Friday, December 11, 2020

"Promising" Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Halted in Australia After Positive HIV Results in Test Subjects (later deemed as false positives)

 How could a positive later become a false positive? When actual anti bodies were generated? It doesn't sound like PCR testing.

(Initial testing for mono is often negative first time around but then a positive shows up)

Just the basics ...

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) /AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is caused by HIV.

 The names HIV and AIDS can be confusing because both terms describe the same disease. 

Think of AIDS as advanced HIV disease. A person with AIDS has an immune system so weakened by HIV that the person usually becomes sick from one of several opportunistic infections or cancers

When a person becomes infected with HIV, that person becomes "HIV positive" and will always be HIV positive.

Once a person has been diagnosed with AIDS, she or he is always considered to have AIDS, even if that person's CD4 count goes up again and/or they recover from the disease that defined their AIDS diagnosis.

Australia's Promising Covid Vaccine?

Promising Covid vaccine in Australia abandoned after trial participants test false positive for HIV

How were the false positives ascertained?  If they tested positive wouldn't they always be positive.

When a person becomes infected with HIV, that person becomes "HIV positive" and will always be HIV positive.

This is where it gets' interesting

But it explained that as part of the vaccine’s design, the university’s researchers included a small fragment of a protein taken from the HIV virus, glycoprotein 41 (gp41), which was used to create a “molecular clamp” to hold the vaccine’s synthetic virus in place.

In other words they used the HIV virus in the vaccine

“Although the university’s researchers have confirmed the protein fragment poses absolutely no health risk to people who have taken the vaccine, they have identified a partial antibody response to it among trial participants. This has the potential to interfere with some HIV screening tests that look for these antibodies – leading to a false positive test result,” the statement said. 
If there was 'absolutely no risk" then why would the body mount a response?

If your body has generated some antibodies would you really have a false positive test for HIV?

That doesn't make sense to me.


Trials of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Queensland and CSL have been abandoned after several participants returned false positive readings on HIV tests.

“What they found with their platform, which has this molecular clamp technology, was that they could use less of that virus, the COVID protein … and it means that they could actually scale up production of the vaccine very quickly,” she said.

“It’s in that molecular clamp that they were using components derived from the HIV virus.

“It just means they produce a partial antibody response to components of the HIV virus, which means in certain lab tests it comes back looking as if they’re positive.

“If that person was someone who they wanted to screen for HIV then the screening might not work.”


A biosecurity expert says Australia has a “big problem” with its plan to secure COVID-19 vaccines.

The federal government has terminated a deal to buy more than 50 million doses of a potential vaccine developed by the University of Queensland and CSL, after several participants returned false positive readings on HIV tests.


The trial itself enrolled 216 participants from the state of Queensland in Australia. CSL previously stated it could upscale production to 100 million doses by the end of 2021 had the vaccine completed its clinical trial program.
No word on how many of the 216 participants had HIV "false positives"


  1. "Molecular clamp"?!?! I swear this s**t is nothing but Frankenstein science passing as real science. And they're using a portion of the HIV virus to create a vaccine?? As time goes on I have simply run out of outrage. I have no more words. The LIE is so big and there are so many people who are spending their days in fear. Exasperated.

    1. Hi Gwen:

      I agree with regard to this "molecular clamp" Like what the hell!
      It is nothing but Frankenstein medicine.
      The lie is so big and the fear is overwhelming, but, we have to stand up for ourselves and not let the fear take us over. We have to.

  2. I want to talk synchronicities..
    The seemingly coincidental events, links or occurrences- that somehow are oddly connected

    Lets talk about aids and covid
    They keep coming up together through these linkages that I can't help but notice

    The PCR test- Kerry Mullis

    "“The HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake”, wrote Kary Mullis in 1996 [(1), p. 14]. Mullis – Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1993 – and other distinguished scientists have claimed the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis is false, unproductive, and unethical."

