Thursday, December 31, 2020

Covid Outbreak Hits Site of First in Canada Covid Vaccination Roll Out

 If you've been paying attention to the weird media coverage surrounding the vaccine roll out- you'll notice the phrase "it was expected" everywhere. Anaphylaxis "it was expected" Really at ten times the usual rate? That was expected?  Or the people contracting Covid- 19 after having the vaccine That was expected as well?  I think it was feared. For the obvious reason that the failure of the vaccine would be demonstrable

That said let's move on to the latest news about the covid vaccine: 

Coronavirus outbreak hits Quebec's first vaccination site, public health says 'it's expected'

On Dec. 11, as the Quebec City health region was preparing to administer the first Canadian doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, two residents at the CHSLD Saint-Antoine tested positive for coronavirus.

The next day, 15 more did. The people affected were from a single unit and were quickly isolated.

Regular testing and isolation is occurring at the home as would be expected 

The CHSLD Saint-Antoine in Quebec City, where the first COVID-19 vaccine doses in Canada were given, is battling a coronavirus outbreak.

More than 80 people at the centre, including 66 residents, have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since receiving the first of two vaccine doses.

According to the health region, 202 residents took the vaccine, along with 125 staff. It seems likely (weasel wording) several of them were already infected with the coronavirus when they received the shot, Otis indicated.

In any case, immune responses aren't typically instantaneous, Dr. Jacques Girard, the medical adviser to Quebec City's chief public health officer, told Radio-Canada's Première Heure.

"When we give someone a vaccine it's to protect them," but he cautioned that it often takes a couple of weeks to develop sufficient antibodies to stave off the virus, meaning that as of this week there should be signs the outbreak at CHSLD Saint-Antoine is starting to recede.

Yet the rates of anaphylaxis suggest to us that an immune response of some sort is being generated within minutes of the shot being given.

Residents and staff will begin receiving their second dose of the serum beginning Jan. 4.

"The situation at CHSLD Saint-Antoine demonstrates the importance of protecting oneself even after vaccination. And even if the vaccine provided real protection after one dose … we know the virus can still transit through certain people," Otis said.

The experience in Quebec City to this point lends credence to the belief previously expressed by some scientists that while vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread.

Let's unpack those few paragraphs above. The idea of vaccination does not include "protecting oneself " afterwards . I've never read that stated previously regarding vaccination. We've always been told that vaccines eradicated diseases- small pox, polio and the like.

"We know the virus can transit through certain people" 

Who are these "certain people" Do we have them identified?  Shouldn't they be? I don't know, that seems such a bizarre statement?

"Vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread." 

Excuse me, but, isn't this vaccine supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. blah, blah, blah?

And the last few paragraphs of this news article below:

The experience in Quebec City to this point lends credence to the belief previously expressed by some scientists that while vaccination is good at protecting people against getting desperately sick, it may not inhibit spread.

Another factor to consider, Otis said, is the clinical trials for the vaccine weren't held in a long-term care environment that is dealing with an incipient outbreak.

Every item I've read about this vaccine roll out it feels like damage control in real time

The failure to stop transmission has been covered here as well

"Here's what the studies don't yet show. They haven't looked at whether the vaccine prevents someone from carrying COVID-19 and spreading it to others. It's possible that someone could get the vaccine but could still be an asymptomatic carrier."

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

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  1. Thanks, Penny for these continued updates. I feel mentally swamped these days, and I know you do too, but you're managing it extremely well, and I may not have any intelligent commentary, but I do value the info you provide and the way you've organized it for future reference.

    All the best for 2021 to you, your family, and your readers.

  2. Hi Penny:

    This post of yours absolutely dovetails with what Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says in an interview I've linked to my latest post. The interview explains why there will always be a "CovID-19" outbreak in zones where vaccinations against CovID-19 has taken place. I will embed this post of your in the appropriate phrase in may conclusions on that post. Thanks! and a Happy New Year 2021 to you, your family and your family of readers!


  3. Things are going from bad to worse. It could very well be the vaccines are spreading the so called viruses. The Bill Gates Polio vaccine does that as well as the one for whooping cough. The vaccinated carry and spread the virus after they are vaccinated. The vaccines are not to protect against, so called covid anyway, as they have never isolated the virus to start with, so whatever is in the vaccines, are going to be a major problem. None of this surprises me at all. My new thing is if you have been vaccinated with any of these vaccines stay the hell away from me. The flu vaccine is also a big bad as it weakens your immune system to you cannot fight off other things. So if you get it you will get sick with many more other things.
    This so called experimental vaccine is going to do a lot of nasty things to people. Why on earth anyone would would consent to taking it is beyond me. Other then the fact everyone has been brainwashed over the years by the main stream media, to believe vaccines are safe. They are anything but safe. I suppose after a few million get sick or die they will stop using them. As it is I have no idea why they are keeping this going considering thousands have already been harmed by them. All we can do its warn people. The brainwashing is pretty deep when it comes to some. Just look at how easy it was to con people into wearing masks. Many of them are getting sick now to. Everything is geared to making more people sick. It is all about money and control. Never forget that.

  4. Ohio Governor said 60% of Care Home Workers declined vaccine

    " Gov. Mike DeWine says as many as 60% of nursing home employees are opting out."

    Rant time: I'm sick and tired of the spin about social media conspiracy theories and all other strawmen the msm is pushing.

    "“They see on social media that the government is putting microchips in you or the government is putting a vaccine out there that hasn’t been properly studied," Van Runkle says."

    People are entitled to make their own choices, for themselves,for their own health, what medicine they take. What they will allow their own bodies to be injected with

    And the simple fact is this vaccine was not studied adequately- nor was it approved it was only authorized as an emergency measure- that's been reported in all sorts of msm outlets as well as covered by doctors, professor and in medical journals

    That's not conspiracy that's reality- the biggest promoters of unadulterated rubbish are the talking heads- governors, prime ministers (political class) Bill Gates funded WHO. And others of that ilk

  5. Contrast our vaccine release with China's. They've vaccinated more than one-million people and are still analyzing the data.