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Documenting Covid-19 RNA Therapy Adverse (Potentially Deadly) Vaccine Reactions. They Keep Coming...

John Wayne Gacy Clown
 I wanna tip my hat to Rocker at Propaganda Pre$$ Monitor- Thanks for paying attention to the hell we Canadians are in! Good coverage of the Rod Phillips fiasco.

Angry Canadians

Doug Ford Sans Makeup
   Doug Ford should have resigned some time ago.  He's been nothing but a Covid hypocrite from the get go. What with his family get together and trip to the cottage during the first lockdown? Never mind the LTC fiasco.  The destruction of small business.  He's a walking farce. Actually round these parts we call him a John Wayne Gacy Clown look alike- Do you see the resemblance? Hubby was the one that pointed this likeness out to me. 

Vaccine Reactions Pile Up

With no evidence what so ever that these vaccines stop/block or prevent transmission of the virus. These injections continue to be distributed. Not very successfully, I must add. Still the continuing adverse, deadly, reactions keep on occurring. 

 Today, while hubby and I were out and about, an excessively long Covid "public service" announcement was played on the radio. It was made very clear that the vaccine will not stop the virus from spreading and that social distance and mask wearing will continue. 

So the question is... Why expose yourself to experimental RNA therapy for no benefit what so ever. Really, none. Even the idea that your symptoms may be reduced is pretty cockamamie! (ridiculous; implausible) 

That said let's check some of the lastest reports on anaphylaxis including hospitalization and the continuing of seizures for one individual here in Canada

I’ve been documenting both Moderna and Pfizer reactions and the news directly below is regarding Moderna’s experimental vaccine

Oregon- Health Care Worker Hospitalized After Severe Reaction of Covid mRNA injection

A Wallowa Memorial Hospital employee had a severe allergic reaction to an initial dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine this week, state health officials said Thursday.

The health care worker has been hospitalized and continues to recover, according to a statement provided by the Oregon Health Authority. The agency did not say if the person had a history of allergic reactions.

It is the first time state officials have reported a case of an Oregonian having a severe allergic reaction to a coronavirus vaccine since immunizations began mid-December.

The case is also notable because, until recently, only Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines were known to sometimes cause severe allergic reactions. 

 Not exactly accurate as the article reports shortly after the above wording..

The first known severe reaction to the Moderna vaccine occurred Dec. 24/20.
Indeed it did! To a doctor in Boston- Who described it as “severe” and stated he was “scared to death”

“I feel that if I did not have my EpiPen with me, I would be intubated right now, because it was that severe,”    
At 529 doses administered per 100,000 people, Oregon has one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the country, according to data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The anaphylaxis appears to be occurring at many times (multiples) the usual rate for vaccines.
Earlier this week “about 11" were mentioned.

More Moderna Reactions:

North Dakota- Two severe reactions reported

Two individuals report having severe allergic reactions after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to the North Dakota Department of Health.

Both people have no history of anaphylactic reactions. (Clearly they had anaphylactic reactions)

The symptoms were discovered during the 15-minute post-vaccination observation period recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 And both were advised to NOT get the second dose.

Neither was hospitalized and both have recovered. However, they were advised against getting the second dose of the vaccine.

“These allergic reactions are taken very seriously”

No shit, Sherlock!

Just over 2.5 million first doses have been given in the US which should have resulted in an expected 2 anaphylactic episodes. Instead  it appears that there have been at least 18  near deadly reactions by my count, probably more.
Here’s another 4 reactions from 24,000 shots given  in Maine
The director of the Maine CDC says his agency has received reports of a total of four adverse events from people who have received either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Nirav Shah says the individuals had allergic reactions of varying degrees of severity, but all have recovered and are doing fine.

“What gives me confidence in the vaccine, as well as in the system, is that we are aware of these, we are receiving reports of them. And the system to monitor for them, find them, and take action upon them is working as intended,” he says.

Nearly 24,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Maine.
As stated, I've documented 18 anaphylactic episodes in the US. There have likely been more.

This sounds like a case of Bell’s Palsy- Woman has adverse COVID-19 vaccine reaction in Robstown,
"We had one individual who came through our drive-thru line that was basically complaining about some numbness in the facial area, her cheeks, tongue and so we had her in the adverse reaction line holding area for a little bit," Health Director Annette Rodriguez said.
In Canada I've documented 4 anaphylactic reactions so far. (That I've been able to find reported in the media)  And not many vaccines have been administered here to date.

