Thursday, December 31, 2020

Covid Outbreak Hits Site of First in Canada Covid Vaccination Roll Out

 If you've been paying attention to the weird media coverage surrounding the vaccine roll out- you'll notice the phrase "it was expected" everywhere. Anaphylaxis "it was expected" Really at ten times the usual rate? That was expected?  Or the people contracting Covid- 19 after having the vaccine That was expected as well?  I think it was feared. For the obvious reason that the failure of the vaccine would be demonstrable

That said let's move on to the latest news about the covid vaccine: 

Coronavirus outbreak hits Quebec's first vaccination site, public health says 'it's expected'

On Dec. 11, as the Quebec City health region was preparing to administer the first Canadian doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, two residents at the CHSLD Saint-Antoine tested positive for coronavirus.

The next day, 15 more did. The people affected were from a single unit and were quickly isolated.

Regular testing and isolation is occurring at the home as would be expected 

The CHSLD Saint-Antoine in Quebec City, where the first COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada were given, is battling a coronavirus outbreak.

More than 80 people at the centre, including 66 residents, have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since receiving the first of two vaccine doses.

According to the health region, 202 residents took the vaccine, along with 125 staff. It seems likely (weasel wording) several of them were already infected with the coronavirus when they received the shot, Otis indicated.

In any case, immune responses aren't typically instantaneous, Dr. Jacques Girard, the medical adviser to Quebec City's chief public health officer, told Radio-Canada's Première Heure.

"When we give someone a vaccine it's to protect them," but he cautioned that it often takes a couple of weeks to develop sufficient antibodies to stave off the virus, meaning that as of this week there should be signs the outbreak at CHSLD Saint-Antoine is starting to recede.

Yet the rates of anaphylaxis suggest to us that an immune response of some sort is being generated within minutes of the shot being given.

Residents and staff will begin receiving their second dose of the serum beginning Jan. 4.

"The situation at CHSLD Saint-Antoine demonstrates the importance of protecting oneself even after vaccination. And even if the vaccine provided real protection after one dose … we know the virus can still transit through certain people," Otis said.

The experience in Quebec City to this point lends credence to the belief previously expressed by some scientists that while vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread.

Let's unpack those few paragraphs above. The idea of vaccination does not include "protecting oneself " afterwards . I've never read that stated previously regarding vaccination. We've always been told that vaccines eradicated diseases- small pox, polio and the like.

"We know the virus can transit through certain people" 

Who are these "certain people" Do we have them identified?  Shouldn't they be? I don't know, that seems such a bizarre statement?

"Vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread." 

Excuse me, but, isn't this vaccine supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. blah, blah, blah?

And the last few paragraphs of this news article below:

The experience in Quebec City to this point lends credence to the belief previously expressed by some scientists that while vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread.

Another factor to consider, Otis said, is the clinical trials for the vaccine weren't held in a long-term care environment that is dealing with an incipient outbreak.

Every item I've read about this vaccine roll out it feels like damage control in real time

The failure to stop transmission has been covered here as well

"Here's what the studies don't yet show. They haven't looked at whether the vaccine prevents someone from carrying COVID-19 and spreading it to others. It's possible that someone could get the vaccine but could still be an asymptomatic carrier."

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

 Additional reading:

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Swiss Nursing Home Resident Dies After Covid-19 "Vaccine"- Israeli Man Dies Within Hours of Covid Vaccination

 From late yesterday:

And earlier today:


A nursing home resident in Switzerland who was among the first in the country to be vaccinated against COVID-19 later died – but officials did not indicate whether the death was related to the jab, according to reports.

“We are aware of the case,” an official in the canton of Lucerne told Reuters, adding that the matter has been referred to Swiss drugs regulator Swissmedic.

Lucerne was the site of the first shot by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech being administered in Switzerland primarily to the elderly.

A doctor at the nursing home had not been contacted by the vaccination team, according to local news outlet

The resident, who received the coronavirus vaccine on Christmas Eve, had previously reacted negatively to the flu shot, according to the report.

Vaccine on Christmas eve. (Thursday) Dead a short time later (3-4 days) If she had reacted negatively to the flu vaccine, why on earth was she given this jab?

The person, who had dementia, complained of urethral and abdominal pain on Saturday, the Swiss outlet reported. Later, the resident’s blood pressure dropped and pulse spiked.

On Monday, the facility did not report the patient’s worsening condition, reported.

The following day, the doctor was informed but the patient died soon after, according to the outlet.

Switzerland has so far received 107,000 vaccine doses, and expects to get 250,000 per month starting next year, according to Reuters.

