Thursday, January 28, 2021

CBC Doing Damage Control- Downplaying, Illness and Death With Vaccine Is All the Rage.....

.... Among the sycophantic pharmaceutical media..

Of course it's the CBC Physicians say COVID-19 vaccines both safe, protective for elderly Canadians. 

Notice the appeal to authority straight away? Physicians used to say it was good to smoke cigarettes too!

"Give your throat a vacation"

"Smoke a fresh cigarette."

Do you understand how little has really changed?

Minimizing harm to push untested vaccines on a frightened, abused and vulnerable group of people- the locked down, imprisoned, elderly.

" here in Canada, there have been instances of coronavirus infections and deaths in the midst of initial vaccination efforts targeting residents of long-term care. 

A home in Saskatoon where the vast majority of residents had received their first vaccine dose later reported seven cases of COVID-19. And a facility in Barrie, Ont., is in the grips of a facility-wide outbreak that has caused dozens of deaths due to a fast-spreading virus variant — even as public health officials raced to fully vaccinate all the residents while the outbreak progressed.

Outbreaks in vaccinated homes...  Did the vaccine cause the outbreaks to occur? It's possible. No, it's not because they contain any virus. It's due to the fact, previously mentioned, this had occurred in test subjects who had received vaccines and when exposed to the virus in the wild became sick. Very sick.

"Just because somebody died after receiving the COVID vaccine does not mean the COVID vaccine caused the death," said Dr. Noni MacDonald, a researcher focused on vaccine safety who is also a professor at Dalhousie University's department of pediatrics in Halifax."

It could equally indicate they died because of the vaccine. You can't state it doesn't when it's equally possible it could. Oh, and why a pediatrics researcher? "department of pediatrics in Halifax." Pediatrics and Geriatrics are two VERY different fields of research. Why would the CBC quote a pediatrics researcher? I find that strange.

I find this quote from a Dr Sinha simply bizarre

"We are now hoping that as soon as we get people vaccinated, especially in these care settings, that we're really going to see the burden of disease — and the resulting burden of death — stopped," Sinha said.

 Let's talk about Norway- then I'll relink my prior reports on that situation

However, an earlier investigation from the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Norway's national medical regulatory authority, did note that common adverse reactions of mRNA-based vaccines, such as fever, nausea and diarrhea, may have contributed to some of those deadly outcomes in the Norweigian patients. 

Reads like death by vaccine, no?

Canadian physicians do agree immune system responses to a vaccine could indeed prove dire, but only for the most frail of elderly individuals who are already approaching their death based on their age and pre-existing health issues.

Again, immune system responses could indeed prove dire- So, death by vaccine.

Remember Moriarty? She was the persuader in this previous post The War Against Personal Choice, Freedoms And Decision Making: Brainwashing for Vaccine Acceptance

"But as reports of deaths post-vaccine keep causing confusion (concern/worry NOT confusion) among some seniors, Moriarty is now among those concerned it might prompt vaccine hesitancy among the very population who would benefit most.

"There have been no deaths that have actually been associated with these vaccines whereas there are a lot of deaths among people who are diagnosed with COVID," she said."

Wow! That italicized quote is some seriously obfuscated wording- There have been deaths associated with vaccination- That is in fact the point of the CBC piece as well as my post. There have been deaths associated with the vaccine! Just as there have been deaths of people with multiple comorbidities who have died with this virus in their system.


  1. M.R. here ...
    There are some very worrisome stats coming out of the UK. Covid deaths have tripled in care homes in the past 2 weeks.

    How many of those who died were vaccinated? Inquiring minds want to know. I doubt Matt Hancock will ever be asked that question but he should be for sure.

    1. MR Regarding a tripling of covid deaths in care homes
      How many were vaccinated
      Just saw some stats..
      It's something like 5 out of 6.
      Quite high and I can't find the article that stated that figure, I'm sorry :(

  2. Okay, now I know who Matt Hancock is - he's the guy who addresses the Brits from his loo:

    ... and is said by a YouTube commenter to be a "duplicitous turd".

    Both he and Boris (total dufusses) - and Trudeau, for that matter -are proof that Parliament is little more than theatre with prompters in the wings.

  3. Ah, some good water closet humour there, Yaya ... TP hee hee. Ever so looverly to get a laugh today.

    Be sure to watch this week's 200th episode of "The Highwire" with Del Bigtree. He was in fine form both at the beginning (the multiple mask bit) and the end (charting the lockdowns of 4 notorious US state govenors). He also did a serious interview with Dr. Lee Merritt.

    I spent yesterday watching Rocco Galati's live 5 hour tele-roundtable which included many familiar faces. It was well done and considerately included bathroom breaks. -- M.R.

  4. Looverly! Why didn't I think of that? Will watch The Highwire for sure.

  5. Hi MR and yaya!

    I'm going to watch Del Bigtree's asap
    Don't think I'll have the time to wathc Galati's roundtable though

  6. Penny, they haven't done the re-release of the rountable yet anyway. Five hours is an awful long time but when it does get re-released a person could just skip through it to pick up some highlights which I couldn't do with the live broadcast. I took a screenshot of Del in his "commonsense" getup -- the cone was a nice touch. (I've had experience with those cones from long departed but still dear to my heart pets.) -- M.R.

  7. M R

    Matt Hancock says five in six over-80s have Covid received first vaccine dose

    "ome five in six people in the UK aged 80 and above have now received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Matt Hancock has revealed.

    The Health Secretary also announced that two thirds of those aged 75 to 79 have received their first jab, as the number of first doses administered in the UK surpassed 8.3 million."

    Could explain the increase in deaths quite easily

  8. Got it Penny, thanks. What perfect timing for all that jabbing (i.e. from the dark side's perspective) because the elderly in the care homes must be terribly weakened from nearly a year of isolation and substandard treatment. Kick 'em when they're down, comes to mind.