Tuesday, January 19, 2021

12,400 Israelis Infected With Covid After First mRNA Injectable Gene Therapy

This news will not, can not, surprise one person who reads here regularly.

Israel’s virus czar says 1st dose less effective than Pfizer indicated — report

Israel’s coronavirus czar Nachman Ash has reportedly said the first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine provides less protection against COVID-19 than the US pharmaceutical firm had initially indicated it would, and cautioned that it may not protect against new strains of the virus.  

Many people have gotten infected between the first and second Pfizer shots, Ash was quoted saying, and it appears that the protection offered by the first dose is “less effective than we had thought.” The data on the protective effect against the virus of the first dose is lower than Pfizer presented,” he was quoted saying. 

According to the Health Ministry, over 12,400 have people tested positive for coronavirus after receiving vaccine shots; this figure includes 69 people who have received the second dose. 

A month into Israel’s vaccination campaign, Health Ministry officials had hoped to see a drop in daily infections and serious cases, but there is no such trend at this time.

The virus czar suggests this COULD be due to the variant strains. Seems questionable. Seems speculative. And makes me wonder if this variant strain gibberish had to hit the ground running to give cover to the reality that mRNA injection that WAS NEVER GOING TO STOP TRANSMISSION.  And it's failure could be blamed on the new variants. Meanwhile the inoculated guinea pigs in the public at large will have died, suffered some severe reaction. Be exposed to long term, unknown harms... Including contracting worsened Covid when exposed to the virus in the wild.

I've covered this reality on a number of occasions. Last time...

Few expect Covid-19 vaccines to be that effective. "We're trying to lower that bar and determine how much lower is acceptable," Casper said.

 “Our trial will not demonstrate prevention of transmission,” Zaks said, “because in order to do that you have to swab people twice a week for very long periods, and that becomes operationally untenable.”

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