposed to the KLA.

The former KLA leaders were arrested on Wednesday and Thursday, and were transferred to the detention facilities in The Hague.

Jakup Krasniqi was arrested on Wednesday after his house was raided for about nine hours.

Hashim Thaci, Kadri Veseli and Rexhep Selimi went voluntarily to the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, EULEX’s facilities on Thursday, after being notified that the indictment against them was confirmed.

The Kosovo war crimes court, composed of the Specialist Chambers and the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague, was established by the Kosovo parliament at the insistence of the international community in August 2015.

It followed a 2011 Council of Europe report in which Swiss Senator Dick Marty addresses the alleged crimes of “members of the Kosovo Liberation Army against ethnic minorities and political rivals” from January 1998 until December 2000.

Hassim Thaci resigned as President of Kosovo 

Hashim Thaci has resigned today from his post as president of Kosovo after the Hague-based war crimes court confirmed an indictment against him. Also, Kadri Veseli, leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), said that he is giving up all his political duties after he got confirmation from the Hague that an indictment against him was confirmed. Rexhep Selimi is chief of parliamentary group of Vetevendosje. All were members of the KLA

 Dead men tell no tales. Is this their intended fate? Time will tell. 

From earlier today. Don't pass by yet more flawed Covid testing

 Lastly: Still no US President. If it's Biden. Expect war on yet more fronts. The Democrats are very big on war, despite the spin. As demonstrated aptly by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama


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