Monday, February 8, 2021

FFFFFFreezing. Where's that "global warming"?

 It's not here.

This morning we awoke to a bone chillin'  -15C with a wind chill of -17C

In Fahrenheit this is 6 F and 1F with wind chill

Seasonal norms are usually Max C.  (high)  Min -8°C. (low)


-6.6 °C
-15.9 °C

 Cold is always the absence of heat

"Cold is the absence of heat because the "thing" that is absent is kinetic energy; the vibration and movement of molecules. Heat is not the absence of cold because that would be saying the "thing" that is absent is the absence of kinetic energy, something of a double negative."

Check out geofish- for good maps and the like

 UPDATE: As polar vortex arrives, Canada logs coldest temperature in years

Wekweeti in the Northwest Territories confirmed a -51.9 C reading, which the agency says is Canada's coldest temperature in nearly four years.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang told on Monday that the last time a temperature that cold was recorded in Canada was in March 2017, when the mercury plunged to -54.7 C in Mould Bay, N.W.T.

"Across [the] Prairies, we're just getting some of that cold air that's coming down because the jet stream has looped far enough south. This is what happens every winter, and it’s what gives Canada its cold weather," Lang said.

Lang said the polar vortex is breaking cold records across the western provinces. She noted that the weather system has resulted in Uranium City, Sask. tying their all time cold record at -48.9 C while Fort Chipewyan, Alta. set a new record of -47.2 C.

In Ontario, the agency says cold temperatures and strong winds whipping across the Great Lakes have caused snow squalls to batter the southern region of the province, while parts of Quebec continue to dig out from last week's winter storm.




  1. That's weather, not climate. Come next summer when you have two weeks of +30C days (86F) days - THAT will be climate.

    1. Of course, how could I have forgotten. ;)

      More then a week of bone chillin temps is only weather

      PS: I'm going to be monitoring great lakes ice coverage- which should grow in leaps and bounds.

  2. Wait till AOC breaks out her Green Plan! It absolutely absurd. What's asinine about it is the price tag! Unbelievable what goes on in that womans head!

    1. Not just New Deal and all that went with it,
      but GREEN New Deal.
      Zero carbon means either/or zero humans/abject poverty.
      Disaster capitalism, rolling blackouts are suspected
      to be part of this process - Agenda 21/2030.

  3. Hi Bobby W and Mishko:

    The "green plan" is code for money extraction through tyranny
    AOC is just the spokesperson for the agenda, though I'm sure she's also a believer in her entitlement to advance that agenda

    Mishko: Indeed I've always stated here that the anti carbon agenda is anti life. And nothing else. So abject poverty and a greatly reduced human population, kept docile and controlled.
    You and I are 100 percent on the same page.

  4. Well said Penny I 100% agree with you.