    Anthony Fauci

    Who promoted the hypothesis, profitably, that Kerry Mullis disputed- And who is now bastardizing the Mullis PCR test to promote Covid

    Decades before coronavirus, a San Francisco AIDS conference changed Dr. Fauci’s life

    The admonishment to not ostracize those sicked by covid linked to those ostracized by their aids diagnosis - Have you seen those types of articles? I have.Repeatedly

    A couple of weeks ago the downtown core of my city was festooned with red scarfs. Brand new, nice, red scarfs. There were dozens and dozens of them.. Each with a professionally done label- saying take the scarf if you need it but take some time to learn about AIDS/HIV

    Last week at a local park.. there appeared at least a dozen red dresses- same deal

    Why is it that AIDS and Covid are being intermingled?
    And why is it that my little dipshit city (less then 50,000) got the attention of some 'group' promoting aids awareness.

    My town couldn't have been the only one!
    And I've never seen anything like that previously

    Now there are do gooders who knit mittens and scarfs or wash gently worn clothes and leave them in ziploc bags for the homeless- this has gone on for some time- but the festooning of my city with red scarves and dresses was strange. Considering all that is ongoing present time? Covid and Aids?

    And then a vaccine employing a viral protein associated with AIDS... It's a bit much.

    It's like the universe (one word) is sending a message

  3. Who promoted the hypothesis, profitably, that Kerry Mullis disputed- And who is now bastardizing the Mullis PCR test to promote Covid

    I know the history of Mullis and Fauci, but I never put the freaking obvious together as you did in this sentence. Excellent observation!

    "World AIDS Day" is December 1. is most likely responsible for the scarves and dresses business. If you go to the link you will see that the page is "presented by" Kim Mullan. Kim Mullan is a real estate broker in London, Ontario.

    As I was talking to the hubster about this, he remembered seeing an article early on in the scamdemic regarding HIV and Covid. Here's the link. Make sure to read the comments.

    I find it suspicious that Mullis died August, 2019 just a couple of months before this virus shows up in China in October.

    In poking around looking for information about Mullis, I came across this site. It is not one I would read, but it does look like one that could be useful for setting up conspiracy theories. If you take a look at this article, they have a sub headline titled: "There is No Scientific Evidence That a Virus Called SARS-CoV-2 Causes a Disease Called Covid 19"

    That sounds a lot like "HIV does not cause AIDS" doesn't it? In their theory of what the virus is they call it "covid syndrome". AIDS is a "syndrome" also.

    (The .co indicates a Columbia website)

    I'm curious to know what you believe the message from the Universe is. By connecting the HIV/AIDS controversy to Covid 19 and by connecting the falseness of HIV causing AIDS (my opinion) to Covid, it seems to me that the Universe is telling us that Covid is not real either.

    1. Gwen:
      the other day I read or heard someone suggesting that Covid is a syndrome..If I can figure out where it was I'll leave a link .. It struck me as odd at the time

    2. Gwen; "I'm curious to know what you believe the message from the Universe is."

      Things are not what they seem. Not what is presented superficially- They hint at some under current (to me)

    3. Under the video are autopsy reports for Covid deaths.
      Blood clots are a major thing with most of them. Almost all actually. WHO did not want anyone doing autopsy's on any one. So obviously they were covering something up. The problem is they only looked at Covid and nothing else. Tunnel vision can be a bad thing. Sometimes they need to look outside the box. I do know one thing if Kary Mullis was alive to day he would laughing his behind off. He knew they never isolated HIV so putting it in a vaccine is would be laughable to him. They haven't isolated Covid either. But his PCR tests seem to find the. They would be using PCR to test the volunteers for the vaccines and what they are doing. We know the PCR test is meaningless when it comes to testing for viruses. So Kary would be terribly amused by the whole thing. Maybe he came back to haunt them. His PCR test is haunting them for sure. They have been using it to promote BS viruses for years. That same test is now kicking their behinds. Add to that the world is now wide awake, to the fact the test is not meant to test for a virus. Karma sucks when you are on the wrong side of it.
      I found it strange that Kary died when he did as well. Just before Event 201. Yes suspicious. Here is another lady that just died as well. Just as the vaccines are being launched. She was a whisle blower, turned anti vaxer. She had worked for a drug company. I am sure she would have had a lot to say about the vaccines. She was young and healthy. She had been threatened. What was done to her I have seen happen to others a number of times. Just enough to scare you, but it seems to make anyone saying it look a bit off or paranoid. But I have seen that one before. So she was not crazy or paranoid.

