Thursday, December 3, 2020

Deaths in Long Term Care Homes Linked to Increased Prescriptions of Dangerous (Black Box) Medications, not Covid?

  Don't miss yesterday's post documenting the fact, as had been reported here previously, that the Covid-19 was in circulation, including the presence of specific antibodies BEFORE appearing in Wuhan. That post has been updated with additional information as of today December 03/20

CDC Study: Covid-19 Was Infecting Americans, who were generating anti bodies, Before China Identified the Virus. 

 The question posed in the title is a very valid question  One that has to be asked and answers should be demanded!    

Globalnews: Coronavirus pandemic sparks rise in dangerous medications in LTC homes,

"The first wave of COVID-19 triggered an increase in psychiatric drug prescriptions in long-term care homes, new data shows, and geriatrics experts warn this puts patients with dementia at risk for further harm from falls, stroke and sedation.

Faced with staff shortages and lockdowns that restrict caregiver visits, nursing homes increasingly fall back on medications to regulate behaviour and manage mental health concerns, says Toronto geriatrician Dr. Nathan Stall.

Prescriptions of antipsychotics, antidepressants, sleeping medications and benzodiazepines all increased between March and September, according to a study of Ontario’s 623 licensed nursing homes.

If you don't have a clue how bad these meds are for elderly residents with dementia and alzheimer, GET INFORMED! See directly below 


From the above meta-analysis including several large retrospective studies recently reported, the data is consistent for risk of increased all-cause mortality associated with dementia or other patients when prescribed the antipsychotic drugs. In agreement with the previous meta-analysis published in [], excluding highly heterogeneous studies, from our meta-analysis, the facts remain indisputable

Risk of mortality is significant and similarly high for all users, including dementia and non-dementia patients alike.

In plain language the increased prescribing of anti psychotics increases the risk of death- Significantly.

Global news continues:

This is an abrupt reversal after years of declining use of sedative medications in seniors, says Stall, who led the study.

Overall, an “additional 1,000 residents are being prescribed antipsychotics who were not on the medication before the pandemic,” Stall says. The jump occurred following restrictions on visitors and congregate activities such as dining and recreational groups.

Such “knee-jerk reactions to try and medicate the distress of residents in nursing homes” during the COVID-19 pandemic are a serious concern, Stall said.

He warns that antipsychotics come with a “black-box warning” for the elderly. Stall says they increase the “risk of stroke, falls and all-cause mortality, and are not recommended for frail, older adults,” such as those with dementia, who make up about 70 per cent of nursing-home residents in Ontario.
The preliminary figures from the Ontario study were released Monday on medRxiv, an online preprint server for medical research.

The findings, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, are in line with growing evidence that during the global pandemic, rising numbers of nursing home residents have received sedative medications, such as antipsychotics.

It could take weeks or months for the findings to be peer-reviewed, but Stall believes it is important to get this information out now in the midst of a second wave.

According to a November report in the medical journal The Lancet, a greater proportion of people with dementia in the United Kingdom have been prescribed antipsychotic medication during the pandemic than in previous years.

Virtually guaranteeing a massive increase in deaths in a shorter time frame

And in British Columbia, a survey of nursing home residents and their families by the province’s seniors advocate published last month found a seven per cent rate of increase in antipsychotic use, and a three per cent rate of increase in antidepressant use during the time of visitor restrictions for COVID.

Geriatrics experts are concerned that the global pandemic is undoing years of hard-won progress in reducing the use of potentially dangerous and ineffective medications in the elderly and those with dementia.

Stall also sees these trends as indicators of something even more sinister: the pandemic response may have resulted in more mood disorders and behavioural disturbances for people with dementia.

Dr. Fred Mather, president of Ontario Long Term Care Clinicians and the medical director at Sunnyside Home in Kitchener, Ont., explains that unfortunately, not only are medications such as antipsychotics associated with significant side-effects, but they have also been proven ineffective in treating responsive behaviours in dementia.

He characterizes “responsive behaviours” as distressing behaviours, such as hitting or grabbing, exhibited by people with dementia that put themselves or others at risk. The current understanding of these behaviours is that they are not symptoms of dementia, Mather says, but rather, “a form of communication that needs to be addressed about an unmet need.”

And unmet needs, such as confusion, loneliness, or boredom — which Stall has seen worsen under strict visitor restrictions and social isolation in Ontario’s nursing homes _ are not best treated with medication

He says a new approach is needed to address the social and mental health needs of long-term care home residents.

“I think about my grandmother, about going for a walk around the block. And leaving the residence and going to her children’s house to have dinner inside their home. And, you know, we should be able to create more nuanced policies that have a little more balance, that maintain the dignity and well-being of older adults.”

 Including not drugging the elderly in a harmful, detrimental and deadly fashion.


