Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Technocractic Fascism Rising: Experimental Vaccines And Their Infliction on Society. At What Cost?


The term technocracy was originally used to signify the application of the scientific method to solving social problems. The word technocrat can refer to someone exercising governmental authority because of their knowledge,[12] or "a member of a powerful technical elite", or "someone who advocates the supremacy of technical experts"

  Hello to all who stop by. Just want to share some thoughts and question that I have. How about you? Have you questions and thoughts about this situation? If so, do share.

  What to think about this massive human experimentation being pushed without regard to basic human rights? Particularly worrisome are the masses, who I’d call mindless and rightly so, they who believe ( accept something to be true)  it is okay to forcibly inject others with vaccines that are not wanted/  If you so choose to have a vaccine, that’s okay with me. If you believe it will protect you then that’s your choice to make for yourself.

   However, it is not okay, it is not acceptable for the mindless masses to insist that those who do not want to be experimented  upon, be forced to do so. Neither is it appropriate in alleged free and democratic societies that governments black mail individuals into experimental medical treatments.

    We’ve walked down this road so many times. And the consequences of forced medical interventions have had terrible outcomes. From forced sterilizations. Lobotomies . To human experimentation undertaken in ‘respectable institutions’ with tragic results.

 Have we gained no understanding from there prior abuses?
How would we think that the repetition of this types of exploitation has become more acceptable to those who don’t wish to be exploited? Why is it suggested that those who don’t wish to be experimented upon should be punished for wanting to preserve what they believe is their right to decide, what is in their undoubtedly well considered interest, for their own health and well being? It is, after all each individuals body.

The body. Our body, functions as a whole. Each system works with the other. This is the reality of our physical state. Our state of being. Because our bodies function as a whole it cannot be realistically claimed that a vaccine designed to allegedly perform one function will not  have many other unforeseen influences and consequences in some or all of our other bodily systems. This is an extremely bizarre idea and one that appears to me to be entirely out of touch with reality. The reality of who and what we are as living beings. Though it is the main thinking behind allopathic medicine.

Which causes me to also look at the still bigger picture? The injection of this experimental genetically modified ‘vaccine’ once intermingled with all the systems of the body could possibly affect the brain? Changing the way we process thoughts, the way our body works or how we perceive our world.  Also considering that we intermingle with our environment, an example is just our breathing, what affect will the output of this vaccine have on the broader environment?  It’s well known that genetically modified plants spread far beyond the farmer’s field. How far might the  genetically modified vaccine get into the environment? What may pass through from us to the earth? It’s unknown, isn’t it?

And that’s the problem.

We know that Covid-19 has a very high survival rate. And can be treated very well,  really quite safely, with knowledge gained from treating those that have fallen ill.

Can we?  Should we?  Could we?  Be exacerbating a very minimal problem with the vaccines. 

I think we will be.

Shelley's Frankenstein - Be careful what you create



  1. reactions to the vaccine are already being reported

    "Prof. Powis added that the two NHS workers were recovering well.

    Pfizer confirmed the temporary change in guidance while a probe was underway. “We have been advised by MHRA of two yellow card reports that may be associated with allergic reaction due to administration of the Covid-19 BNT162b2 vaccine,” said the drugmaker"

    Recovering well? that's vague

    also 4 guinea pigs in the trials got bells palsy

    four people who got Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine in the firm's trial developed Bell's palsy, a form of temporary facial paralysis, according to US regulators' report on the shot.

    two cases of myelitis and one death in brazil already linked to vaccine trials..

    1. What ever we are made of, goes back to the earth one way or the other. Unfortunately we all die and many world wide are buried.
      So that very well could do a lot of damage. One way or the other it would even get into the ground water. From there one can only imagine how far it would get. Since there is suppose to be nano tech in the vaccines as well, for sure no one would foresee the damage that could do, unless you know exactly, what that tech is meant to do. For some reason I doubt any of it would be good.
      The GMO part could eventually get into wild life. If it has the potential to modify us, it just might modify them too. Odds are good, it would.
      I would not run the risk.
      We certainly have no need for it at all. Add to that it could kill a whole lot of people and harm many others.
      The so called cure should never be worse then the illness.
      Add to that they have not even isolated the virus so the vaccine will not stop something they have not even isolated/ It doesn't exist. So they want to vaccinate us against something that doesn't even exist.
      I have big no thanks for that.
      I will let my body take care of this, just it has for years.
      I have had three vaccines in my life and all three times they made me sick.
      I had only one when I was a kid and that was for Small Pox and was sick for months after.
      I had all the kid illnesses. Never had a problem with any of them.
      Had 2 flu vaccines due to the place I worked. Both times I got deathly ill.
      So for me letting mother nature take her course, with viruses worked all my life. Having the viruses I had were no problem.The vaccines were a major problem. Those were the only times, I have been really sick in my whole life.
      For me saying NO is easy. That is my take on things.

    2. Thanks Thinking!
      You understood what I was getting at. While we ourselves have one body with many intermingling systems- we also are part of a larger system- the earth and it's environment.
      The water, the air, the earth all of it.

      I'd even consider then when we exhale- we know we exhale carbon which is taken up in part by plant life which then gives us oxygen (we inhale) that's a life exchange.

      It's well documented that when we go outside our immune system interacts with the environment and can strengthen or weaken it

      strengthen coming from, believe it or not, trees, plants and the sun.. 'forest bathing' the generation of the hormone vitamin D from sun exposure etc.,

      then of course the opposite can occur

      but the point I'm making is we have a relationship (that we deny) with the world at large.

      This gmo/nano tech vaccine could have detrimental effects far beyond just oor present day body/mind and future generations of humans..

      Sadly, most humans are way out of touch with their real world and actual reality

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  3. Wahoo! ... the vaccine will arrive in Canada this coming Monday!

    Now I know the hidden meaning in "The Mamas and the Papas" song:

    Monday, Monday ... can't trust that day

  4. Turns out I hadda write about it, after seeing Trudeau's half brother making hay under the guise of thwarting the Great Reset, and my own mistake of reading the shocking ingredients in the vaccine:

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