Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dear Guinea Pigs...Don't Worry About A "Vaccine" With A Higher Rate of Deadly Anaphylaxis That Doesn't Stop Transmission.

 Don't worry + Be Happy = Take the vaccine

You won't have to wear a mask anymore?  Wrong.

You won't have to social distance anymore?  Wrong

You can't be a "superspreader" (You should be now realize that's a meme. A manipulative word deployed as a weapon) Especially a non symptomatic superspreader? No that's wrong as well.

Since the vaccine has never demonstrated any ability nor was it ever tested for reduced transmission. We know and understand that all of the above claims are demonstrably wrong. Despite the known facts we can read the language, weaponized big pharma's spell, being used in this latest piece from NYTimes. Don't worry- it's better then getting the disease?  That's not true. Since this is an experimental injection. That was not thoroughly tested. We can't know what the risks are. Short or long term. We do know that most people who get Covid-19 survive. It's very nearly 100 percent survivable. 

But don't worry if the rate of anaphylaxis is way higher then the other vaccines- Don't sweat it.

Anaphylaxis — a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction — is nothing to be ignored. It’s most commonly associated with allergies to foods, like peanuts, or bee stings, and it’s the reason many people carry EpiPens. Often, immediate administration of epinephrine is the only thing that can prevent death.

He goes into an apples and oranges comparison- I'm not going there. This doctor says anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening as he exhorts you to take an experimental vaccine with a higher then usual risk of anaphylaxis. Now I don't know about you, but, my understanding is when you KNOW your inclination to certain deadly allergies you stay away from those things that cause that reaction. You don't eat peanuts. Nor do you eat shellfish. And if your allergic to bee venom you stay as far away as possible from bees and carry your epi pen to save your life. Keeping that reality in mind let's read the stats on anaphylaxis and the Covid vaccine thus far.

But put those numbers in context: More than 2.1 million people in the United States have received a dose of a vaccine at this point. So far, according to reports, about 11 severe allergic reactionsrepresenting about one in 190,000 doses administered — have been noted. This is still higher than the overall rate of anaphylaxis in vaccinations, at 1.3 per one million given, but that may be only because we are being much more careful about monitoring reactions at the moment.



The quack doctor who wrote the featured oped couldn't even get his figures correct regarding the number of people that received the covid vaccine- He cites the number as 2.1 million. Yet, as I later learned  the CDC is stating the number by late December to be 1,893,360. The "good doctor" added just over two hundred thousand alleged injections to his figure in order for him to downplay the rates of anaphylaxis that were occurring.

out of the nearly 1.9 million (1,893,360 ) people who received their first shot of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in mid- to late December,

 This Doctor is disgraceful- that was my opinion on Dec.30/20 . And it's worsened


So, recapping 1 anaphylactic reaction per 1.3 million  vaccines overall.

Covid vaccine "about 11"  (he can't even provide an accurate count) severe reactions in just over 2 million injections. That's a much higher rate of potentially life threatening reactions

Or about 1 per 190,000 shots given. Versus 1 for every 1.3 million. Therefore we can understand that there is a much greater risk of anaphylaxis from the experimental vaccine then would normally be expected.

Not all guinea pigs who got the vaccine had known allergies- He doesn't mention that either.

Lies by omission.

This doctor bizarrely goes on to claim he continues to prescribe penicillin to his tiny tot patients who have had allergic reactions to them- This is strange to me, because, our daughter, like her dad has this same allergy. Our doctor stopped prescribing them to her when she was very small out of an abundance of caution. Which I was very grateful for! 

" But pediatricians like me dispense penicillin all the time, with minimal concerns. We do so because most allergic reactions are minor and serious ones can be managed, and because we believe that the benefits outweigh the harms."

Personally, I don't believe this doctor's claim at all. If he continued to prescribe penicillin to allergy prone children he'd be risking a malpractice lawsuit- His claim is, in my opinion, completely false. It's clear why he's spinning to push vaccination but no way is he practicing what he is preaching!  (This is appeal from authority propaganda -he's a doctor ya know?)

A few recent related reports- 

We knew the use of manipulative, coercive tactics were going to be undertaken

We already know that people are continuing to get Covid after vaccination:

And we know the rate of life threatening anaphylaxis is much higher then usual

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