Monday, January 4, 2021

Covid-19 Face Masks Could Cause Lung Problems- Plastic Fibers Embedded in Your Lungs- Inflammation and Cancer

 Of course it is suggested you continue wearing them because of the virus. Since there has never been any proof that these face masks block this or any virus..... Not even from the latest scientific study (with an actual control group) 

See immediately below:


In the peer-reviewed paper, published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials earlier this week, a wide range of masks were tested for plastic fibers.

The best performing was the N95 respirator, which released about half the number of fibers as other masks.

The scientists from Wuhan’s Institute of Hydrobiology counted the plastic fibers shed by masks over a month, using a laboratory device that simulated human breathing. They found that masks containing activated carbon produced the highest number of fibers, at nearly 4,000.

Those were followed by surgical masks, cotton masks, fashion masks and N95 masks, the brands of which were not specified in the paper. Some of the fibers were several millimeters long, considerably larger than typical particles floating in the air.

The health side-effects caused by broken-off fibers were unclear, so although people should be informed of the inhalation risk, they should continue to wear masks, the researchers said.

The health side effects of inhaling plastics are detrimental- this is not unclear. Plastic is a petro chemicals and deleterious effects have been documented. In many places including here at PFYT's. Check the label:

"While the N95 mask released the least amount of plastic fibers, wearing one for a long period of time could cause fatigue because of oxygen shortage, it has been warned.

In many countries, including the US, the N95 masks were reserved for use by frontline health workers or industrial employees. They are made to higher standards with a stronger structure and filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

While the N95 is regulated by the US Food and Administration (FDA) because it is classed as a medical device, most of the masks worn by the general public during the pandemic don’t come under any regulatory oversight, The New York Times reported.

Previous studies about the risk of plastics discovered microplastics in the lung tissue of some patients who died of lung cancer in the 1990s. Since then, other studies have examined the potential lung damage caused by plastic materials.

According to research, plastic degrades slowly, so once in the lungs, it tends to stay there and build up in volume.

Some studies have found that the immune system can attack these foreign objects, causing prolonged inflammation that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

The institute’s study also found that reused masks produced more loosened fibers. The worst structural damage was observed after applying alcohol.

Used masks have also added to litter and recent studies have warned of their contribution to water pollution, potentially adding to the consumption of harmful plastics by humans and animals.
Should we be wearing masks? Are they safe? Do they block viruses as has been claimed? Will we have an explosion of lung cancer down the road from all the inhaled petrochemical plastic fibres embedded in our lungs?


  1. "explosion of lung cancer" ? - in the longer term, perhaps; but in 2020 (US at least) lung cancer deaths declined substantially ... many are now counted as Covid-19 deaths

    1. Hi anonymous: Just heard an exact situation that makes clear the fudging of data. Terminal individual in hospital, dying of cancer, catches cold, tests positive for Covid- dies and is now a covid fatality

      No way in hell

      We see the same thing occurring with the death rates from heart disease- after being top of the heap for 20 years- covid has reduced that number
      This can't be correct- unless one is categorizing deaths differently-

      "This virus has the ability to reduce deaths from heart disease, in fact it reduced deaths from all other usual causes, whilst not increasing overall deaths at all. "

      I'm anticipating there will be no substantive increase in overall deaths- (no excess mortality) which would follow the historical path of pandemics vs non pandemics

      "Explaining the Gap Between Evidence and Fear
      The notion that pandemic influenza’s fundamental property is excess mortality is difficult to reconcile with the recorded influenza death data over the past century. There are many possible explanations, one of which may be the tendency to generalize the exception–the 1918–1919 pandemic. In 1918, doctors lacked intensive care units, respirators, antiviral agents, and antibiotics, an important fact in light of historical evidence of interactions between influenza and secondary bacterial respiratory pathogens (e.g., Haemophilus influenzae) as a significant cause of death during the pandemic.18
      It is also important to recognize that commercial interests may be inflating the perceived impact of influenza and other infectious “pandemics.”28 There is a clear need for more evidence-based accounts of influenza in the context of historical epidemiology and current social and medical advances.

      Another possible explanation for the false assumption that pandemics are necessarily more deadly than nonpandemics may lie in an inaccurate understanding–and inconsistent use–of the word “pandemic.”

      Influenza virus circulates the globe on an annual basis, but is usually not labeled a pandemic until the strain of virus in wide circulation is substantially novel (i.e., it carries a different hemagglutinin or neuraminidase protein than the strains already in circulation)."

  2. Read this. The article was taken down but is still up on the internet archive.

    1. Hi Skippitydodah:
      I did read that information- and have previously cited
      Interesting how fast it was removed eh?
      Thanks for relinking it though- It's always good to refresh one's memory or have someone new be exposed to something that should not be forgotten.

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  4. Not sure why it double posted. My apologies.

    1. I deleted the second identical comment-:)