    4. Forgot to put in the link to her death.
      Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep Brandy Vaughan Found Dead After Warning People To Investigate Her Death

    5. thanks thinking- I think Scott at Nomadiceveryman was talking about this lady. More to read :)

  4. I was thinking the same thing about Mullis. The only information available about his death is on August 7th he passed away due to "heart and respiratory failure" according to his wife. If she even suspected foul play she's unlikely to talk. It was right before Event 201 as well, and I'm sure Dr. Mullis would have had much to say on the subject.

    Regarding HIV, my understanding is Fauci and Gallo had spent years failing with antivirals/antiretrovirals in the field of cancer, and when AIDS appeared they (and their paymasters) saw an opportunity and rushed to push a round peg into a square hole, generating billions in the process. There's a good OffGuardian article linked below.

    I've noticed the parallels as well (hearing early on how the SARS19 supposedly had segments of HIV code,) and sort of marked it up to it being the same people involved, but haven't given it much more thought than that. Despite the apparent lack of virus responsible for the current menace, when this thing cropped up there were many people reporting having suffered a very low grade, lingering cold-type illness, myself and my mother included, and I have often wondered if this virus had some kind of payload, a genetic Trojan horse it introduced, perhaps waiting to be activated by another virus or outside factor. I do admit it's a bit of an outlandish idea.

    1. Hey WaffleStaffel:

      "I have often wondered if this virus had some kind of payload, a genetic Trojan horse it introduced, perhaps waiting to be activated by another virus or outside factor"

      Like the seasonal flu vaccine- which makes corona virus infections much worse then they would normally be?

      To much disregard for the body as a whole in this world. Way too much disregard!

    2. Thanks for the link WS. Isn't that interesting that Fauci has been the director for thirty-six years (five presidential administrations). Why does he have this "job for life?" Why would a new administration not put in someone else? I believe it's because he's crucial to the plan which means it's been in play for a long time. Also, I don't think your Trojan horse idea is outlandish.

    3. btw:
      I'd seen the article on Fauci but read through it again..
      He's a real 'piece of work'

  5. This might explain a few things. History says a lot.
    Oddly enough HIV was never isolated either nor has Covid.
    The first time I heard about that one I laughed. But if the vaccine doesn't make it to market that s a good thing.

    By Kevin Barrett -
    June 21, 2020
    Tony Fauci is Corrupt to the Core!
    You can read or listen to it. Listening is better then reading it all. The link for that is right at the top. It explains a lot of things. Corruption for example.

  6. FDA announces deaths of two Pfizer vaccine trial participants
    One of the deceased was reportedly immunocompromised, documents released ahead of an emergency approval meeting on Thursday show.
    DECEMBER 8, 2020 16:04

    A refrigerated truck leaves the Pfizer plant in Puurs, Belgium December 3, 2020.
    (photo credit: YVES HERMAN/REUTERS)
    The FDA announced on Tuesday that two trial participants have died after receiving their coronavirus vaccine, according to Reuters. According to Walla, one of the deceased was immunocompromised.
    This information was obtained from documents released on Tuesday.
    The documents were released ahead of a upcoming meeting on Thursday of outside experts who will debate whether emergency authorization for the vaccine should be granted.
    The FDA also said on Tuesday that the data they're presented with is in line with emergency use authorization, raising hopes for Thursday.
    According to Maariv, the sister publication of The Jerusalem Post, the FDA announced on Tuesday that there currently is not enough research to guarantee the vaccine's safety for immunocompromised groups, pregnant women and children.

