Friday, December 4, 2020

UK Covid Cases Halved Since October Peak- Dropping Before Boris Johnson Sold Another Lockdown On Yet Another Lie.

UK COVID-19 cases have halved since October peak

“It’s encouraging to see rates are still falling across most of the UK, and we’re now below 21,000 cases, less than half the peak of the second wave we saw in October. However, while we are also seeing steady falls in admissions now, it’s important that we aren’t complacent....."

 "Lockdowns" began Nov. 05/20. With variations, of course

Across the UK there are now significant local differences in the coronavirus restrictions that apply. These particularly affect rules on meeting other people public and social gatherings and events, and the operation of hospitality and leisure venues.

 Remember this? 

Boris Johnson: Lockdowns Sold on a Lie (Everywhere) Remember the Definition of Insanity?

The professor also told how coronavirus hospital admissions, cases and 'in effect' deaths are flatlining in UK 
    It comes as Sir Patrick Vallance and Prof Chris Whitty face questions from MPs over the 4,000 deaths figure
   Meanwhile Britain yesterday recorded its lowest number of daily coronavirus infections in fortnight - 18,950 (That would have been either Nov 01 or 02)

 It sure looks as if this latest round of UK lockdown was undertaken when cases were dropping, no lockdown required. But, now, the UK government can claim their lockdown was a success. (If they choose to do so)  And they have sufficiently terrorized the populace (hard sell tactic) prior to the roll out of the experimental vaccine.

If it reads like a psyop. If it acts like a psyop. If it walks, talks and looks like a psyop then it probably is a psychological operation to ensure vaccine compliance.

We're going to touch on the topic of sales tactics. Because it's all sales tactics all the time.

If you haven't caught on to that reality.... Hope you will now or very soon. Your very life and the way you live it, now and in the future. will depend on you understanding this FACT. This reality. 

Words/language are a means of manipulation. Language and how it is deployed creates your perception of reality. It's the greatest magic show. The most magnificent sleight of hand imaginable. All conducted in plain sight.

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