Tuesday, January 26, 2021

COVID-19 rapid testing study at Vancouver International Airport has so far returned ALL negative results.

 God is in the details: means that attention paid to small things has big rewards, or that details are important.


This is not the PCR test being deployed at the airport- It is in fact an antigen test 

We talked antigen test yesterday (more accurate then PCR).. Data Shows BD Antigen Test May Be More Selective In Detecting Infectious COVID-19 Patients Than PCR Testing

I'll highlight the interesting bits..

"The partnership between the airport and WestJet has included 340 travellers since November. Tests take around 15 minutes to produce results, and can be analyzed on-site.

“I think we've learned a few lessons,” says Dr. Don Sin, a respirologist at St. Paul's Hospital who is involved with the program. “One is that implementing rapid action tests is feasible at a busy airport and a departure site. Passengers have been very pleased with the testing itself and the results that they get-and it's doable before they get on flights.”

 Sin says the second lesson comes from the lack of positive results so far. But the pilot study will continue for another month, and he believes eventually there will be one or two positive cases.

“I thought initially we would have a one per cent positivity rate, so one in 100 passengers,” says Sin. “Then after we went through 100 negative tests, I thought the rate would be 0.5 per cent, one in 200. Obviously I've been wrong on every count, so I am surprised that the rates are this low.”
Lack of positive results. Rates are this low...

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