Saturday, February 13, 2021

Canada's Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Site Updated- 6 Dead With Vaccine

I've been tracking the data provided by the Canadian government

* Canada's Covid Vaccine Safety site was updated yesterday- Not at 12:00 est. I'd checked at that time, yesterday.  This morning I noticed it had been updated. So what time the actual update of estimated data took place? I don't know. I've questioned the data all along. It's accuracy? This constant lag in making it available to everyone? Is the real data concerning the vaccines being downplayed? As has been the case all along with the vaccines. Through the media and through this official site? The reactions? The deaths?  Opposite of the way everyone who was already  elderly, sickly, terminal with multiple comorbidities was dying of this virus- when it was actually they were dying with the virus. Clearly the virus was not the cause of death in the overwhelming number of cases. You'd never know that from the hysterical, trauma inducing media coverage, of course

To the latest... 

What you need to know up to and including February 5, 2021

  1. 171 - New Adverse events following immunization from last report
  2. 651 - Total Adverse events following vaccination
  3. 552 - Considered non serious
  4. 99-  Considered serious (anaphylaxis)

99 serious anaphylaxis reports from just over 1 million vaccinations administered 1,042, 171 to be exact
Many, many times more anaphylactic reactions then the usual 1 per million vaccination administered.

A total of six adverse event reports identified deaths that occurred after the administration of a vaccine. Following medical case review, it has been determined that these deaths are not linked to a COVID-19 vaccine.
6 deaths with vaccine... Of course they are not linked- Undoubtedly Pfizer and Moderna made that decision.
When you read a bit further down into this official report pay attention to this admission
Data notes

The data presented in this report are estimates and may not accurately represent national COVID-19 vaccine adverse events for the following reasons.
This data is estimated for a number of reasons....  If hard data is unattainable, to the point that they have to resort to estimates one wonders why it is these estimates can't be provided in a more timely fashion.
Also.. smart money suggests the official stats are being low balled to hide what are undoubtedly serious problems with the mRNA therapy being passed off as a vaccine. 

From earlier today: 


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    We are well below our usual temps and have been for some time now... and no one is paying attention to the fact this has been going on for better then two weeks now..

  2. In very short order Great Lakes Total Ice Coverage has grown to 34%

    Date of last ice analysis was Feb 13/21
    Total ice coverage was 34%


      Ice coverage data is available at the link above

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