Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Covid Cases Continue Dropping- Vaccine and Lockdowns Not A Factor.

 Because the vaccine was never intended to reduce transmission of the virus and it was never shown to reduce the virus. Period.

COVID cases stabilize in several provinces-dropping, dropping, dropping....

Officials in both Ontario and Quebec expressed concern over variants on Sunday, even as their provinces reported fewer than 1,000 new cases each.

The bulk of the article is about expanding vaccination- which have been very minimally done thus far.  I KNOW with CERTAINTY that the vaccines are not responsible for the massive drop in cases that has been ongoing since approximately Jan 09/21, no matter how many vaccines they distribute, for the simple already mentioned reason the vaccines don't reduce transmission of the virus.

That same drop in cases has been occurring globally. Again, having nothing to do with the vaccine. 

 First covered this fact here Feb 03/21

Covid-19 Cases Drop Like a Stone, GLOBALLY, Having NOTHING to do with the mRNA therapy masquerading as a vaccine.

It appears to be a global phenomenon. The World Health Organization (WHO) noted Monday that new worldwide COVID-19 cases have fallen for the past three weeks in a row.

Three weeks prior to the February 03/21 report takes us back to around the January 9th-10th /21 date.

Scott at nomadiceveryman did an interesting video yesterday about this massive global drop in cases It is embedded below.

What is the Cause of the Massive Drop-off of Covid-19 Cases

I wanted to check for myself  if the January 9th or 10th/21 date and the corresponding drop off in cases here in Canada

As expected it's there. Check the chart for yourself

The whole global caseload is dropping.  It's not the lock downs. It's certainly not the vaccines.

Is it a change in the PCR testing parameters? Scott mentions that in his video. I'd touched on that in a previous post. January 22/21 - WHO Finds These Covid Testing Edict Changes Interesting? Including the paper dated September 11/2020.

Has the way the PCR tests are conducted been altered? Possible. And that could explain the massive global decline.

The other thoughts I had, which was expressed Feb. 03/21 

I’m entertaining two vastly more realistic possibilities. One or the other? Or a combo of both?

1- To me it appears that social immunity has kicked in. Yup, enough people have had Covid, that immunity is widespread in the northern hemisphere

2- Undoubtedly the plain ordinary seasonal flu was identified as Covid and it too has run it’s usual course

PCR test change?  Social immunity?  Ordinary seasonal flu running it's course? Whatever the case may be?  The cases have not fallen due to the lock downs! Nor was it the vaccine!



  1. Hello, Penny.
    I hope it's cognitive infiltration, as Aunt BB says, and not outright collaborationism, as alleged by Phil Greaves and the Twitter account "Douchebags On Parade", but it's really depressing how Global South media are parroting the Corona Spectacle as badly as Western corporate media. Examples here: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2021/02/12/645126/UAE-Tourism-COVID-super-spreaders
    You never thought Granma would conspicuously agree with the WEF and Big Pharma, right? Or Israeli and Iranian media on the Alien Death Flu that WILL KILL US ALL!? The rhetoric coming from leaders like Nicolás Maduro is starting to come across as half-hearted virtue signaling in that, as they continue to babble about "the Revolution" and "the imperialists", THEY chose to stop their economies, put their citizens under house arrest, and ban socialising for people who don't live in the same households, all for 100 or so deaths in the spring as opposed to the population of 30 million in Venezuela. At least I hope they were under international pressure to do so. If in California, with the fifth biggest GDP in the world by itself and high-tech industries (linked to Wall Street and the military-security state), citizens are going through immense hardships, what do you think is happening in economically much smaller, isolated and sanctioned Cuba, who went through the "special period" in the 1990s after they couldn't trade anymore with the USSR? If you've ever played the video game Metal Gear Solid 4, well, that game portrays a dystopian future where defence contractors own the world economy, and their business consists of very intense fighting among factions sponsored by them in designated theatres of war, but after all, it's more like a global bloodsport than a genuine conflict, so there's never going to be one ideology or nation prevailing over another- yet some of the soldiers and civilians on the ground still believe they're in an old school war. At worst, we might be seeing a real scenario where the different blocs are apparently gnashing their teeth at each other, still causing suffering for their inhabitants, but we're already under a supranational corpofinancial regime.

    1. We just got to be the change we want. It might sound cliched but that is really all there is to it!
      Thanks for the comment Martin :)

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  3. WHO dropped the cycles so I am guessing the rest took on that protocol. Less cycles less Covid cases.
    WHO changed that a couple of weeks back. Of course they knew all along the cycles were too high but they lowered them so it makes it looks like the vaccines work. Sneaky right? WHO is just pure slim.
    Here is something you might enjoy especially the last video. We also have a Police coalition too. We got some cops on our side. Small start for mankind. There is also a petition there you might be interested in.

    1. one of those petitions have already been signed by myself and hubby- Because Doug Ford, should be in jail, for what he did here in the province. To the elderly in the homes. To the small business owners. To those who waited far too long for surgeries.. For those who are now unemployed
      and For those who died of despair and overdose.

  4. Hello,

    I'll give you a link to a site in Israel where a survey of the results of the vaccination are shown: http://www.nakim.org/israel-forums/viewtopic.php?p=276314

    Best wishes from Germany

    Gallier the Elder

    1. thank you Gallier the Elder :)
      of course, best wishes to you and yours as well

  5. http://viableopposition.blogspot.com/2021/02/how-governments-are-manipulating-rt-pcr.html

    Think you will find interesting

    1. Thanks Brent- Took a quick look and yes it does look interesting.

    2. Tomorrow I intend to take a better look :)