Thursday, May 13, 2021

Lies Canada's Political Class (of all stripes) Told About Covid and the So Called Vaccine

   I’ve covered the lie smorgasbord for some time now. And let’s be frank these were lies. Perhaps at first their were unknowns. But as time went one and more information surfaced the political classes continued to simply lie.  Lies about the "pandemic" that was never declared as such. Lies about the PCR testing. Lies to cause fear. Lies to coerce. The lies came fast, furious and with abundance. They came in leaps and bounds. Heaps and Piles. Repeated lies were told by politicians of all stripes. Liberals, Conservatives and the like. At all levels. Federal, Provincial and Regional.   

Including from the political class that masquerades as leaders in health care. To which I'm adding the handpicked appeal to authority "doctors" the media provides to shore up the lies being spoon fed to the masses.

 Let's talk about real actual health care. Health care that would or should have realized the lock downs are hugely detrimental to the people? Health care that would not have tossed aside all other health related issues to hyper focus on one situation. Health care that would NOT have lied about the safety and efficacy of an experimental vaccine. Including this latest report on abject failure to reduce transmission WHO Reviews Seychelles Covid Data As Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive-Seychelles Most Jabbed Country In the World

Believe me the few links above barely scrape the surface of the lie heap. 

 Christine Elliot

  Here in Ontario, Christine Elliot is the absolute Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts. (concerned with rule through terror and threats) She is a force of fear in this latest health care deception. She is the Minister of Public Health and Long Term Care (yup, she lead the charge to infect the people, through policies enacted, in the LTC homes that resulted in so much unnecessary harm-) As the minister of Public Health we need to understand  that she ministers (attend to the needs of ) of a system of governance. Unlike a doctor that ministers to actual people
Christine Elliot attends to the system, a political construct a bureaucracy.  Christine Elliot is a lawyer.  A lawyer who became a politician. Which is very common. She knows how to speak well and present arguments in just the right way. And she understand how law works and how to finesse the system. 
 Once we understand the reality that Christine Elliot is ministering to the system. We need to understand who or what is the main beneficiary of the health care system. You might think it is me or you? And you would be mistaken. The main beneficiary of the health cares system is the pharmaceutical industry. And it has been for some time. That should be obvious to all. It's right in plain sight.  Look at the boundless growth the pharmaceutical industry has made these past few decades? That was only possible because their interests were attended to (ministered) through the governmental bureaucracy.

   Prescription drug expenditures in Canada (much of this covered and paid for by taxpayers)

Canadians spent approximately C$33.9 billion on prescription pharmaceuticals in 2017, or C$926 per capita [25]. Prescription drugs accounted for 14.0% total healthcare spending in Canada in 2017, the third largest category of expenditure after hospital costs at 28.3% and physician services at 15.4% [25]. Over the past 30 years, total prescription drug expenditure in Canada has grown at an average annual rate of 8.1% while physician and hospital expenditures have trailed behind at average annual increases of 5.6% and 4.4% respectively [25]. And while growth of pharmaceutical expenditure slowed from 2011 to 2014, prescription drug costs still outpace the cost of physicians’ services and hospital care: prescription drug costs grew by 5.5% in 2017 while physician and hospital costs grew 4.4% and 2.9% respectively [25].       
  Pharmaceutical expenditures have outpaced both physician and hospital expenditures for decades. For the past 30 years. This reality has come to pass via the patronage, sponsorship and aid of the political classes This reality has or should have become so blatantly obvious to all during this “pandemic” it leaves one flummoxed at how this FACT is not understood.

 The emergency authorization for the experimental vaccines were premised on their being no treatments for this virus. That's not correct. And even if it was, this virus is so survivable one would have to ponder why, other then to bolster pharmaceutical profits  an experimental vaccine would have even been required? A vaccine we've been repeatedly told is safe and effective- but the reality is entirely different. Keep in mind that these experimental vaccines were funded by the very populace they are now subjecting to experimentation, as these companies rake in massive profits and the liabilities for harm/death and damage will be paid for, again, by the taxpaying, indebted populace.

Less then one in a million chance side effects?

That’s what we were told. Repeatedly. Lets quote Prime Minister Trudeau in service to those he ministers  to (attends to the needs of) Those he actually serves.

“Serious side-effects are incredibly rare,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
How did he know this to be true and accurate? He couldn't have known. So he lied. It's that obvious. If he didn't know. He should have said he did not know. Instead he opted to mislead.

 Lie. Prevaricate. Fabricate. Call it what you wish, makes no difference. Trudeau lied. As did Doug Ford, Christine Elliot and many others. They had no real data to make claims about safety or/and efficacy. None. They lied. They all lied. They had to have. There is no other explanation for their actions. If they didn’t have the data then they should have said so rather then fabricating falsities.
If they had the data and they knew it was as bad as it's turned out to be then their actions are criminal. Either way they all lied to the populace.

Lie: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive  Lie: to create a false or misleading impression Lie: marked by or containing untrue statements  

As of today the acknowledgment the risk of blood clots is one in 55,000

"also because the risk of developing serious blood clots after the first AstraZeneca dose has been found to be less rare than previously thought, calculated now in Ontario as one in 55,000.
One in 55,000! That's 20 times. 20 X the risk. 20 Times more then "less then one in a million! "

The number just keeps dropping- Will it be one in 20,000 soon? One in 10,000? We were lied to.

Globe and Mail

            Another liar: Dr Williams

“Based on the much higher risk of COVID-19 infection recently observed in Ontario, including hospitalization and serious illness and death, we maintain that those who received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine did absolutely the right thing to prevent illness and to protect their families, loved ones and communities,” Dr. Williams said.’

What else could one expect from a liar?  Other then justification for his lies?  Disgusting. 

David Williams (King of Hearts)  and the Queen of Hearts announcing their first PRESUMPTIVE case of Covid