Tuesday, January 26, 2021

56 Reports of Adverse Events Following BC Covid Vaccinations- Less then 120,000 Doses Adminstered... BC Bonnie Henry Minimizes

56 reports of 'adverse events' following COVID-19 vaccinations in B.C.

Pay attention to the downplaying/minimization of these adverse events

"VANCOUVER -- After administering nearly 120,000 doses of the two COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Canada, British Columbia has now received 56 reports of "adverse events" following immunization.

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry confirmed the numbers at her coronavirus briefing Monday, revealing 10 vaccine recipients reportedly suffered anaphylaxis after receiving their shot."

10 vaccine recipients suffered anaphylaxis

"That's about eight per 100,000," (it's actually a little more then 8 per 100,000)  Henry said. "That is slightly more than we would expect based on other immunization programs, such as for influenza."

Slightly more?- We will get to that information

" One of the patients who suffered anaphylaxis was hospitalized, but all 10 recovered.  
Another 16 vaccine recipients suffered other allergic reactions and one experienced Bell's palsy, or paralysis of some of the muscles in the face. The condition is generally not permanent."

It's generally not permanent. But sometimes it is.

"That's something that we've seen reported in the trials for this vaccine as well," Henry noted. "So far, there has been no associated deaths from immunization, and we are monitoring all of the safety signals very carefully."
Associated deaths? How does she mean that? Does she mean it's being claimed there is no connection to any deaths with vaccine. Hence no association?

"Henry did not provide a breakdown of how many of the adverse events followed a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and how many followed the Moderna vaccine.

Health officials and the manufactures have always said a small number of adverse reactions are likely given how many people are expected to take the vaccine in the coming months."

Correct me if I'm mistaken the trials before EUA didn't document anaphylaxis in any of the guinea pigs.. And, yet

"The potential for an adverse or allergic reaction is why doctors, nurses and pharmacists typically ask patients to wait 15 minutes after receiving any immunization.

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control's "after care sheet" for the COVID-19 vaccine notes that some people may wish to wait longer – around 30 minutes – if there are concerns about a possible allergic reaction.

According to ImmunizeBC, there are some common and mild reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, such as soreness and swelling near the injection spot – a side effect also commonly associated with the annual flu shot.

"Vaccines are very safe," the ImmunizeBC website notes. "It is much safer to get the vaccine than to get COVID-19."

As of Monday, British Columbia has given out 119,850 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, the vast majority of which were first doses. Only 3,193 people have received a second dose for far."

Anaphylaxis is a serious, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to foreign antigens; it has been proven to be causally associated with vaccines with an estimated frequency of 1.3 episodes per million doses of vaccine administered.

Anaphylaxis is causally  (the two are connected- cause and effect) associated with vaccines with an estimated frequency of 1.3 episodes per million.

In BC there were 8 anaphylactic reactions suffered  per 100,000. If we do the math that would be 80 reactions per million. Not 1.3  episodes per million cited from official figures. Is that really "slightly more" then normal? What do you think?

Is 80 "slightly more" then 1.3?

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  1. "It is much safer to get the vaccine than to get COVID-19."

    This is a lie. The recovery rate for Covid-19 is over 95% is it not? In some age groups it is higher. Doctors have told us that CovID is like getting a cold. At least your DNA is not tampered with permanently!!!

  2. Hi Penny:

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    1. hey GC
      I don't hear anything when I'm here at all. And my volume is on. Wonder if it has anything to do with a previous embedded video- I use an ad blocker so it could explain why I don't get the sound?
      Not sure?

    2. hah... no-add block but I also don't get adds. Just normal for me

  3. Merck has just abandoned their development of two new COVID vaccines.

    They're now saying that it's better to contract COVID and thereby develop natural immunity:


  4. How much you want to bet Canada will not report those who die or are permanently damaged, from the vaccines. How odd in a few other countries they are reporting it and not in Canada. I am betting the UK will not report that either.

    1. Hey Thinking!
      If you noticed I'd linked Canada's reporting system in the side bar- which is supposed to be updated weekly on Friday- It was NOT updated Friday the 22
      and I'm checking to see if they'll update it this Friday the 29th- I suspect they will not report those who die at all- and the permanently damaged will not be specifically stated as such.

  5. Doctors won't report adverse reactions and if a patient dies after having the shot - they'll put it down to COVID on the death certificate.

    Rules making autopsies - formerly a means of ascribing the TRUE cause of death - less available to families and loved ones of the deceased have been brought in so that a faceless bureaucrat who doesn't even need to have had any contact with the dead patient will sign the death certificate.

    Thus, the EUGENICIST project moves forward apace.

    The fabricated SCAMDEMIC becomes the means to CULL the population and COVER it up by citing the SCAMDEMIC as cause of death.

    Rocket science it's not. BUT the sheeple who die and their benighted brethren will be none the wiser!

    1. Hi Freeborn- Yup, lots of fudging going on everywhere.
      WE just got to keep shining the spot light on the dirty workings. :)
      We are really all in this together. More then ever.
      I know it's frustrating. I feel it too (I'm sensing frustration in your response) Hope I'm not assuming to much? Perhaps it's just my own?

    2. Hi Penny

      Frustrated would be putting it mildly.

      Pretty LIVID by now at the human propensity to behave like idiots. The adults have let the children down so badly - it's a CRIME!

      Imagine growing up now and watching the people who are supposed to be rearing and educating you behaving like lemmings going off a cliff.

      Voltaire was so right when he said that if you can get people to believe in absurdities you can get them to commit atrocities.

      The psychopaths are winning and this isn't going to end well at all.

      I hope I'm wrong but it looks like nowhere enough people are going to wake up in time to stop the lemming-like death-march now taking place in plain sight.

  6. This is not even counting the long-term effects that will be easier not to connect to the vaccine. Question is, if the general pop decides to back away from taking it, will there be never-ending lockdown? Talk about Catch 22!!!

    1. The lockdowns will end when we, the people, decide to end them. Of that I am convinced yaya-