Monday, February 8, 2021

3 Deaths With Covid Vaccine in Canada- Rates of Anaphylaxis more then 70X the usual

From Canada's official source

But don’t worry. No cause for concern. 

Yesterday I checked the Canadian government Covid vaccine safety site and it’s finally  been updated. Though still lagging in information, at least we have some new numbers to look at

What you need to know up to and including January 29, 2021

236 new adverse events reported
480 adverse events since the injections began
412 were deemed non serious
68 were deemed serious

There have been a total of 480 AEFI reports (51.2 AEFI reports per 100,000 doses administered) up to and including January 29, 2021. Of the 480 AEFI reports, 68 were considered serious (7.3 AEFI reports per 100,000 doses administered).

Among the 68 serious adverse events reports, the most frequently reported adverse event was anaphylaxis.

 I’m going to quite safely assume that all 68 serious adverse events were anaphylaxis
At 7.3 per 100,000. It's clear we would be dealing with at least 73 anaphylactic reactions per million injections- Far above the usual 1 per million.

Keeping in mind these numbers are likely well below what is realistically occurring.

Three deaths were reported. These deaths occurred after the administration of a vaccine. Following medical case review, it has been determined that these deaths are not linked to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Who made that determination? Pfizer or Moderna? As is usually the case
If a safety issue is found to be related to immunization, Health Canada will take appropriate action. This could include updating the product information, communicating new risks to Canadians and healthcare providers or changing the recommended use of the product
It's doubtful Health Canada will take appropriate action. Action that protects the population that is. That's generally not the historical approach. And Health Canada acts after the damage is done.

 In other words they are reactive and not proactive.

Check the linked report above regarding chemicals in cosmetics- harmful chemicals (small excerpt below)

Information gaps limit Health Canada’s ability to detect and assess risks to human health and safety

Health Canada did not ensure industry compliance with reporting requirements for health and safety incidents and cosmetic notifications

This means that Health Canada does not conduct pretesting of product safety, nor does it preapprove products before they are available on store shelves. While legislation prohibits industry from selling non-compliant products, companies are not required to demonstrate compliance with safety regulations before selling a product in Canada.

Health Canada- what is it's real purpose?

Continuing on with the Covid vaccine safety report

The current reports do not suggest any unexpected increase in fatalities in individuals or any unusual characteristics of adverse events following administration of COVID-19 vaccines. There continues to be no vaccine safety issues identified.
Interesting no unexpected increase in fatalities following administration of said vaccines.
So, they expected vaccine deaths. Sure reads that way. Is that why the deaths with vaccine are downplayed or not a cause for concern?

Oddly at the bottom of the page it says

Date modified:

Shouldn’t it read 2021- 02- 7?  When the page looked to have been modified? 

 Obviously I’m not confident in these stats and will continue to monitor Canada’s official source (ahem) for Covid mRNA therapy safety


  1. Hi Penny:

    Looking at the website...I'm having a problem with the graphs. For the weekly numbers I added them up for a total of over 500.

    Statistics, damned statistics and Government Statistics.

    1. Hi GC:
      I'm not sure what your looking at on the page
      Everything looks alright to me, but, I don't trust the numbers at all- surely not everything has been reported and we still have a time lag in info- so I'll keep an eye on the info

  2. The lag in info: the UK has been reported as seeking AI
    to process vax averse events, and data has not been
    forthcoming up until now.
    UKColumn news suggests the data is not represented as is,
    but first gets sifted through in order to made to approach
    what is sought after.
    UK Column News - 8th February 2021:

    1. Hey Mishko;
      curious that UK and Canada are lagging in data release.
      I'd expect the US is as well
      and will look at your links