In Israel, a 75-year-old man also died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination – but his death was said to be from a heart attack believed to be unrelated to the jab.

The unidentified man got the Pfizer shot at 8:30 a.m. Monday, and within hours had lost consciousness and died at home in Beit She’anthe Jerusalem Post said.

Within hours he lost consciousness and died. At home.  "Believed to be unrelated" to the jab? Maybe?  Or maybe it was a reaction that affected his heart? (The anaphylactic reactions all include extreme heart rate/BP changes)

Dear Guinea Pigs...Don't Worry About A "Vaccine" With A Higher Rate of Deadly Anaphylaxis That Doesn't Stop Transmission.

 Don't worry + Be Happy = Take the vaccine

You won't have to wear a mask anymore?  Wrong.

You won't have to social distance anymore?  Wrong

You can't be a "superspreader" (You should be now realize that's a meme. A manipulative word deployed as a weapon) Especially a non symptomatic superspreader? No that's wrong as well.

Since the vaccine has never demonstrated any ability nor was it ever tested for reduced transmission. We know and understand that all of the above claims are demonstrably wrong. Despite the known facts we can read the language, weaponized big pharma's spell, being used in this latest piece from NYTimes. Don't worry- it's better then getting the disease?  That's not true. Since this is an experimental injection. That was not thoroughly tested. We can't know what the risks are. Short or long term. We do know that most people who get Covid-19 survive. It's very nearly 100 percent survivable. 

But don't worry if the rate of anaphylaxis is way higher then the other vaccines- Don't sweat it.

Anaphylaxis — a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction — is nothing to be ignored. It’s most commonly associated with allergies to foods, like peanuts, or bee stings, and it’s the reason many people carry EpiPens. Often, immediate administration of epinephrine is the only thing that can prevent death.

He goes into an apples and oranges comparison- I'm not going there. This doctor says anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening as he exhorts you to take an experimental vaccine with a higher then usual risk of anaphylaxis. Now I don't know about you, but, my understanding is when you KNOW your inclination to certain deadly allergies you stay away from those things that cause that reaction. You don't eat peanuts. Nor do you eat shellfish. And if your allergic to bee venom you stay as far away as possible from bees and carry your epi pen to save your life. Keeping that reality in mind let's read the stats on anaphylaxis and the Covid vaccine thus far.

But put those numbers in context: More than 2.1 million people in the United States have received a dose of a vaccine at this point. So far, according to reports, about 11 severe allergic reactionsrepresenting about one in 190,000 doses administered — have been noted. This is still higher than the overall rate of anaphylaxis in vaccinations, at 1.3 per one million given, but that may be only because we are being much more careful about monitoring reactions at the moment.



The quack doctor who wrote the featured oped couldn't even get his figures correct regarding the number of people that received the covid vaccine- He cites the number as 2.1 million. Yet, as I later learned  the CDC is stating the number by late December to be 1,893,360. The "good doctor" added just over two hundred thousand alleged injections to his figure in order for him to downplay the rates of anaphylaxis that were occurring.

out of the nearly 1.9 million (1,893,360 ) people who received their first shot of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in mid- to late December,

 This Doctor is disgraceful- that was my opinion on Dec.30/20 . And it's worsened


So, recapping 1 anaphylactic reaction per 1.3 million  vaccines overall.

Covid vaccine "about 11"  (he can't even provide an accurate count) severe reactions in just over 2 million injections. That's a much higher rate of potentially life threatening reactions

Or about 1 per 190,000 shots given. Versus 1 for every 1.3 million. Therefore we can understand that there is a much greater risk of anaphylaxis from the experimental vaccine then would normally be expected.

Not all guinea pigs who got the vaccine had known allergies- He doesn't mention that either.

Lies by omission.

This doctor bizarrely goes on to claim he continues to prescribe penicillin to his tiny tot patients who have had allergic reactions to them- This is strange to me, because, our daughter, like her dad has this same allergy. Our doctor stopped prescribing them to her when she was very small out of an abundance of caution. Which I was very grateful for! 

" But pediatricians like me dispense penicillin all the time, with minimal concerns. We do so because most allergic reactions are minor and serious ones can be managed, and because we believe that the benefits outweigh the harms."

Personally, I don't believe this doctor's claim at all. If he continued to prescribe penicillin to allergy prone children he'd be risking a malpractice lawsuit- His claim is, in my opinion, completely false. It's clear why he's spinning to push vaccination but no way is he practicing what he is preaching!  (This is appeal from authority propaganda -he's a doctor ya know?)

