Saturday, December 19, 2020

As Insanity Prevails- Yet another ER Doctor Tries to Sanely Explain The Reason More Lockdowns Are Not The Answer!

 More then once we've talked the Definition of Insanity---

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result

 And how it is LockDowns (Stress & Isolation are increasing depression, anxiety etc., Loss of income. Inability to get necessary medical treatments etc.,) Are Killing People

 Despite the obvious failures of lock downs,  anti human "social distancing" and enforced mask wearing.. The cases of Covid-19 reach new highs.  And those that should NOT be in charge, never, ever, dare to question the big, glaring PCR test problem. 

And we certainly don't see or hear much from those that are pointing out all these problems. Many of us for a good long while now. Ordinary people like myself and other bloggers. Doctors. Professors.Goodness knows the issues have been covered here. But the msm and the phony alt have gone off on their fear mongering binges.. like drunks on benders. Like junkies seeking their never ending high. Until it all comes crashing down for those addicted to drugs, booze, power and ego. Doug Ford, here in Ontario, comes to mind.  Sadly, he's not the only deluded leader. He's in bed with a whole host of them. The lot of them, questionable. At the best of times. Trudeau. Boris Johnson. Macron. The crazy (in my opinion) lady in British Columbia. The fool in Quebec. These people have led the populace off a cliff. Some of the populace has gone along quite willingly.. so blinded with fear and faith in 'leadership' they have failed to ask appropriate questions or enlighten themselves.  Others have not gone along. And are being oppressed by the ego maniac politicians, sundry nutters, fear mongers and mask nazis. Thanks to a faulty test that instigated a 'pandemic' in order to enable the 'reset' none of us ever asked for!

Sometimes I'm extremely frustrated with this situation. Still there are some sane voices.

FUREY:ER doctor breaks down why more lockdowns aren't the answer

As jurisdictions across the country ponder tighter restrictions, an ER doctor in the Greater Toronto Area is stepping forward to call for a more balanced approach.

“The main message I want to get across is I want people to adhere to public health measures and try to do their part, but locking people up is not the answer,” says Dr. Gil Nimni, who works as an emergency physician in York Region, in an interview with the Sun.

Watching the conversation around COVID-19 unfold, Nimni feels like there’s only one voice being heard — the pro-lockdown perspective — when really what’s needed is more open discourse.

“When I see other physicians calling for complete lockdowns and further restrictions, even though we’ve had pretty heavy-handed restriction for the last four weeks or so with no change and even worsening numbers, you always have to think what are we doing and is this the right approach,” says Nimni, who is also an assistant clinical professor at the University of Toronto.

Nimni says he’s seen both mild and severe cases of patients who have COVID-19 but he’s also seeing the other tolls the lockdowns are having.

“The sad tragedy in all of this is when the government tells people to lock down, unfortunately that translates into people not seeking care for things they should. You see a lot of late presentation in things that should have been dealt with weeks earlier. Those are the concerning issues,” the ER doctor says.

“There has to be some middle ground here.”

He says things at least aren’t as bad as during the first wave, when the emergency rooms were extremely quiet. “It’s not as bad now because more people are understanding the implications and that they’re unlikely to get COVID going to the hospitals.”

What Nimni would like to see is an approach that focuses on the actual trouble spots.

“The issue here is protecting the vulnerable populations — the elderly in long-term-care facilities, people in retirement homes, people with bad co-morbidities who would be susceptible to serious outcomes. These are the areas where we should be focusing our efforts.

“If the issue is about preserving hospital capacity, then we should be working on ways to increase capacity instead of locking people up,” Nimni adds.

The federal government revealed that 80% of deaths in Canada during the first-wave occurred among long-term-care residents. But advocates of lockdowns stress that broader society still needs to be heavily restricted to prevent overwhelming the hospital system.

“The reality of the situation is that it seems like there’s a significant percentage of transmission happening in private gatherings,” Nimni says. “I don’t think lockdowns are going to fix that problem. A more balanced approach would be to find the specific sources of where most of the transmissions are happening and try to address those issues.”

As community spread of COVID-19 continues throughout Canada, some voices are urging for the closure of schools, although government and public health officials have stressed that the virus does not appear to be spreading within the classroom.

“When people start calling for closing schools, I can’t tell you how detrimental that is to the overall mental health and well-being of our children,” Nimni says. “Show me evidence where COVID is rampant in schools and the kids are bringing it home.”

There's no evidence of that. There's just fear

A balanced approach seems to be the prudent path forward, with more and more medical professionals stepping forward to voice their support for it.

Yet for that to happen, the politicians will need to welcome more diverse voices to the table. So far, they’ve surrounded themselves with medical advisers who have a one-track mind, fixated on ever-stricter lockdowns.

 The government surrounds themselves with those they want to hear. To the detriment of everyone else. Society. Small business. Families.


  1. I>"The government surrounds themselves with those they want to hear"
    Rather, I would say, the government is following the prepared script, and the experts are furnishing the flimsy pretexts, both at the behest of the same group of paymasters. We aren't talking about a lobby, we're talking about those who are so wealthy we aren't even allowed to know their names.

  2. "the government is following the prepared script, and the experts are furnishing the flimsy pretexts, both at the behest of the same group of paymasters"

    It looks that way.

  3. Lucifer's counterfeit?? kingdom?? Isaiah 14:12-14 he tries to be like the Most High. Ezekiel 28:2-9 a man playing God/ also a man 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 playing God; lucifers antichrist on Earth; anti = substitute christ ?? Rev.17:5,15 a global system of Confusion, sitting on/dominating all nations thru ideas/wine 17:2*,3//18:1-3* James 5:1 bad "rich" defrauded/defrauding billions of humanity via weak flu virus scare "live exercise" :
    M.Pompeo forcing Millions and Millions into uneployment and forced bankruptcy or arrest/fines. Biowarfare germ weapon vaccines ie.3rd Reich SS research funding from A. Fauci/ NIH Group. Etc. Etc. Appreciate the intel here. 😊 Thanksgiving

    1. I appreciate you reading the intel here

      Trying to stick with real information, and not scaremonger.

    2. There is a there there in the sense that the natural and beneficial
      (auto-immunity fine tuned to us as living beings)
      is to be discarded in exchange for synthetic drugs a la Mengele.

      SpyMaster Pompeo did mention the US administration as
      being in a live exercise.
      Then again he also has let know he is all about the lying, cheating
      and stealing.

      The feared destruction of the spiritual elements of man's soul by genetic
      means refered to as the God gene.
      Fauci turning 80 and refusing to go fishing or otherwise normal
      endeavours for his age.
      Black magic is composed of venefic and malefic ways and means,
      so poisoning is also a part of it as well as enchantment & delusion...

    3. Thanks Mishko
      I really like your comment.
      What's going on really does feel, to me, as if our destruction, the destruction of what is real is the plan.
      To destroy once and for all the push is on to separate us from one another and from our ties to the earth.
      From that point on we are easily malleable. More so then we already are.

      "Black magic is composed of venefic and malefic ways and means,so poisoning is also a part of it as well as enchantment & delusion..."

      well said