She's blaming "others"- A bit of a cop out on her part because she should have done some homework herself, knowing she has an allergy to bee venom- That should have been a big, flashing warning sign to her..

"A personal support worker feels the health-care system "failed" her after someone overlooked her allergies, she says, and let her get a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine triggered a severe reaction which she says caused her to faint, suffer multiple seizures, require CPR and still feel the effects almost a week later.  
She expected to only wait around for 15 minutes before going home, she says. Instead, Tilli began to feel light-headed. Then, a scratch in her throat.

She dismissed it as nervousness, she says, but the symptoms didn't go away. Tilli says she approached a paramedic about what she was feeling.

Tilli says the paramedic checked her vitals and noticed her heart rate was high. She received a Benadryl shot and it seemed to work for a few minutes. But the symptoms returned and worsened, she says.

"The supervisor from the paramedics was there and he just said 'OK, let's give her the EpiPen,'" Tilli said.

"Within a minute, I just said, 'Something doesn't feel right in my body,' and I remember just passing out and leaning over to the right."
Tilli says when she woke up, she was told she suffered seizures and needed CPR for a brief period. She doesn't remember much during the reaction, but says one moment sticks out — accepting the fact that she could die."

This young gals heart stopped.

"There was a moment where, I don't want to say I gave up, but I was just like 'It is what it is.' ... [Days later] when I was in bed the other night, I was thinking, 'What if I left my two girls without a mother?'" Tilli said.

Hamilton Public Health Services declined a request for comment, but Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, says Tilli's experience with the vaccine doesn't mean it is unsafe"
Tilli's experience doesn't mean the vaccine is unsafe? Sounds unsafe to me. The PSW claims she wants others to get their vaccine. I question why she would even say that. It seems so implausible to me that after her experience of nearly dying and continuing to have seizures she’d suggest to anyone - take your vaccine. That's not something I'd say that's for sure!

The province had distributed 11,930 doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine at the time of this report
Resulting in two severe reactions So one in every 5965 injections. Again, way, way, way more then what would or should normally have occurred at 1 in every 1.3 million

Two people have experienced an allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine in B.C., something health officials said was "not unexpected."

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry confirmed the allergic reactions during her coronavirus briefing on Tuesday, noting that both individuals were treated and fully recovered.
Take a look at the charts included in the CTV article.


  1. Thanks for keeping the information about this hoax coming. Truth is in short supply these days.

    I am posting a link to a must read article. Dr. Igor Shepherd of the Wyoming State Public Health agency has spoken out with the truth about this vaccine. He is a Bio expert, and if I'm not mistaken has worked for the Russian government and the US government. The latest I read today is that he has been placed on administrative leave from his position for speaking out.

  2. This guy is a hero. 500 doses down the tubes. All they are is garbage. Bless his dear heart.

    1. Hi Thinking!
      Yah, I did see that news- I think there is much more awareness and concern about this experimental vaccine..RNA therapy then the msm is letting on.

    2. This is an older post so this may not get read. Regarding the comment by "Thinking." I wouldn't start celebrating just yet. We all should consider something. And what should we consider? Has it occurred to anyone that maybe just maybe the "pharmacist" incident isn't what it seems?

      First of all who stands to gain the most from that incident? The pharmacist? No. The American people? No. The answer is Pfizer and the US government. 500 doses of this vaccine is chump change to them. Don't forget that even if they stop the vaccine program tomorrow, Pfizer still gets their billions.

      So how does it "benefit" them. Well today that story ran on several news sites and they all labeled the pharmacist a "kook." A crazy "conspiracy theorist." Anyone heard that before? The publicity (not to mention the subconscious effect that it has on the public) is priceless. You see, anyone who doesn't agree with the vaccination program or doesn't believe it's safe is, in effect, a crazy conspiracy theorist.

      Can I prove that is what happened? No. That's the evil of it all. We need to think outside the "box." The "box" that the system has set up to contain our ideas. I'm just saying...

  3. Jim Stone's blog has a new article suggesting that the Corona vax might have been developed from computer model and NOT from virus sample.

    See Frances Leader's email exchange WITH UK MHRA - Exposing the genomic sequence of SARSCov2.