A few recent related reports- 

We knew the use of manipulative, coercive tactics were going to be undertaken

We already know that people are continuing to get Covid after vaccination:

And we know the rate of life threatening anaphylaxis is much higher then usual

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

This Nurse Got Covid-19 After Vaccination And He's Not Alone!

 As has been repeatedly reported here and in the media. If everyone would take the time to read through an entire msm article/medical studies you would know that the vaccine was NEVER tested or proven to stop the transmission of Covid-19

 The bar was set so low for this 'vaccine', actually RNA therapy, in order to get it out as fast as possible.  Remember this was not approved. This vaccine was only authorized for emergency use.

"San Diego nurse has tested positive for COVID-19 more than a week after receiving the vaccine for the virus, highlighting the point that inoculations are not silver bullets against the pandemic.

The nurse, who identified himself only as Matthew W., posted in a Facebook message about receiving the COVID vaccine from Pfizer and then six days later becoming sick with what he later found out was the coronavirus, KGTV, an ABC affiliate out of San Diego, reported.

Matthew received the Pfizer vaccine as a healthcare employee, who works at two different San Diego local hospitals, on Dec. 18. He said he started feeling ill on Christmas Eve as he suffered from chills, muscle aches, and fatigue, the news outlet said.

On Dec. 26, he went to a drive-up hospital coronavirus testing site, where he tested positive for the virus.

Matthew is not the only case of a person getting the vaccine and then contracting COVID-19.

Dr. Christian Ramers, an infectious disease specialist with Family Health Centers of San Diego, told KGTV that he knows of several other cases in the San Diego area with healthcare workers, saying this shows that the vaccine results are not immediate and the drug does not offer full protection."

I don't assume Matthew W and other others that got Covid after the vaccine were necessarily infected prior to receiving the vaccine because it seems highly likely that Matthew W is checked regularly for Covid-19. Example, in local LTC homes,  staff are tested weekly. 

 Here's why the vaccine didn't stop transmission? Because it was never, ever proven to be capable of doing so! It was never tested for this purpose. It was never shown to be capable of blocking transmission.

I just covered this yesterday:

"Here's what the studies don't yet show. They haven't looked at whether the vaccine prevents someone from carrying COVID-19 and spreading it to others. It's possible that someone could get the vaccine but could still be an asymptomatic carrier."

Matthew W was not asymptomatic. 

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

"Researchers debated how rigorously to test Covid-19 vaccine candidates at a public meeting Thursday of the FDA's advisory committee on vaccines.

"Simply preventing mild cases is not enough and may not justify the risks associated with vaccination," said Peter Doshi, an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, who detailed his concerns in an editorial in The BMJ.

Few expect Covid-19 vaccines to be that effective. "We're trying to lower that bar and determine how much lower is acceptable," Casper said."

Lower the bar. Just one big giant human RNA therapy experiment. Risks from the vaccination not justified. 

Considering the  higher then usual anaphylactic reactions..... 

There is no real pay off and a whole lot of risk.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Manipulative Language (Spells) Employed To Improve Acceptance of Covid-19 RNA Vaccine (experimental)

 Not approved. Only authorized. And no proof at all the vaccine works to slow or stop transmission. None. zero zilch.  Refresh your memory by rereading:

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

As has been stated here. Repeatedly. Language is the spell cast over you. Words are weaponized to 'persuade' you to make the choices others want you to make.  If you're hesitant, you undoubtedly have a good reason for that hesitancy.

The Language of Vaccine Acceptance- PR News Wire (Public Relations = PR)

 "The Language of Vaccine Acceptance," reveal the urgent need for political and health leaders to adjust their messaging to improve confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. The poll identifies the language that will be most effective in reaching all Americans, especially those who are currently less likely to take a vaccine, including rural Americans, Republicans age 18-49, Black Americans 18-49, and women 18-49. To see details, visit

The nationwide poll was conducted by the de Beaumont Foundation and pollster Frank Luntz in partnership with the American Public Health Association, the National Collaborative for Health Equity, and Resolve to Save Lives, an Initiative of Vital Strategies. "The divides along racial, urban-rural, political, and generational lines are significant when it comes to vaccine acceptance," Luntz said, "but we've learned that there are certain words and phrases that will work for all audiences." 

Brian C. Castrucci, DrPH, President and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, said, "Words can save lives. Our ability to boost confidence in COVID-19 vaccines will depend largely on the language, the messengers, and methods we use to communicate to Americans that the vaccine will help keep them and their families safe and healthy."

Words can also cost lives. Always be aware of the magical wielding of words. 

