Thursday, January 7, 2021

President Elect Joe Biden: The Hero's Journey. An Epic Tale

So yesterday’s theatre ... How did protestors get through 4 layers of security? Repeatedly stated. A feat never accomplished previously.

“Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing and are attempting to occupy the building fighting federal police who are overrun This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thousands, police can’t stop them.”

Oh really? Wow. That’s a threatening mob. Right?  But have no fear, this adversity will be overcome. Light will shine through the darkness

Joe Biden and his ‘righteous’ caring, humanitarian do gooders have endured such trials and tribulations, at the hands of Trump and his crew of ‘deplorables’. Good vs Evil.

Until finally, after overcoming this, the last ordeal, Joe Biden, hero, has taken his sword, his reward, his exalted position. And is set to become the next President!

And the Hero’s Journey has come to it’s rightful end. 

Yup, and then the angels sang.

Cui Bono?

No one but the Biden camp benefited from that dog and pony show yesterday.

Loved the “shaman” in attendance. Nothing says magic ritual like a shaman figure.

Was I the only one who noticed the common trope playing out in real time? There are a myriad of variations within the theme, but, the theme was unmistakable. At least, in my opinion.

From last night: The CDC is admitting but still  downplaying..

CDC Admits Severe Reactions (Anaphylaxis) to Covid mRNA Vaccines Occur at MORE then 10 TIMES the Rate of Flu Vaccine



  1. Nope, you were not the only one.

    1. Thanks goodness BMan!
      I was feeling alone in my observations.

  2. What we witnessed January 6th and subsequently is Inverted Communication. The media, Democrats and tech giants, Facebook in particular, fit a narrative around a previously drawn conclusion. This behavior is the stuff of cults and their brainwashed devotees.
    Notice how quickly, in real-time, they rubbed out of existence President Trump's widely attended and peaceful speech on the ellipse.

    1. Thanks Kdus232425:
      I went to read up on inverted communication.
      It's ideal as a means to implant propaganda
      Feed the narrative first. The ideas you want people to take away- making all the rest- inconsequential

      I've never come across this idea but somehow understood this is what's occurring which is why I don't skim headlines and read beyond the initial offerings

      thanks for putting a name to it :)

  3. A real-time example of inverted communication from January 6th, 2021.

    President Trump's exact words from his speech on the Ellipse January 6th 2021 and his exhortation to the citizens gathered around him:

    ""We are going to walk down to the Capitol and we are going to cheer on our brave senators and Congress men and women and we're not going to be choosing to cheer so much for some of them".

    1. I truly had no idea- thanks

    2. It's clear the MSM and Congress inverted Trump's exhortation to the crowd



    January 8, 2021
    3 days after getting the vaccine.
    Dr. Michael was in need of medical care.
    He had blood leaking from capillaries under his skin.
    No matter what they did, the platelets count refused to go up. He had a hemorrhagic stroke caused by the lack of platelets that took his life in a matter of minutes.

    1. Hi Thinking

      thanks for the video link and that Dr's death is included in my post from yesterday- Jan. 08/20.

      Along with other deaths after the vaccine
      people who got the vaccine and then contracted covid
      an update on the mexican doctor etc

    2. Consumptive coagulopathy.
      Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    3. Elements of The Coup January 6th 2021.
      Premised on the pattern of Inverted Communication as practiced by the HRC Wing of the Democrat Party. Recall Clinton's pattern is documented to be projecting her misconduct onto her rivals by accusing her rivals of the very criminal misconduct Clinton is/was engaged.
      The primary assessments are two major observations from the January 6th Coup

      A. Control of the media and means of communication: The President of United States' communications were and continue to be cut off by coup plotters aided and abetted by high tech tyranny. The Coup as defined by HRC, Pelosi and Schumet has been ongoing 4 years running.

      B. US Military behavior was coopted by the Natonal Guard agreeing to fail to act at any time during the "staged crisis". The Chairman Joint Chiefs engaged in communications about the coup target (President Trump) with individuals, Pelosi, who have no connection to the Chain of Command. These acts are both insubordinate and conduct unbecoming on officer under the UCMJ. The latter arrangement only protects the Chairman Joint Chiefs from prosecution if the Coup Plotters prevail. We're at war.

      1. officers' personal grievances: no better example than the grievances Voiced against President Trumo subsequentl to the coup by the execrable, unindicted war criminal , General Mattis, author of The Seige of Fallujah which targeted children on massé,
      2. military organizational grievances: too many to count but include the USS Abraham Lincoln/COVID debacle, epidemic of MST, military sexual Trauma, a euphemism which obscures the epidemic of sexual assault and rape perpetrated by US servicemembers on other servicemembers
      3. military popularity: highest approval rating among the general population
      4. military attitudinal cohesiveness: National Guard failed to act on January 6th and The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff took advice/communications/ orders from Pelosi, rather than his Commander in Chief, President Trump. Millie's passivity is codified misconduct under Title X US Code and an aggressive act by prevention of requisite duty under his Officers Oath of Office, also Title X US Code
      5. economic decline: while transferring +$12 trillion dollars to failed banks and unprofitable high tech companies
      6. Domestic political crisis: 4+ years manufactured by HRC, MSM and Intelligence Agencies against President Trump
      7. Contagion from other regional coups: Bolivia, Ecuador, Atlanta Georgia etc
      8. External threat: Russia, China, Iran hysterical propaganda
      9. Participation in war: Syria, Afghanistan 20 years ongoing
      10. collusion with a foreign military power: accusations about Russia vis a vis Trump, proven connections with China and Ukraine vis a vis Biden/Hunter-Joe
      11. military's national security doctrine
      12. officers' political culture
      13. Noninclusive institutions. Bidirectional here. Which branch of the US Gov't controls the CIA or, for that matter, the FBI. And the new controlling institution, the major NGO controlling a US President's communications with the American people, ie the tyranny of high tech, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail/Alphabet/Google.
      14. colonial legacy. Check that box. British colonial legacy

  5. Reading further down at the link you provided re the storming of the Capitol, they mentioned that they found a "suspicious package" in the 300 Block of First SE and had to bar staff from entering the room in which it was found.

    There's a good chance it was Netanyahu's laundry. He probably couldn't make it to the White House due to all the ruckus, so he left it with the neighbours with a note on it that when washed and ironed it should be sent special delivery to Israel because he was hightailing it back home - away from all the meshugana.