Saturday, February 27, 2021

10 Dead With Vaccine in Canada- Adverse Reactions Continue Their Higher then Norm Pattern

 I've been tracking this for a bit now... Of course many of the figures are estimates and there is a lag in data. Estimated or actual. Or both.


Covid-19 Vaccine Data 

Feb 19/21 (always a week behind) - 10 Dead with Vaccine

As of the report, dated February 12/21:  1, 221, 539 were administered

The latest report dated February 19/21:  1,402,139 doses were administered

So we are looking at the stats for an additional 180,600 mRNA gene therapies masquerading as vaccines
 From those additional 180,600 injections, 278 adverse events have occurred. 27 of them serious.
The serious still being, most often, anaphylaxis. The rate of anaphylaxis is exponentially higher then usual.

Usually one would expect 1 incident of anaphylaxis per million.  As you can read there have been 27 in less then 200,000.  We’d be looking at more then 135 incidents per million.

This week it’s reported there have been ten deaths:

A total of ten reports identified deaths that occurred after the administration of a vaccine. Following medical case review, it has been determined that seven of these deaths are not linked to a COVID-19 vaccine and the other three are still under investigation.

Last week there were eight reported. So we’ve got two additional deaths in one week. With three of them being under investigation- Those will be swept under the rug, that I’m sure of.
Still it is a given considering  the side effects of this vaccine, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea which would be extremely hard on the elderly and could lead quite quickly to their death. 

Which is death by vaccine, any way you want to look at it!

  • 278 - New adverse event following immunization reports since last update
  • 251 new non-serious and 27 new serious
  • 1,235 Total adverse event following immunization reports
  • (0.088% of all doses administered)
  • 1,068 Total adverse event following immunization reports were non-serious
  • (0.076% of all doses administered)
  • 167 Total adverse event following immunization reports were serious
  • (0.012% of all doses administered)
  • 1,402,139 Total doses administered

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