Tips to Promote Vaccine Acceptance
This poll highlights the urgent need to change our vaccine lexicon in order to help bridge key differences and rally Americans across the country toward vaccine acceptance. Key findings include:

  • Tailor your messages for your audience.
  • Explain the benefits of getting the vaccine, not just the consequences of not taking it. Focus on the need to return to normal and reopen the economy.
  • Talk about the people behind the vaccine. Refer to the scientists, the health and medical experts, and the researchers – not the science, health, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Avoid judgmental language when talking about or to people who are worried about taking a vaccine. Acknowledge their concern or skepticism and offer to answer their questions.
  • Black and Latinx Americans are more motivated than the general population by the potential to stop wearing masks.
  • Latinx respondents were the only group more motivated by the statement that taking the vaccine is "the right thing to do" than by "getting the vaccine will keep your family and friends healthy and safe."

Messages for Most Hesitant Groups
Following are highlights of poll findings to inform effective messaging for rural Americans, young Republicans, Black Americans, and women:   

  • Americans in rural/farm communities have much less confidence in the safety of the vaccine (39% "a little safe" or "not at all safe" vs. 38% "very safe" or "extremely safe").
  • The generational divide is most pronounced among Black Americans when it comes to what outcome matters most in this pandemic. "Returning to normal" is the desired outcome among Black Americans under 50. But for those over 50, saving lives is the highest priority.
  • The top priority for young Republicans is a "return to normal." The next highest priority is to reopen the economy. Messages about personal health/safety are less impactful. 
  • For women, the greatest consequence from the pandemic is equally "damage from lockdowns" and the "potential for family/friends to become ill." Stressing how the vaccine will address both concerns at the same time is important.

 Damage from lock downs is on the government. It's text book insanity. Potential for family and friends to become ill is not resolved by the vaccine. What with potential deadly side effects and the FACT that the vaccine will not impede transmission of the virus. Knowing that mask wearing/social distancing will continue to be required.  Due, again, to the FACT there is ZERO proof the vaccine impedes transmission. Therefore normal will return when and only when we start acting normal, en masse.

Why getting a COVID-19 vaccine doesn't mean you should stop mask-wearing

Here's what the studies don't yet show. They haven't looked at whether the vaccine prevents someone from carrying COVID-19 and spreading it to others. It's possible that someone could get the vaccine but could still be an asymptomatic carrier. They may not show symptoms, but they have the virus in their nasal passageway so that if they're speaking, breathing, sneezing and so on, they can still transmit it to others.

This is the main reason why we can't stop wearing masks right after we get the vaccine. The vaccine will (maybe/ no guarantee)  protect you from getting ill and then ending up hospitalized. But it's possible that you could still carry the virus and be contagious to others. So those who get the vaccine should still be wearing masks and practicing physical distancing.

In conclusion employing the manipulative language of returning to normal after vaccination is just more bullshit. Plain and simple. It stinks. It's offensive. And it's a lie. 

Repeating: Weaponized manipulative wording is only used to get you to do what someone else wants done.  It robs you of your own choice. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated in this manner. Think for yourself. Weigh out the pros and cons- the real pros and cons. Make an informed choice. Not one you've been coerced into!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)

 You really need to take the time and watch this extremely informative video. Hubby and I are personally taking 3,000 IU's of Vitamin D daily. As well as zinc and C.

We do not consume high fructose sweetener regularly. (Though it's hard to avoid and is include in many more products then it should be- so watch out for it)  This product is toxic beyond belief. And inflammatory. 


HFCS and sugar have been shown to drive inflammation, which is associated with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In addition to inflammation, excess fructose may increase harmful substances called advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which may harm your cells ( 21 , 22 , 23 ).Sep 27, 2019

Study after study are taking their place in a growing lineup of scientific research demonstrating that consuming high-fructose corn syrup is the fastest way to trash your health.

This information will come up in the presentation embedded below  

 Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)