  1. Dad who suffered from depression took his life- thanks lockdowns! Destroying more lives then the virus- see (above) increased prescriptions of anti psychotics in long term care homes

    "Apart from the oppressive media blitz, being under lockdown and deprived of his social life, Covid caused Nick enormous problems for the business that he had developed for 30 years.’ Lockdown had caused Mr Gunnell’s financial advice business problems and he had been suffering from anxiety and sleeping problems, said the coroner. The inquest heard that before the pandemic, Mr Gunnell told his wife that 2020 was going to be ‘their year’. He was preparing to sell his financial advice business and they were planning a tour of the Greek islands.

  2. Young boy with autism- his supports disappeared thanks to lock downs- 7 months in psych ward.

    Thanks Lockdowns- continuing to destroy lives in a fashion the virus never would have

  3. I can barely read this it is so heartbreaking and makes me so angry. I have very judgmental and unkind hopes for those who can see what is going on but still push the insanity.

    The article reminds me of another bittersweet thought: my dad did kill himself (at home) in October 2018. He had just been released from a LTC as he had messed up his regular medicines. He was afflicted with paranoia and delusions and the stay in the LTC just did him in. I think about what would have happened to him if this scamdemic happened while he was in LTC.

    I follow a man here in Ohio who has been documenting the data (for each state) regarding the virus for this entire time. One of the aspects of the data regards the increase in suicides and deaths from addictions. People need to have this information shoved in their faces.

    Info on Dr. Frank:

    Here's his public MeWe site. He's been banned from Faceborg.

    1. Hi Gwen: I'm so sorry to read about your Dad- Dementia or alzheimers? Paranoia and delusions being common to those conditions- sigh..

      You know the situation with my mom is ongoing and it's such a worry. sigh..
      What's right, what's wrong. What if?
      It's tough. And when it rains' it pours, soon, very soon there will be a surgery (heart) that is long overdue for Dad.
      To say I'm 'scared shitless' wrt to both parents would be an understatement.
      Sorry for the language, but, it's how I feel
      I plug along and thank god I have my hubby for strength :)
      He really is my rock

    2. I can't see the mewe stuff without a account, but, will look at the youtube stuff

  4. Thanks for this important news, Penny. It's obvious to all but the most obtuse that this outcome was one of the goals of the Plandemic...kill off the old people by way of suicides of despair.

    1. the silence on this topic just drives me bonkers!


    Have a gander.

    1. I used the info- thanks for leaving it! :)

  6. You knocked it out of the park Penny! Nice work with the article. Such bullshit!

    1. Thanks for reading. :)

      And yes it's maddening the drugging of these seniors. Of course they were sad, angry or lonely being locked down and separated from the families and other supports
      what was done was cruel! And worse is being swept under the rug.

  7. Hello Penny...

    I always like to read articles about "modern medicine" and "presciption drugs" especially when related to the BIGGEST FRAUD in "modern medicine"... the psychiatric branch!

    I can resume the algo used in this branch very easily:

    "This person laughs a lot. Most likely a mental disorder. Here's a pill to help you with that."

    "This person almost never laughs. Most likely a mental disorder. Here's a pill to help you with that."

    Studies after studies show that those that start to ingest anti-anything for the brain, will either become violent, hurt themselves and ultimately kill themselves.

    A small fun quote from 1995 (so again NOTHING NEW):

    Grounds 1995, Antidepressant suicides especially violent

    Evidence that it is a real adverse effect and not due to the mood disorder is to be found in many of the cases. It tends to occur soon after commencement of treatment, or a dose increase. Cessation of fluoxetine results in abatement of the problem, and it usually recurs on rechallenge. Another piece of evidence is that a patient who had never been known to cut themselves before started cutting their arms quite severely, and on cessation of fluoxetine stopped cutting within a few days, only to hit themselves for a further period of time before both behaviours disappeared.

    And all these suicides and violent behaviour are never caused by the PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, oh no... they are always caused because "you know... (s)he was crazy!".

    And the GOOD DOCTORS walk free and with plenty of MONEY in their wallets...

    Nowadays the degenerate "parents" - the ones that have offspring just because - are also drugging them because, 1st they really didn't want to have them and 2nd they are always making too much noise and always running!

    Even the dogs are also being drugged!

    And just like with ERM (the other article talking about Wi-Fi and other good prescription science innovations!) we simply do not care.

    And so here we are! A global herd of modern moron slaves totally Irresponsible and Ignorant when it comes to the most important thing: OUR OWN ORGANISM.

  8. Hi vozao0db:
    Thanks for a great comment

    "And so here we are! A global herd of modern moron slaves totally Irresponsible and Ignorant when it comes to the most important thing: OUR OWN ORGANISM."

    Was just talking to someone the other day about this very problem, and it's a big one- our lack of understanding about ourselves and our place on this planet.
    Detrimental to ourselves. Advantageous to the exploiters