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Armenia: The Push to Toss Pashinyan is still active

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Pashinyan is looking powerless right now

Unless he’s got some cards still left to play? We shall see. The opposition doesn’t look to forceful either. Unless the military gets active? Pashinyan is trying to prevent this uniting of forces.

Pashinyan wanted to sack the leadership of the military. The President refused to take the necessary actions..


PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenian President Armen Sarkissian has sent the proposal to sack the chief of Army General Staff, Colonel-General Onik Gasparyan back to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, his office said Saturday, February 27.

Pashinyan is going to re submit the proposal
"The President decided to send back to the Prime Minister a draft decree on dismissal of the chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces. This step does not contribute to solving the current situation. I am resending to the President the request to dismiss the chief of the General Staff, expecting it to be signed in accordance with the established procedure," he noted.
The media rumour mill about the Iskander missile failures was, in my opinion, disinfo.
Enabling western media to blame Russia for this attempted coup- I simply don’t see this as credible.

 The so called civilian opposition, along side the military, is demanding Pashinyan step down.


There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of popular support. Perhaps Armenians are looking to have some quiet time to contemplate their future? I don’t know?

“Overall, this is a power struggle between two worn-out camps with declining popular support. The former governing parties and Pashinian‘s government equally failed to deliver coherent strategies for developing the country. Pashinian and his team then marched into the 44-day Second Karabakh War against Azerbaijan (see EDM, November 25, 2020), pulling its military along to disaster. The Army had enjoyed hallowed status in Armenia under the previous regime (1998–2018), but little appears to remain of that status now.”
 Though there may be NO real desire for change within Armenia- There is plenty from outside of Armenia- The outside interests who have strong desire for change have been previously named. They are, again,as follows: The US. The EU. France, especially doing the bidding of another interested party- Israel. The PKK. Very influential in the EU and Israel (undoubtedly they have their lobbyists in the US) 

  A big question, perhaps someone who reads here can answer this. How integrated is the Armenian army with NATO?  Armenia has been looking towards NATO for some time now. How much progress had they made towards integration?  Check the news coverage over the past several years US Generals Visiting Armenia, US Military Instructors Training Armenian Recruits, Armenian Troops Participating in NATO Drills. US Praises US/Armenian Military Cooperation. Etc., Etc., It seems there has been a fair amount of intermingling between the US and Armenia. Over and extended period of time.

* Will Biden Save Pashinian?   Why Should We Assume Biden Wants Pashinian Saved? 

It looks to me as if the Biden administration wants him out!


Turkey’s preference is to promote peace, cooperation and economic integration in the South Caucasus. Hence the proposed establishment of a six-party mechanism.

Stability in the Caucasus, the Caspian and Central Asia would facilitate the transportation of energy and trade – which serve Turkey’s interests. The creation of a land corridor between Turkey and the Turkic republics via Nakhchivan, too, is good news for Ankara.

Peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, normalization between Turkey and Armenia, and Armenia’s reintegration to address its economic problems are key to stability in the Caucasus.

The rise to power of coup plotters, who will launch a new war against Azerbaijan, or Armenia’s deterioration into a failed state due to Russian-American competition, would create many problems, including irregular migration.

Who would want/benefit from a failed state in Armenia?

It would seem that the coup attempt in Armenia will test the Biden administration’s commitment to containing Russia and defending democracies.

 The Biden adminstration wants to contain Russia, but, any claim of defending democracies should only be seen as a ruse. Right now I’m seeing the Biden administration preferring to push Pashinian out- in the guise of saving democracy.  A deadly game is afoot.

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