 REFERENCES: The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS)... (J. of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology) | Aging decreases the capacity of human skin to produce vitamin D3 (The J. of Clinical Investigation) | Racial differences in the relationship between vitamin D... (Osteoporosis Int.) | Decreased bioavailability of vitamin D in obesity (The American J of Clinical Nutrition) | Vitamin D Insufficiency and Deficiency and Mortality from Respiratory Diseases ... (Nutrients) | Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis... (BMJ) | Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A... (The American J.of Clinical Nutrition) | Vitamin D and SARS-CoV-2 infection... (Irish J. of Medical Science) | Factors associated with COVID-19-related death... (Nature) | Editorial: low population mortality from COVID-19 ... (Alimentary Pharm. & Therap.) | The role of vitamin D in the prevention of coronavirus ... (Aging Clinical & Experimental Research) | 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations Are Lower in Patients with ... SARS-CoV-2 (Nutrients) | Vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19: Mixing up cause and consequence (Metabolism) | Low plasma 25(OH) vitamin D level... increased risk of COVID-19... (The FEBS J.) | The link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19... | SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates... with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels (PLOS One) | Vitamin D status and outcomes for... COVID-19 (Postgrad Medical J.) | Vitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19... (Nutrients) | “Effect of calcifediol treatment...” (The J. of Steroid Bio. and Molec. Bio.) | Vitamin D and survival in COVID-19 patients... (The J. of Steroid Bio. and Molec. Bio.) | Effect of Vitamin D3 ... vs Placebo on Hospital Length of Stay...: A Multicenter, Double-blind, Randomized Controlled Trial | Short term, high-dose vitamin D... for COVID-19 disease: a randomized, placebo-controlled, study [SHADE study] (Postgraduate Medical Journal) | Association of Vitamin D Status... With COVID-19 Test Results (JAMA Network Open) | Vitamin D Fortification of Fluid Milk ... A Review (Nutrients) | Analysis of vitamin D level among asymptomatic and critically ill COVID-19 patients... (Scientific Reports from the Journal Nature) | THE MEDCRAM WEBSITE: Visit us for videos on over 60 medical topics and CME / CEs for medical professionals: All coronavirus updates are at (including COVID-19 developments, cholecalciferol, vitamin d benefits, etc.) We offer over 60 medical topics on our website. Media contact:


The Vitamin D deficiency problem is massive and global.  The D deficiency and Covid-19 connection have come up more then once here at PFYT's- Most recently...

Manitoba, Canada: Severe Reaction to Pfizer Covid 19 RNA Injection aka Vaccine

 As mentioned in today's previous report- 

There was one adverse reaction to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine in Manitoba, Canada. The lack of detailed information on the reaction to the experimental vaccine is noticeable. Hard to make an informed decision without access to timely and relevant information. Don't ya think?


Manitoba public health officials say 490 more people received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, and one person had an "adverse reaction," according to a news release issued on Christmas Eve.

The province didn't say what kind of reaction the person had, but Health Canada has advised people with severe allergies to any of the ingredients in the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine not to get it.

I'll update should any additional information become available.

Still More Anaphylactic Reactions To Covid (RNA treatment) Vaccine: The Newly Authorized Moderna Jab

There was one in Canada, I'll get to later. For this report we'll cover the anaphylactic reaction to the emergency authorized Moderna shot (not approved)


Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh, a hematology oncology fellow at Boston Medical Center, was given the drug on Christmas Eve. The health care worker, who has a severe shellfish allergy, said his heart began to race after taking the vaccine. Initially, he thought his increased heart rate was due to anxiety he had about the jab, stemming from reports of serious medical episodes occurring after people with allergies were injected with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.  

However, he soon realized that he was suffering from something far more dangerous. Within minutes, Sadrzadeh’s tongue and throat began to tingle and go numb, a reaction that he associated with his shellfish allergy. Even more concerning, his blood pressure then dipped so low that it wasn’t even detectable with a monitor.

Luckily, the doctor had brought his own EpiPen, which he administered on himself before hospital staff rushed him to the emergency room. He was given several medications, including steroids and Benadryl. A record of his hospital visit stated that he was admitted to the ER for “shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations and numbness after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.”

“I feel that if I did not have my EpiPen with me, I would be intubated right now, because it was that severe,” he said, adding that it was the worst allergic reaction he had experienced since he was 11 years old. 
“I knew the symptoms. I had the experience. I was a physician, and I was scared to death. Imagine someone who does not have the information,” he noted. Sadrzadeh has offered Moderna a blood sample in an effort to help the firm identify what ingredient in the vaccine may have triggered the allergic reaction.

“I really don’t want anybody to go and experience this and go through this event that I had,” he said.

Recall the incidents in Alaska? In the post below it's explained what epinephrine is a what it's used for. And the use of anti histamines and steroids are also clarified.


A Boston physician said he developed a severe allergic reaction minutes after receiving Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine on Thursday, in the first week of the nationwide rollout for the company’s shots.

The case was the first of its kind reported to be linked to Moderna’s vaccine. Federal agencies are investigating at least six cases involving people who suffered anaphylaxis after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which contains similar ingredients, during the first few weeks of its distribution in the United States.