    1. I found an article that reports 6 died in total
      3 above 55 and 3 younger then 55
      I have a bit of trouble believing that Pfizer chose sickly, obese individuals for their trials- that's just not what is usually done. (Doesn't help with all the favourable info they so desire)

    2. I agree. I read somewhere recently what the makeup was of the trial participants and the point was that they were all healthy. If I can think of where that info was I'll post it.

  7. There is more on that story about the Pfizer deaths here as well.

  8. The CDC has a PDF document on the topic of HIV false positives. I barely understood the first line of it, but just in case it might be useful, Penny, here's the link:

    You'd almost think HIV was a manufactured disease (sarcasm). So far, most of the great, modern viral scares have taken down the weakest, or considered most undesirable elements in the population -- unlike Small Pox which didn't discriminate between rich and poor, old or young, and disappeared because of improved sanitation, not vaccination.

    1. thanks for the link yaya.

      regarding HIV- Kerry Mullis disagreed.
      Anthony Fauci saw dollar signs.
      There has to be something- like Covid, but exactly what?
      I'm not confident it is as stated.

      When you read the first paragraph it states generally the test has a high specificity "meaning that there are few false-positive results"

      Yet, Australia shuts down this vaccine experimentation due to alleged false positives.. of an unknown number

      The claim for HIV is the test is very accurate. This is the same claim made for the PCR test.

      Then the reason for 'false positives'"

      "False-positive test results can occur due to technical issues associated with the test or biological causes. Technical issues include specimen mix-up, mislabeling, improper handling, and misinterpretation of a visually read rapid test result. Biological causes include participation in an HIV vaccine study, autoimmune disorders and other medical conditions.1-5

      specimen mix up/ technical issues with the test- participation in an HIV vaccine study, autoimmune disorders etc.,


  9. Posted elsewhere as personal anecdotes:

    "I was front row at a nearly vacant Bethesda Maryland auditorium in early-mid 1980s as two titanic egos debated for credit over identifying the causative viral pathogen of the as-yet–to-be named disease characterized by opportunistic infections such pneumocistis carinii, oral thrush (candida) and unusual vascular neoplasias like Kaposi’s sarcoma. The two men, Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci, settled on HTLV-III as a name for the virus which they incorrectly identified as AIDS causative agent. The Fauci/Gallo error fell away to Luc Montagniers (currently full professor in Shanghai) Pasteur Institute's correct identification of LAV which we know today as HIV."

    "...i watched Fauci argue with Robert Gallo one afternoon in Bethesda as to who deserved credit for discovering HTLV-3 as the causative agent for AIDS. They were both wrong and Luc Montagnier was correct with LAV which was renamed HIV. And Luc Montagnier has been expert in resident at a major Shanghai university in the past few years. The game is being rigged and the numbers do not justify the panic and propaganda..."

    "Someone should ask Tony Fauci his opinion of Montagnier’s Nobel for HIV research and not Bob Gallo vis a vis Fauci’s and Gallo’s efforts to secure fame 35 years ago during another worldwide virus hysteria."

    1. thanks! So very interesting. And all so very curious.

      But perhaps not so much curious. Perhaps typical.
      Typical of the way allopathic medicine is undertaken. Practiced.

      Going all the way back to Rockefeller. Rockefeller and his medicine men

  10. So, Penny, it appears we may be clued in to why there was a rather sharp death spike in the early days of this, and what was happening to the elderly:

    This is lengthy but worth reading. Dated October 1.

    How to create your own virus:

    1. Hi Gwen
      I've bookmarked the first link to read though I did skim through it a bit.

      I recall early on the reports of anti virals being used, in fairly high doses, no doubt.
      Then there was the steroidal medications
      And all those people they put on ventilators- the death rates from that was huge. It was nearly 100 percent

      Factor in the massive increase in black both prescriptions in nursing homes, globally no doubt, but for sure US/Canada and UK giving you have an absolute recipe for a death spike- there is not doubt in my mind about that!