"At least six cases"- So you know it's more then six! Because "at least" is weasel wording

 With more than 1.1 million injections already delivered to arms across the country, severe allergic reactions remain a rarity, and should not prompt concern in most people, said Dr. Merin

 Dr Merin is pretty obviously shilling for big pharma. The continued downplaying of these severe reactions via the pharmaceutical promoting media never ceases to amaze me. The number of anaphylactic reactions, severe reactions, to date has far outnumbered what would 'normally' occur with other immunizations. And the only reason these people have survived is because these injections were given in hospital settings.  There should have been one anaphylactic reaction per million- not eight by my count. There is a problem. Anaphylactic reactions are not trivial. They are life threatening.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas Fellow Passengers On Life's Journey

 In 2010, an excerpt from "A Christmas Carol" was used to send out my Christmas wish to all. To lurking readers. Other's who share thoughts.  To my fellow bloggers. Those who stand with me in the metaphorical trenches, year after year. And everyone else. Whoever you are? Wherever it is you may be?  I wish you all the best. A joyous day. Happy times. People to share the season with.  Some good food and of course, always, some good wine. My Christmas 2020 post will end again with that quote. 

First a bit of reflection:

 This year has been a very different year. That's for sure. The online censorship has gotten more robust. AND yet... we still stand

 The fear has been heightened to levels so extreme. I could hardly believe them possible. And yet.... still we stand. 

Standing tall. Standing true. Standing strong. In the face of what one could only describe as a deluge of lies & misrepresentation. The destructive heavy handedness of government doing the bidding of those who hold the reins of power. As we enter yet another lockdown. A lockdown that will result in a multitude of destroyed lives and liveloods. Lots has gone wrong this year. Personally, it's been a difficult year. Challenges. Sadness. Feelings of loss. And still much has been good as well. Through it all there has been- LOVE. In the spirit of the season I told my hubby how very much his love and support has been appreciated this past year. How glad I am to have him for 'my rock' Of course, he said I was silly. But he smiled, still. 

 I thought about the people that crossed my path yesterday. What had been done to them? What they had allowed to be done to them? The cross (angry) The fearful. The dictators. So many little dictators. "You're walking against the arrows" "Your mask isn't on right"  Horrendous attitudes openly on display. Why were these people acting so awful? My conclusion was that they all felt so helpless they desperately needed each to be a tiny drill sergeant so they could have some power. However fleeting. However illusory. It was truly pathetic. I smiled. Chatted. Laughed. And wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Many thought I was mad, undoubtedly. That is not the case. My determination was to not let the fearful, the brainwashed, the deranged drag me down to their level. Ya know the one where they'd lost every bit of their humanity? They failed to realize that in each of us is a bit of the other.  I don't want to lose that understanding of mankind. 

So my wish for Christmas- Is that this memory, this realization is restored to each and everyone of us.

"But I am sure I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round -- apart from the veneration due to its sacred name and origin, if anything belonging to it can be apart from that -- as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!"

However you spend this time? Spend it well. Be kind. Say hello. Smile. Don't forget we are all fellow passengers on life's journey

Stay out of fear. Take back your power. And don't allow it to be taken from you again. 

*buon Natale 
*joyeux Noël
*Feliz Navidad
*hyvää joulua
*καλά Χριστούγεννα
*счастливого Рождества
*mutlu Noeller
*Fröhliche Weihnachten  

Anaphylactic Reaction To Covid-19 "Vaccine" in Alabama- Anaphylaxis Much Higher Then Was Expected.

If anaphylactic reaction are much higher then expected... 

Is that not suggestive of very poorly done trials? You know it is. As well as I do!

 Severe allergic reaction reported following COVID-19 immunization in Alabama

"The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has been made aware that a person who received the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday experienced anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) several minutes after taking the vaccine and while in required post-vaccine observation. The patient was immediately treated with anaphylaxis protocol at Decatur Morgan Hospital where the vaccine was administered.

"At this time, the patient is stable and appears to be recovering. Information received is that the patient had a previous history of anaphylaxis to biologic agents and, following risk assessment, wished to proceed with vaccine. Previous anaphylaxis to biologics is a precaution, not a contraindication, to COVID-19 vaccine.

"As required by the emergency use authorization (EUA) the adverse reaction has been documented and reported to the manufacturer.

"As of Wednesday at 7 a.m., Alabama providers reported 15,286 doses of COVID-10 vaccine had been administered in the state.

- The severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) in New York occurred after 30,000 injections= 1 in 30,000

- The anaphylactic reaction in Alabama occurred after 15,000 injections = 1 in 15,000

- The multiple anaphylactic reactions in Alaska occurred after an unknown number of injections (unknown to me) were given. But considering the population of Alaska it pretty easy to assume that the 3 reactions that occurred were in a pretty small number of vaccine recipients= 3 in ?

- There were other serious reactions in the US as well.

The frequency of allergic reactions to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is greater than what would be expected for other vaccines, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed said Wednesday.

Slaoui said the last time he was updated on allergic reactions was Tuesday, when there were six cases.

The US started the immunisation drive after FDA granted emergency use authorisation to Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.(REUTERS)  

Six serious cases as of Tuesday. And two more (featured here)  So at least 8 anaphylactic reactions?  Anaphylaxis usually occurs one in every million vaccines given. Clearly the risk with this vaccine ( actually RNA therapy) is many times higher then with traditional vaccination


In the previous report, linked below, the usual one in a million reaction is mentioned. As are the higher then usual? Expected anaphylactic reactions with the Covid 19 "vaccine"

Suspicions Grow That Nanoparticles in Pfizer's Covid Vaccine (Injectible RNA Therapy) May Trigger Deadly Anaphylactic Reactions

"Anaphylactic reactions can occur with any vaccine, but are usually extremely rare—about one per 1 million doses. As of 19 December, the United States had seen six cases of anaphylaxis among 272,001 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine, (that's a statistically significant and problematic, deadly reaction) according to a recent presentation by Thomas Clark of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Health care worker in NYC has serious allergic reaction to coronavirus vaccine

 How many is that now? Deadly, serious reactions. Life threatening.  Yet, another serious adverse reaction, this time in New York.


Health officials in New York City report that a health care worker who was among the first to receive a COVID-19 vaccination has had a serious adverse reaction.

The patient, who was not identified had a significant allergic reaction and is in stable condition.

 Stable condition after being given an experimental,  emergency authorized, not approved vaccine, that is more accurately a RNA therapy.

One NYC healthcare worker had ‘significant allergic reaction’ to COVID vaccine

We have received a single report of a serious adverse event in a health care worker,” the Health Department said in a written statement. “The health care worker, who had a significant allergic reaction, has been treated and is in stable condition.”

Stable condition...

No word on lesser reactions. Though I'm sure they occurred.   The severe reactions are too many in number for the small numbers of vaccines given.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Suspicions Grow That Nanoparticles in Pfizer's Covid Vaccine (Injectible RNA Therapy) May Trigger Deadly Anaphylactic Reactions

Yup, suspicions grow.... You really should read the entire article from Science

Severe allergy-like reactions in at least eight people who received the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech over the past 2 weeks may be due to a compound in the packaging of the messenger RNA (mRNA) that forms the vaccine’s main ingredient, scientists say. A similar mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna, which was authorized for emergency use in the United States on Friday, also contains the compound, polyethylene glycol (PEG).

PEG has never been used before in an approved (correction, authorized for emergency use)  vaccine, but it is found in many drugs that have occasionally triggered anaphylaxis—a potentially life-threatening reaction that can cause rashes, a plummeting blood pressure, shortness of breath, and a fast heartbeat. Some allergists and immunologists believe a small number of people previously exposed to PEG may have high levels of antibodies against PEG, putting them at risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.

Digression and Trip Down Memory Lane

Let's talk about PEG- Polyethylene Glycol-  Anti freeze? In my world it is very much an anti freeze. It has similar properties And pathetically, yes, it is included in some food and beauty products. And laxatives. That cause behavioural problems in children. It is a petroleum product. 

One could liken it to Rockefeller's snake oil? 

And like every snake oil salesman, he had a cure-all tonic to hock. He called it Rock Oil and charged $25 a bottle for it, equivalent at the time to 2 months’ salary for the average American worker. Claiming it could cure all but the most terminal cancers, there were always desperate souls in every town who could be duped into buying a bottle.

As near as anyone can tell, “Rock Oil” was in fact just a mixture of Laxative & Petroleum OIL and had no effect whatsoever on the cancer of the poor townsfolk he conned into buying it. But “Dr. Bill” didn’t have to worry about the consequences when his customers discovered they’d been had; he never stayed in any one place for very long.

 We've really not gone to far down the road from John D Rockefeller's snake oil salesman Daddy and Rockefeller's Medicine Men I read the book some years back. Had it linked here twice. The more things change.. the more they are exactly the same 

 Back to Science 

"Others are skeptical of the link. Still, the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was concerned enough to convene several meetings last week to discuss the allergic reactions with representatives of Pfizer and Moderna, independent scientists and physicians, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

NIAID is also setting up a study in collaboration with FDA to analyze the response to the vaccine in people who have high levels of anti-PEG antibodies or have experienced severe allergic responses to drugs or vaccines before. “Until we know there is truly a PEG story, we need to be very careful in talking about that as a done deal,” says Alkis Togias, branch chief of allergy, asthma, and airway biology at NIAID.

Pfizer, too, says it is “actively seeking follow-up.” A statement emailed to Science noted it already recommends that “appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be readily available” in case a vaccinee develops anaphylaxis.

Anaphylactic reactions can occur with any vaccine, but are usually extremely rare—about one per 1 million doses. As of 19 December, the United States had seen six cases of anaphylaxis among 272,001 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine, (that's a statistically significant and problematic, deadly reaction) according to a recent presentation by Thomas Clark of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the United Kingdom has recorded two. Because the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines use a new platform, the reactions call for careful scrutiny, says Elizabeth Phillips, a drug hypersensitivity researcher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who attended an NIAID meeting on 16 December. “This is new.” 

News reports about the allergic reactions have already created anxiety. “Patients with severe allergies in the US are getting nervous about the possibility that they may not be able to get vaccinated, at least with those two vaccines,” Togias wrote in an invitation to meeting participants. “Allergies in general are so common in the population that this could create a resistance against the vaccines in the population,” adds Janos Szebeni, an immunologist at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, who has long studied hypersensitivity reactions to PEG and who also attended the 16 December gathering.

Scientists who believe PEG may be the culprit stress that vaccination should continue. “We need to get vaccinated,” Phillips says. “We need to try and curtail this pandemic.” But more data are urgently needed, she adds: “These next couple of weeks in the U.S. are going to be extremely important for defining what to do next.”

The two vaccines both contain mRNA wrapped in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) that help carry it to human cells but also act as an adjuvant, a vaccine ingredient that bolsters the immune response. The LNPs are “PEGylated”—chemically attached to PEG molecules that cover the outside of the particles and increase their stability and life span.

PEGs are also used in everyday products such as toothpaste and shampoo as thickeners, solvents, softeners, and moisture carriers, and they’ve been used as a laxative for decades. An increasing number of biopharmaceuticals include PEGylated compounds as well.

PEGs were long thought to be biologically inert, but a growing body of evidence suggests they are not. As much as 72% of people have at least some antibodies against PEGs, according to a 2016 study led by Samuel Lai, a pharmaco-engineer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presumably as a result of exposure to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. About 7% have a level that may be high enough to predispose them to anaphylactic reactions, he found. Other studies have also found antibodies against PEG, but at lower levels.

“Some companies have dropped PEGylated products from their pipeline as a result,” Lai says. But he notes that the safety record of many PEGylated drugs has persuaded others that “concerns about anti-PEG antibodies are overstated.”

Szebeni says the mechanism behind PEG-conjugated anaphylaxis is relatively unknown because it does not involve immunoglobulin E (IgE), the antibody type that causes classical allergic reactions. (That’s why he prefers to call them “anaphylactoid” reactions.) Instead, PEG triggers two other classes of antibodies, immunoglobulin M (IgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG), involved in a branch of the body’s innate immunity called the complement system, which Szebeni has spent decades studying in a pig model he developed.

In 1999, while working at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Szebeni described a new type of drug-induced reaction he dubbed complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA), a nonspecific immune response to nanoparticle-based medicines, often PEGylated, that are mistakenly recognized by the immune system as viruses.

Szebeni believes CARPA explains the severe anaphylactoid reactions some PEGylated drugs are occasionally known to cause, including cancer blockbuster Doxil. A team assembled by Bruce Sullenger, a surgeon at Duke University, experienced similar issues with an experimental anticoagulant containing PEGylated RNA. The team had to halt a phase III trial in 2014 after about 0.6% of 1600 people who received the drug had severe allergic responses and one participant died. “That stopped the trial,” Sullenger says. The team found that every participant with an anaphylaxis had high levels of anti-PEG IgG. But some with no adverse reaction had high levels as well, Sullenger adds. “So, it is not sufficient to just have these antibodies.”

At the NIAID meeting, several attendees stressed that PEGylated nanoparticles may cause problems through a mechanism other than CARPA. Just last month, Phillips and scientists at FDA and other institutions published a paper showing patients who suffered an anaphylactic reaction to PEGylated drugs did have IgE antibodies to PEG after all, suggesting those may be involved, rather than IgG and IgM.

Other scientists, meanwhile, are not convinced PEG is involved at all. “There is a lot of exaggeration when it comes to the risk of PEGs and CARPA,” says Moein Moghimi, a nanomedicine researcher at Newcastle University who suspects a more conventional mechanism is causing the reactions. “You are technically delivering an adjuvant at the injection site to excite the local immune system. It happens that some people get too much excitement, because they have a relatively high number of local immune cells.”

And you'll have to read the rest at the link provided to Science.


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